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10 Habits That You Need To Develop To Become A First Class Entrepreneur



10 Habits That You Need To Develop To Become A First Class Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur? Well, consider yourself a rare commodity! Business owners are unlike other individuals. These groups of people have the tenacity, bravery, and drive to pursue their dreams despite any of the obstacles that might get in the way. While others are afraid of failure, entrepreneurs are bold in their stance. The truth is, when conducting any self-owned business, there are a great amount of trials that come with the territory. The best business owners create positive habits that will help boost their career.

Whether you are a new small business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, you will want to take out your notepad and pen. If you wish to accomplish much in your business, you must develop successful habits for yourself.

There are days where your faith will be tested. You may want to give up and go back to your normal 9-5 job. These feelings are quite normal. However, let us not forget the victorious days ahead. After a while, you will notice that these achievements add up. Why wait a minute longer?

Without further adieu, we have collected 10 excellent habits that you need to develop in order to become a first-class entrepreneur.

Habit №1: Become An Early Bird

One of the biggest mistakes many business owners make is waking up late. Just think about it. If you allow sleep to overtake you until 12 o’clock noon, half of the day has already zipped past you. Your soft pillow and warm blanket are not worth the business opportunities you are missing out on! The best habit you can cultivate into your daily routine is to wake up early. Early mornings are the most opportune times to start that project you were dreaming of getting done early. This is the time you are most refreshed and mentally capable. In addition to this, you are also less distracted by minor demands for your time. Do yourself a favor and wake up before the rest of the world does.

There are some that would argue that an all-nighter is superior, it may not be the best option. Do not neglect sleep. Simply wake up early according to the times your are comfortable with. For example, take note of the most influential entrepreneurs.

  • Richard Branson (CEO of Virgin Group) wakes up at 5:45am
  • Howard Schultz (Founder of Starbucks) wakes up at 4:30am
  • Sergio Marchionne (CEO of Fiat Chrysler) wakes up at 3:30am
  • Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) wakes up at 4:30am
  • Anna Wintour (Vogue Editor in Chief) wakes up at 5:45am

These examples are more than enough reason to become an early bird!

Habit №2: Eating Breakfast

You might have already known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, this is very true. Beginning your busy schedule with a well-balanced meal proves beneficial physically and mentally. Having a healthy breakfast feeds your body as well as your mind. When your body has gotten the proper nourishment it needs with healthy fruits and vegetables, you realize that you have the energy you need to last the entire day. Skipping out on breakfast leads to a lack of stamina.

According to one study, academic students who eat healthy breakfasts attend school 1.5 more days and have 17.5% better grades than those who do not.

Take these world’s biggest business owners for example:

  • Richard Branson (CEO of Virgin Group): Eats fruit salad and muesli
  • Jack Dorsey (CEO of Square/Co-founder of Twitter): Two hard boiled eggs topped with soy sauce
  • Cheryl Bachelder (CEO of Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken): Oatmeal, scrambled eggs, and rye toast.

Habit №3: Practising Gratitude

Most of the world loves to highlight problems and issues with the state of the world. Entrepreneurs, however, cultivate the opposite. Instead, they appreciate their success. They are content with what they have. This group of people chooses to focus on what they are grateful for.

The brain is much like a photographer’s camera. Whatever it focuses on, it begins to feed off of. As a result, when you choose to focus on the negative, you attract more issues in your life than if you focused on positive experiences. This is a fascinating truth.

In order to make this applicable in your life, consider taking a few minutes out of your morning to meditate on the great things that are happening in your life. Write these things down. Rehearse them throughout the day when you are tempted to be negative.

Habit №4: Stay Fit

If you are a business professional, you need all of the stamina you need in order to meet the demands of the day. In order to have the energy needed, you must include exercise as a non-negotiable part of your day. Consider this to be your hour of power. Try different workouts that best suit you at any time of the day. Increase your blood flow by moving to a quick fitness DVD or a brisk walk in the park. Boost up your endorphin’s in an evening Zumba class. Working out builds your physique as well as provides serotonin and dopamine. In this way, you will feel better, healthier, and happier.

Choose a time you are comfortable with and try it out for yourself. Start off slow and increase your activity according to your ability. Don’t speed off into a sprint before you jog. Remember the old adage: “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Habit №5: Set Goals Daily

It is important to stay motivated toward the goal you are aiming for. The best business owners understand that it is important to set fresh goals everyday. What are your long-term goals? And where do you wish to see your business in 5 years time? When you understand this fully, you will also be able to set up some short-term goals to focus on in the meantime.

In order to keep track of your daily goals, consider your resources. Consider purchasing a daily planner, whiteboard, or a desktop calendar. Find different ways to post your goals. Try out different coloured markers to make them visually appealing. Doing so will help give you the direction you need in order to execute your mission. Keep your visual aid in view so that you will remain motivated each day.

Habit №6: Lifetime Learner

You may be a business owner that has already hit your goal. Although you may have achieved one pursuit, you should always remain open to inspiration to keep you inspired toward your next goal. At times it could be difficult to stay motivated after encountering failure or difficulty. Thankfully there are many resources available. In fact, you can find this at the click of your mouse. Check out YouTube or TED and view motivational videos. On your worst day, these helpful resources will keep you afloat when you feel like you are drowning.

Habit №7: Be An Asset

The most successful entrepreneurs understand that it is important to add value. This stimulates success. However, this is not simple. This takes great discipline which may include tackling more responsibilities for less payback.

Habit №8: Know When To Pause

As an entrepreneur, you handle a lot on your plate. For this reason, it is essential that you develop the habit of taking a break every once in a while. This does not mean that you must book a ticket across the world every month. Instead, taking a break can be as simple as pushing away from the laptop to take a walk in the park or watching your favourite movie. Creating balance in your work life will eliminate stress and anxiety. You will be able to tackle your work with a refreshed mind and attitude.

Habit №9: Form A Plan & Stick To It

As described, the most influential entrepreneurs know the value of setting goals everyday. However, it is equally as important to formulate a reachable plan and focus on it. Take the time to review your long-term goals and sketch out a detailed plan for how you wish to get there. For example, if you wish to use social media to expose your business to a greater audience, seek out resourceful information, and formulate a plan. For tips, check out Top Techniques for Using Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business. This article is a gold mine for information to take your business to the next level.

You need an action plan in order to accomplish anything in your business. If not, you will find that your goals are farther from becoming reality because you failed to create a game plan. Don’t fall prey to a lack of planning.

Habit №10: Go!

To piggyback on Habit №9, it is important you compose a course of action for your business. If you want to see your professional dreams come true, you must be diligent. You can start with simple actions and allow your successes to lead you to take larger steps. Even with the smallest of steps, you can find your goals to be closer to reach. Keep this in mind when you are tempted to be discouraged by the distance. Keep up your energy, implement the previous habits, and you will gain success with every step. Don’t quit. Keep moving forward.

Learn how to grow your business with more information coming in the near future!


Lori Wade is a tutor and a freelance/content writer for who is interested in education, blogging and sharing her ideas. She has a degree in Journalism and is a frequent contributor to several publications and websites. You can connect with her on Twitter, Google+, and other social media platforms.

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