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25 Key Points From Tony Robbins How To Take Action



25 Key Points From Tony Robbins How To Take Action

How to take action by Tony Robbins, Tony shares excellent advice which if implemented will have a profound impact on your life.

1. “Why do so many people say they’re going to do something and then never follow through. Whereas a few people do something inside their head and heart that gets them to follow through.”

2. “Why aren’t people taking action? We all know the answer, fear.”

3. Overachievers have a little more fear of what life will be like if they don’t take any action, they have a strong enough Why.”

4. “What makes people excited is progress.”

5. “A lot of people that have breakthroughs in their lives are typically the ones that have hit rock bottom before that must is a reality.”

6. “A lot of people who want success are not the ones who have their backs completely against the wall yet, so they are not in a must situation yet, they’re in a desire situation, where they’re ok in their lives, they do have big dreams and ambitions, they do want greater things, but it’s not pushing them yet to the point where they will do what it takes.”

7. “Master an area in your life that’s going to create freedom, work on one subject a week, and each week make a little progress until you get to your goal.”

8. “The breakthrough happens by conditioning your mind every day by feeding it a role model or story, it’s putting yourself in a peak state where you follow through by getting physically strong, it’s creating a little ritual of doing a little bit each day and then you get momentum, but the most important thing of all is what we start out with, Why.”

9. “Why is success a must for you?”

10. “It has to be something you’re hungry for because the only difference in people is hunger. If you’re not hungry get around people that are hungry and something will hit you.”

11. “As a man I knew I was capable of more.”

12. “People can change their standard by getting around where it’s better.”

13. “You gotta find the Why and you gotta find the daily rituals to get you going, and just do a step at a time, that’s where you get momentum.”

14. “What’s the Holy Grail between somebody taking action or not, certainty. When you’re absolutely certain that when you take a certain action you will get that result and that result is going to change my life, you will take the action.”

15. “If it’s a must for you, you gotta make it work.”

16. “What makes the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, the difference we all know is, mindset.”

17. “Attain certainty on the result you want mentally so that you may achieve it physically. You have to make the shift in your mindset first.

18. “Potential – Actions – Results – Beliefs, all affect each other.”

19. “Burn the boats and find a way, there was no other option, we had to, we were not going to live that way anymore (the broke life).

20. “I’m living the life that I envisioned because I had to.”

21. “We’re defined by our rituals, certain things we do every day. Anybody that I know who has a life that they’re living was once a vision, is we saw it again and again and again, that thing we would not give up on. Decide what you won’t give up on and put yourself in a state of momentum by a couple of little rituals, that’s all it takes.”

22. “It takes guts to believe.”

23. “Some people take disappointment and let it destroy them and others take disappointment and let it drive them. You get to choose.”

24. “The people that are relentless find a way.”

25. “99% of the money being made is made by 1% of the people because only 1% of the people will condition their mind, and condition their body, and follow through with some daily rituals, the rest will tell a story about why it didn’t work. You got two things in life, a result or a story.” 


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