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35 Black And White Quotes On Success

Last Updated Sept 2023

35 Black And White Quotes On Success

Black and White can be a way of viewing and living life, your perception of how things are. It can be useful in making progress and growing as an individual. May these Black And White Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “Everything is very black and white for me. I don’t really like playing mind games.” Zayn Malik

2. “The world of superheroes is black and white.” Donna Langley

3. Light is meaningful only in relation to darkness, and truth presupposes error. It is these mingled opposites which people our life, which make it pungent, intoxicating. We only exist in terms of this conflict, in the zone where black and white clash.” Louis Aragon

4. “I don’t see the world completely in black and white. Sometimes I do.” Benicio Del Toro

5. “The human brain works as a binary computer and can only analyze the exact information-based zeros and ones (or black and white). Our heart is more like a chemical computer that uses fuzzy logic to analyze information that can’t be easily defined in zeros and ones.” Naveen Jain 

6. “For me, Africa is a land of light and contrast. Black and white is the best way to express the solitary emotion and vitality of wildlife.” Laurent Baheux

7. “Being glamorous is about strength and confidence. It’s black and white – dramatic. You have to be strong.” Catherine Zeta-Jones

8. “The world doesn’t see a lot of gray. The world sees black and white, and then it understands.” George C. Wolfe

9. “Life is in color, but black and white is more realistic.” Samuel Fuller

10. “It’s about you. If you win, it’s you; if you lose, it’s you. Black and white. Nowhere to hide.” Greg Rusedski

11. “Colour is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive.” Eliott Erwitt

12. “I think it’s because it was an emotional story, and emotions come through much stronger in black and white. Color is distracting in a way, it pleases the eye but it doesn’t necessarily reach the heart.” Kim Hunter

13. “Black and white is mix of toughest simplicity and easiest complexity.” Vikram

14. “To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.” Andri Cauldwell

15. “I’m very black and white about what I like or don’t like, and I’ve always been that way.” Ryan Murphy

16. “What the human eye sees is an illusion of what is real. The black and white image transforms illusions into another reality.” Ruth Bernhard

17. “Some people like living in black and white worlds. Let them stay there. Appreciate all the colors you see in your world though.” Ashly Lorenzana

18. “My philosophy, like color television, is all there in black and white.” Graham Chapman

19. “When you have something in black and white, you can deal with it quicker.” Nicki Lauda

20. “The great thing about getting older is that you become more mellow. Things aren’t as black and white, and you become much more tolerant. You can see the good in things much more easily rather than getting enraged as you used to do when you were young.” Maeve Binchy

21. “I believe that the essence of photography is black and white. Color is but a deviance.” Sarah Moon

22. “There are only two forces at work in this world- black and white. Only people are grey.” Chris Heimerdinger

23. “Morality is a code of black and white. When and if men attempt a compromise, it is obvious which side will necessarily lose and which will necessarily profit.” Ayn Rand

24. “People don’t change. There are two kinds of people in the world: winners and losers. Black and white. I don’t know where gray fits in, or if you can even live in that shade.” Julie Anne Peters

25. “In the beginning it was all black and white.” Maureen O’Hara

26. “Which is probably the reason why I work exclusively in black and white – to highlight that contrast.” Leonard Nimoy

27. “Black-and-white gives you that sort of parallel world. Also, it’s very close to the condition of dreaming, to the unconscious.” John Boorman

28. “Why black and white? Because color can be too demanding.” Diane Keaton

29. “I don’t know why we work, my husband and I. We just do. We are black and white – yin and yang.” Heidi Klum

30. “No color will ever be brighter for me than black and white.” Alessandro Del Piero

31. “If I could have had my own way, I would have confined myself to black and white.” Edgar Degas

32. “I believe I live in a black and white. I think things are like either black or white. I don’t really believe that much in the gray. I think that there’s gray for a lot of people, but I don’t live in the gray. I realize whatever action I have or take, it’s going to have a consequence – either good or bad. So I live my life in a way where I don’t have bad consequences. I just notice there’s a lot people around me just live in the gray. I don’t know, for me, I’m just really straightforward.” Venus Williams

33. “To see things in black and white is to see the basics.” Eleanor Perenyi

34. “In the end, the only heritage we have is our planet, and I have decided to go to the most pristine places on the planet and photograph them in the most honest way I know, with my point of view, and of course it is in black and white, because it is the only thing I know how to do.” Sebastio Salgado

35. “It’s not hard to get your way when it’s your way or the highway. People either follow suit or they’re not around. I don’t really like the sound of that, ’cause that sounds like a temper tantrum. I’m just very black and white when it comes to my business. There’s really no gray area.” Nicki Minaj

I hope you enjoyed these Black And White Quotes On Success. Do let us know which one was your favorite in the comments section below.

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