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35 Inspirational Aisha Mirza Quotes On Success

Last Updated May 2023

35 Inspirational Aisha Mirza Quotes On Success

Aisha Mirza Born in London, has been a resident of Greater Manchester all of her life. She is a simple, modest, striving mother of three children. Who graduated with a BSc Honours in Sociology and a postgraduate in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She’s always had a deep desire to dedicate her life in the service of others. Her work has included not only working with the elderly, sick and those suffering mental illness but also with survivors of sexual violence which have been an integral part of her continued work in tackling sexual violence against women and girls. Aisha is a compassionate individual who enjoys sharing her reflections of life and experiences through word, poetry, and photography in the hope that others may find inspiration. She believes kindness should extend to all, from the very old to the very young, and as an activist for freedom, justice, and peace, she is compelled to reach out to those struggling and less fortunate. May her quotes inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “If you could hear the angels pen your deeds, what would you be doing with your life?” Aisha Mirza

2. “It is not the bruises on the body that hurt. It is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind.” Aisha Mirza

3. “Sometimes the best journeys are those that start when we do not plan, continue how we do not expect and are taking us places we do not know.” Aisha Mirza

4. “Be careful of what we say or do on this earth as every word and every action has a return.” Aisha Mirza

5. “They say compassion is the only voice; a gift which can help mend the broken, lift the fallen and soften the hardened.” Aisha Mirza

6. “A story is inside of us all. Each word and sentence is alive and we grace the pages to keep it from dying.” Aisha Mirza

7. “Tears are the words that the heart could not express, silent truths the eyes do confess.” Aisha Mirza

8. “Sometimes we must forge distance to gauge clarity in our vision and perception.” Aisha Mirza

9. “Power and control are more dangerous than any weapons.” Aisha Mirza

10. “We all have the greatest potential. Life is about finding it, embracing it and then learning to be with it in the world without fear of prejudice or judgment.” Aisha Mirza

11. “Striking a balance in life is tough, but trying to strike balance and remain fair in the face of imbalance and oppression is even tougher.” Aisha Mirza

12. “Vulnerability always comes with risks, but its rewards are deep.” Aisha Mirza

13. “The heart stays heavy if it remains in a state of unforgiveness.” Aisha Mirza

14. “Having high resilience does not mean it doesn’t sometimes sting.” Aisha Mirza

15. “We don’t really need great amounts of anything. We just need a little of something great.” Aisha Mirza

16. “Perception is the lens through which we interpret experiences, and when we change the lens we change how we experience.” Aisha Mirza

17. “I have learnt that we expect honesty and genuineness from others, while not being honest and genuine with our own self.” Aisha Mirza

18. “My flaws and imperfections make me perfectly incomplete.” Aisha Mirza

19. “Forging fake smiles to hide painful truths doesn’t take away the hurt, but sometimes safeguards our emotions from those adamant not to understand.” Aisha Mirza

20. “Negativity only breeds more negativity. I wish to not allow it to enter my heart and not for it to take harbour. It may make itself a home and never leave.” Aisha Mirza

21. “A whisper of selflessness echoes boundlessly.” Aisha Mirza

22. “In the shade of words sits life itself.” Aisha Mirza

23. “In the midst of our lives we must find the One who tends to our scars, mends our hearts, and heals our souls.” Aisha Mirza

24. “Thoughtful minds grow, from the sharpened awareness of those who have lived life; through love, curiosity, and tragedy.” Aisha Mirza

25. “Today I hope to live life. To wake each morning and persevere through the struggles. To understand that there is reason and purpose. I choose to find my path and strive upon it, rising every time I fall. I choose to keep smiling through the pain, and not be discouraged by others who choose disappointment and despair. I choose to be kind even in the face of animosity. To not become fearful in the presence of hatred. I choose to let go of hurt and forgive. Mend what is broken, I choose to wear my scars and choose not to be a victim. I choose to stand with truth, my truth, my worth and stand against all injustice. I choose the life gifted to me, till life is no more.” Aisha Mirza

26. “What good is a fragile spirit, as when touched shatters into a thousand pieces.” Aisha Mirza

27. “Sometime we must visit old memories to make new ones.” Aisha Mirza

28. “Sometimes we will love people not for who they are, nor for what we gain from them but what they are. Those people that reflect a light. Those that make it easy to love, make us willing to give, and make us wanting to be in their presence.” Aisha Mirza

29. “Slavery remains rife, the shackles are just different. Labels and desires have replaced the cuffs and chains.” Aisha Mirza

30. “If we have touched another’s life with our action and through our words then we have lived.” Aisha Mirza

31. “I have learnt that once one lets go of all expectations, one can never be disappointed; everything then that comes one’s way, will be an appreciated blessing.” Aisha Mirza

32. “I have learnt that no amount of darkness can mask even the slightest glimmer of light. Find your light and drive out the dark.” Aisha Mirza

33. “I have learnt that trusting another takes a leap of faith; taking a risk and putting emotions on the line. This is in the hope that the other will accept and understand you.” Aisha Mirza

34. “Sometimes we need the world and all the people on her to abandon us so we can turn to the One who will never leave us stranded.” Aisha Mirza

35. “Spend time beautifying your soul, the rest will simply follow.” Aisha Mirza

My name is Asad Meah, I am the CEO & Founder of AwakenTheGreatnessWithin. I am a dreamchaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past five years through self-education. My mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by awakening their minds to their greatness that resides within them.

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