25 Inspirational Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes On Success

25 Inspirational Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes On Success

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-American actor, producer, businessman, investor, author, philanthropist, activist, and former professional bodybuilder and politician. Schwarzenegger began weight training at the age of 15. He won the Mr. Universe title at age 20 and went on to win the Mr. Olympia contest seven times. Schwarzenegger has remained a prominent presence in bodybuilding and has written many books and articles on the sport. He is widely considered to be among the greatest bodybuilders of all time as well as bodybuilding’s biggest icon. May his quotes inspire you to chase your dreams.

“You can have results or excuses. Not both.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“If you want to turn a vision into a reality, you have to give 100% and never stop believing in your dream.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I never went to a competition to compete. I went to win. Even though I didn’t win every time, that was my mindset.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger

“For me, life is continuously being hungry.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger

“You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Everybody pities the weak; jealousy you have to earn.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger

“While you’re out there partying, horsing around, someone out there at the same time is working hard. Someone is getting smarter and someone is winning. Just remember that.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger

“The more knowledge you have, the more you’re free to rely on your instincts.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“If you don’t find the time, if you don’t do the work, you don’t get the results.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“The last 3 or 4 reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100%.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Never look back.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Don’t be afraid to fail.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Don’t listen to the naysayers.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Break the rules.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“The mind always fails first, not the body. The secret is to make your mind work for you. Not against you.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Give something back.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“We always have to go beyond limits.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“When you think you can’t, you better convince yourself you can and push harder.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Believe in yourself.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I feel that the highest honor comes from serving people and your country.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Stay hungry, stay healthy, be a gentleman, believe strongly in yourself and go beyond limitations.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  1. “If you don’t find the time, if you don’t do the work, you don’t get the results.” real truth for the real world

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