23 Affirmations That Will Bring Prosperity Into Your Life

23 Prosperity Affirmations That Will Bring Prosperity Into Your Life

Prosperity, it starts within you, just like everything else. You have to feel within yourself prosperous in order to see it being reflected in your outer world. May these affirmations transform your life and make you feel prosperous. Repeat these to yourself daily so that it may impact your life prosperously.

I am prosperous

Prosperity is flowing through me

Prosperity is my birthright

I attract prosperity to me

I am a prosperity magnet

I am prosperous in all areas of my life

All my actions lead to a prosperous outcome

I am growing in prosperity daily

I am open and receptive to prosperity

Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me

I am abundantly prosperous in health, wealth, and joy

I radiate prosperity

I allow prosperity to enter my life on a higher level than ever before

I feel prosperous

I exude prosperous energy

All I see is prosperity

My thoughts are prosperous

I am blessed with prosperity

I focus on prosperity

I prosper wherever I turn

Prosperity is within me

My life is full of prosperity

I am thankful for the prosperity that has been bestowed upon me



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