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35 Inspirational David Guetta Quotes On Success

Last Updated May 2023

35 Inspirational David Guetta Quotes On Success

David Guetta is a French DJ, music programmer, record producer, and songwriter. He has sold over nine million albums and thirty million singles worldwide. He has won two Grammy’s. In 2011, Guetta was voted as the number one DJ in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll. In 2013, Billboard crowned ‘When Love Takes Over’ as the number one dance-pop collaboration of all time. Guetta achieved mainstream success with his 2009 album One Love. He is among the first DJs to get into the electronic dance music (EDM) scene and is known as the ‘grandfather of EDM’. May these David Guetta Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “I have studios in the different places where I live – in Ibiza, Paris, and London – but they’re not crazy studios, they’re just rooms with good monitors, and all I do is plug my laptop in. It’s a different way to make music, but for me, I love it, because it’s more connected to the world.” David Guetta

2. “All the big artists I talk to say that they are trapped in a formula and they are looking for the music of tomorrow.” David Guetta

3. “I mix up all styles on my albums because that is what music is about now.” David Guetta

4. “If you put a demo on the net and people say it was the finished versions then they’re going to say it sucks. I really hate that.” David Guetta

5. “When you’re too relaxed it’s not good to create.” David Guetta

6. “I wanna be a nice guy.” David Guetta

7. “I don’t do this for the money, I don’t do it for record sales, I don’t really care about that, I just want to make beats.” David Guetta

8. “Our job as producers is to make the music sound as good as possible.” David Guetta

9. “DJ culture is everything to me.” David Guetta

10. “Sometimes two artists wanna work together, but it doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen, because you have to find the right idea.” David Guetta

11. “Kids listen to everything on the internet.” David Guetta

12. “I headline concert halls for 20,000 people, but I still play smaller venues.” David Guetta

13. “I’ve created a bridge between European electronic culture and urban American culture, and I’ve worked with established brands.” David Guetta

14. Traveling all around the world, music sounds different.” David Guetta

15. “It’s nice because success has allowed me to have a blast on stage, to be in the studio with amazing people, but I find it all a bit bizarre.” David Guetta

16. “My parents were extreme left so everything was against the system. I was walking barefoot in the streets of Paris when I was eight. When I started to DJ they hated it, because for them, nightclubs, and all of this life, was terrible and fake.” David Guetta

17. “The more melodies and chord changes, the less good it is for the clubs, but the better it is for radio because it makes it really emotional.” David Guetta

18. “You know, kids come to see me in the same way that their parents would go to see a rock concert.” David Guetta

19. “Everything I make as a producer, I visualize it as a DJ first. And all those beats, I test them as a DJ.” David Guetta

20. “I am bulletproof, nothing to lose, fire away, fire away.” David Guetta

21. “You shoot me down but I won’t fall, I am titanium.” David Guetta

22. “There’s many different genres, and when you see R&B and pop and house, as well as electronic, come together, that’s the reality of what music is.” David Guetta

23. “I’m totally not a nostalgic person. I always look to the future and as much as I’ve enjoyed the ride until now and the different phases, I’m more excited about the next music.” David Guetta

24. “If I had to play only for people who liked the music because they heard it on the radio, it wouldn’t make me happy. That’s why I’m working so hard to have, yes, a profile as an artist, but also a profile as a DJ.” David Guetta

25. “I’m not limited.” David Guetta

26. “Take care of yourself, and do unto others as you would have done to you.” David Guetta

27. “My routine is fly, play, sleep, record. My center is the music I am making; when I see people together wherever it is on the planet, that we connect, that’s what keeps my heart beating.” David Guetta

28. “Actually, because of new technologies, my full studio is on my laptop. And I have a little keyboard in my bag. I can make everything I do come from my laptop. Even when I go to a big studio, all I do is to plug in my laptops. That’s the way I do it.” David Guetta

29. “I want to party in space because I make alien music.” David Guetta

30. “Everything I do comes from the clubs. If I lose that, I’m done.” David Guetta

31. “Be love; there is nothing greater.” David Guetta

32. “I had the most reversed education possible. Every parent wants their son to be a businessman, respectable – me, it was the opposite. When I had an artist career my mum was like, ‘Oh finally, I’m proud of you!” David Guetta

33. “So dance music is now pop music. So now, as a dance producer, what do I have to do? So I’m starting to do alien music, because pop is not pop anymore; we need to go alien to be independent.” David Guetta

34. “I’m not the type of person to live in fear. I think positively.” David Guetta

35. “Inside a soul, there is a hero to discover.” David Guetta

I hope you enjoyed these David Guetta Quotes On Success. Do let us know which one was your favorite in the comments section below.

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