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35 Inspirational Abdul Kalam Quotes On Success



35 Inspirational Abdul Kalam Quotes On Success

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was an Indian aerospace scientist and politician who served as the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007. He was born and raised in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu and studied physics and aerospace engineering. He spent the next four decades as a scientist and science administrator, mainly at the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and was intimately involved in India’s civilian space programme and military missile development efforts. He thus came to be known as the Missile Man of India for his work on the development of ballistic missile and launch vehicle technology. He also played a pivotal organisational, technical, and political role in India’s Pokhran-II nuclear tests in 1998, the first since the original nuclear test by India in 1974. Kalam was elected as the 11th President of India in 2002 with the support of both the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and the then-opposition Indian National Congress. Widely referred to as the “People’s President”, he returned to his civilian life of education, writing and public service after a single term. He was a recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour. While delivering a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management Shillong, Kalam collapsed and died from an apparent cardiac arrest on 27 July 2015, aged 83. Thousands, including national-level dignitaries, attended the funeral ceremony held in his hometown of Rameswaram, where he was buried with full state honours. May these Abdul Kalam Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “Work with integrity and succeed with integrity.” Abdul Kalam

2. Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.” Abdul Kalam

3. “One Best Book is Equal To Hundred Good Friends But One Good Friend is Equal To A Library.” Abdul Kalam

4. “Without your involvement you can’t succeed. With your involvement you can’t fail.” Abdul Kalam

5. “Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place – that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have perseverance to realise the great life.” Abdul Kalam

6. “Suffering is the essence of success!!!” Abdul Kalam

7. “A Fool can become a Genius when he understands he is a Fool but. A Genius can become a Fool when he understands he is a Genius.” Abdul Kalam

8. “If you are born with fame, it is an accident. If you die with fame, it is an achievement.” Abdul Kalam

9. “Thinking is the capital, Enterprise is the way, Hard Work is the solution.” Abdul Kalam

10. “No sanction can stand against ignited minds.” Abdul Kalam

11. “The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom.” Abdul Kalam

12. “You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future.” Abdul Kalam

13. “Building capacity dissolves differences. It irons out inequalities.” Abdul Kalam

14. “Learning gives creativity Creativity leads to thinking Thinking provides knowledge Knowledge makes you great.” Abdul Kalam

15. “No matter what is the environment around you, it is always possible to maintain your brand of integrity.” Abdul Kalam

16. “IF you Salute your work,You do not have to salute anybody. IF you pollute your work, You have to salute everybody.” Abdul Kalam

17. “Sometimes it’s better to bunk a class & enjoy with friends, coz today when I look back, marks never make me laugh memories do.” Abdul Kalam

18. “Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.” Abdul Kalam

19. “All Birds find shelter during a rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds. Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference!!!” Abdul Kalam

20. “Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident.” Abdul Kalam

21. “The bird is powered by its own life and by its motivation.” Abdul Kalam

22. “To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.” Abdul Kalam

23. “What is the secret of success? Right decisions. How do you make right decisions? Experience. How do you gain experience? Wrong decisions.” Abdul Kalam

24. “Educationists should build the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and become their role model.” Abdul Kalam

25. “Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.” Abdul Kalam

26. “Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.” Abdul Kalam

27. “For me, there are two types of people: the young and the experienced.” Abdul Kalam

28. “Don’t read success stories, you will only get a message. Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to get success.” Abdul Kalam

29. “If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L. means “first Attempt In Learning”.” Abdul Kalam

30. “It Is Very Easy To Defeat Someone, But It Is Very Hard To Win Someone.” Abdul Kalam

31. “Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference!!!” Abdul Kalam

32. “If you want to shine like the sun, first burn like the sun.” Abdul Kalam

33. “Confidence and Hard work is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure. It will make you successful person.” Abdul Kalam

34. “Poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow.” Abdul Kalam

35. “Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you, but to help you realise your hidden potential and power, let difficulties know that you too are difficult.” Abdul Kalam

I hope you enjoyed these Abdul Kalam Quotes On Success. Do let us know which one was your favorite in the comments section below.

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