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35 Inspirational Frank Gehry Quotes On Success

Last Updated May 2023

35 Inspirational Frank Gehry Quotes On Success

Frank Owen Gehry, CC, FAIA  is a Canadian-born American architect, residing in Los Angeles. A number of his buildings, including his private residence, have become world-renowned attractions. His works are cited as being among the most important works of contemporary architecture in the 2010 World Architecture Survey, which led Vanity Fair to label him as “the most important architect of our age”. Gehry’s best-known works include the titanium-clad Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, France, MIT Ray and Maria Stata Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies on the University of Cincinnati campus, Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, New World Center in Miami Beach, Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Dancing House in Prague, the Vitra Design Museum and the MARTa Herford museum in Germany, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, the Cinémathèque Française in Paris, and 8 Spruce Street in New York City. His private residence in Santa Monica, California, jump-started his career. Gehry is also the designer of the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.Gehry was born Frank Owen Goldberg[1] on February 28, 1929, in Toronto, Ontario, to parents Sadie Thelma (née Kaplanski/Caplan) and Irving Goldberg. His father was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Russian Jewish parents, and his mother was a Polish Jewish immigrant born in Łódź. A creative child, he was encouraged by his grandmother, Leah Caplan, with whom he would build little cities out of scraps of wood. May these Frank Gehry Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “Let the experience begin!” Frank Gehry

2. “I don’t know whose box I’m in, and I don’t really care.” Frank Gehry

3. “I refuse to work unless I get paid, so I don’t get a lot of work sometimes.” Frank Gehry

4. “If you know where it’s going, it’s not worth doing.” Frank Gehry

5. “One of my greatest influences is the Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini.” Frank Gehry

6. “Not every person has the same kinds of talents, so you discover what yours are and work with them.” Frank Gehry

7. Take what comes your way. Do the best with it. Be responsible as you can and something good will happen.” Frank Gehry

8. “Your best work is your expression of yourself.” Frank Gehry

9. “You’ve got to bumble forward into the unknown.” Frank Gehry

10. “I found the material that people hated the most and used the most. So, I was going and try and see if I could play with it sculpturally.” Frank Gehry

11. “I know I draw without taking my pen off the page. I just keep going, and that my drawings I think of them as scribbles. I don’t think they mean anything to anybody except to me, and then at the end of the day, the end of the project, they wheel out these little drawings and they’re damn close to what the finished building is and it’s the drawing.” Frank Gehry

12. “I don’t know why people hire architects and then tell them what to do.” Frank Gehry

13. “Architecture has always been a very idealistic profession. It’s about making the world a better place and it works over the generations because people go on vacation and they look for it.” Frank Gehry

14. “In the end, the character of a civilization is encased in its structures.” Frank Gehry

15. “The best advice I’ve received is to be yourself. The best artists do that.” Frank Gehry

16. “Ninety percent of the buildings we live in and around aren’t architecture. No, that’s not right – 98 percent.” Frank Gehry

17. “Architecture is a small piece of this human equation, but for those of us who practice it, we believe in its potential to make a difference, to enlighten and to enrich the human experience, to penetrate the barriers of misunderstanding and provide a beautiful context for life’s drama.” Frank Gehry

18. “We should celebrate variety rather than conformity and allow people to express themselves. That we don’t is more of our denial.” Frank Gehry

19. “An architect is given a program, budget, place, and schedule. Sometimes the end product rises to art – or at least people call it that.” Frank Gehry

20. “We don’t see the banality, but we accept banality. We accept it as inevitable, and it’s not.” Frank Gehry

21. “I love working. I don’t know what the word vacation means.” Frank Gehry

22. ” Your best work is your expression of yourself. Now, you may not be the greatest at it, but when you do it, you’re the only expert.” Frank Gehry

23. “If you’re serious about being an architect, you’ve got to learn how to take responsibility. It’s not fluff. You have to do every detail on every bloody piece of the building. You have to know how the engineering works. You have to know how the fittings go together. You have to master the mechanical, electrical, acoustical – everything.” Frank Gehry

24. “Ninety percent of the buildings we live in and around aren’t architecture. No, that’s not right – 98 percent.” Frank Gehry

25. “You can look anywhere and find inspiration.” Frank Gehry

26. “You have to be optimistic. I still have doubts and conflicts, but the bottom line is, I believe in the future.” Frank Gehry

27. “That’s what you have to find in architecture. You have to find your signature. When you find it, you’re the only expert on it. People can say they like it or don’t like it. They can argue about it, but it’s yours.” Frank Gehry

28. “People ask me if I’m an artist or an architect. But I think they’re the same.” Frank Gehry

29. “I think the biggest problem with ‘industrial’ architecture is that it’s lost its sense of humanity. Minimalist stuff drains all the humanity out of it. That idea works great for the money thing, but it doesn’t work great for the feeling thing.” Frank Gehry

30. “Architecture and any art can transform a person, even save someone. It can for children – for anyone. It still does for me.” Frank Gehry

31. “Creativity is about play and a kind of willingness to go with your intuition. It’s crucial to an artist. If you know where you are going and what you are going to do, why do it? I think I learned that from the artists, from my grandmother, from all the creative people I’ve spent time with over the years.” Frank Gehry

32. “I love working. I don’t know what the word vacation means.” Frank Gehry

33. “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” Frank Gehry

34. “The whole can be greater than the sum of it’s parts, that we all have something to put in the pie to make it better, and that the collaborative interaction works.” Frank Gehry

35. “I didn’t have any interest in doing rich people’s homes. I still don’t.” Frank Gehry

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