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35 Inspirational Carlos Fuentes Quotes On Success



35 Inspirational Carlos Fuentes Quotes On Success

Carlos Fuentes Macías was a Mexican novelist and essayist. Among his works are The Death of Artemio Cruz (1962), Aura (1962), Terra Nostra (1975), The Old Gringo (1985) and Christopher Unborn (1987). In his obituary, The New York Times described Fuentes as “one of the most admired writers in the Spanish-speaking world” and an important influence on the Latin American Boom, the “explosion of Latin American literature in the 1960s and ’70s”, while The Guardian called him “Mexico’s most celebrated novelist”. His many literary honors include the Miguel de Cervantes Prize as well as Mexico’s highest award, the Belisario Domínguez Medal of Honor (1999). He was often named as a likely candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature, though he never won. May these Carlos Fuentes Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “To read and write is a paradise.” Carlos Fuentes

2. “Memory is satisfied desire.” Carlos Fuentes

3. “Perfect order is the forerunner of perfect horror.” Carlos Fuentes

4. “My system for staying young is to work a lot, to always have a project on the go.” Carlos Fuentes

5. “What’s happened at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq is one of the grossest violations of human rights under the Geneva Conventions that we have record of. It is simply monstrous.” Carlos Fuentes

6. “I discovered very quickly that criticism is a form of optimism, and that when you are silent about the shortcomings of your society, you’re very pessimistic about that society. And it’s only when you speak truthfully about it that you show your faith in that society.” Carlos Fuentes

7. “There is no creation without tradition, the ‘new’ is an inflection on a preceding form, novelty is always a variation on the past.” Carlos Fuentes

8. “What America does best is to understand itself. What it does worst is to understand others.” Carlos Fuentes

9. “You, yesterday, did the usual things, just as any day, You don’t know if it’s worth remembering. You would prefer to remember, there lying in the half-darkness of the bedroom, not what has happened already but what is going to happen. In your half-darkness your eyes would prefer to look ahead, not behind, and they do not know how to foresee the past.” Carlos Fuentes

10. “Here among my books, my wife, my friends and my loves, I have plenty of reasons to keep living.” Carlos Fuentes

11. “For me, life without literature is inconceivable. I think that Don Quixote in a physical sense never existed, but Don Quixote exists more than anybody who existed in 1605. Much more. There’s nobody who can compete with Don Quixote or with Hamlet. So in the end we have the reality of the book as the reality of the world and the reality of history.” Carlos Fuentes

12. “Reading, writing, teaching, learning, are all activities aimed at introducing civilizations to each other.” Carlos Fuentes

13. “Incredible the animal that first dreamed of another animal.” Carlos Fuentes

14. “I am not interested in slice of life, what I want is a slice of the imagination.” Carlos Fuentes

15. “I live through risk. Without risk there is no art. You should always be on the edge of a cliff about to fall down and break your neck.” Carlos Fuentes

16. “By its very nature, the novel indicates that we are becoming. There is no final solution. There is no last word.” Carlos Fuentes

17. “In the name of certainty, the greatest crimes have been committed against humanity.” Carlos Fuentes

18. “Don’t classify me, read me. I’m a writer, not a genre.” Carlos Fuentes

19. “You start by writing to live. You end by writing so as not to die.” Carlos Fuentes

20. “Writing is a struggle against silence.” Carlos Fuentes

21. “I don’t think any good book is based on factual experience. Bad books are about things the writer already knew before he wrote them.” Carlos Fuentes

22. “There must be something beyond slaughter and barbarism to support the existence of mankind and we must all help search for it.” Carlos Fuentes

23. “Literature overtakes history, for literature gives you more than one life. It expands experience and opens new opportunities to readers.” Carlos Fuentes

24. “Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.” Carlos Fuentes

25. “Death is the great Maecenas, Death is the great angel of writing. You must write because you are not going to live any more.” Carlos Fuentes

26. “When we have a better, more social, more responsible, less egotistical, less corrupt system, Mexico will be able to give work to the millions of Mexicans who have to build our roads, dams, schools, all the things that are left undone in Mexico while we have the manpower. There is something very bad going on, on both sides of the border in Mexico and the US. But the worker is a worker, not a criminal. So, I am in favor of a solution such as the Kennedy-McCain proposals that make it clear what steps have to be taken to accept the fact that the US needs foreign workers.” Carlos Fuentes

27. “One wants to tell a story, like Scheherezade, in order not to die. It’s one of the oldest urges in mankind. It’s a way of stalling death.” Carlos Fuentes

28. “I use a lot of film images, analogies, and imagination.” Carlos Fuentes

29. “In a world torn by every kind of fundamentalism – religious, ethnic, nationalist and tribal – we must grant first place to economic fundamentalism, with its religious conviction that the market, left to its own devices, is capable of resolving all our problems. This faith has its own ayatollahs. Its church is neo-liberalism, its creed is profit, its prayers are for monopolies.” Carlos Fuentes

30. “The possibility of being as free with the camera as we are with the pen is a fantastic prospect for the creative life of the 21st century.” Carlos Fuentes

31. “Culture consists of connections, not of separations: to specialize is to isolate.” Carlos Fuentes

32. “I need, therefore I imagine.” Carlos Fuentes

33. “There are people whose external reality is generous because it is transparent, because you can read everything, accept everything, understand everything about them: people who carry their own sun with them.” Carlos Fuentes

34. “No government functions without the grease of corruption.” Carlos Fuentes

35. “Art gives life to what history killed. Art gives voice to what history denied, silenced, or persecuted. Art brings truth to the lies of history.” Carlos Fuentes

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