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35 Inspirational George Edward Woodberry Quotes On Success



35 Inspirational George Edward Woodberry Quotes On Success

George Edward Woodberry, Litt. D., LL. D. was an American literary critic and poet. May these George Edward Woodberry Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “The willingness to take risks is our grasp of faith.” George Edward Woodberry

2. “Mankind is the grandest and surest artist of all, and history as it clarifies is, in pure fact, an artistic process, a creation in its fullness of the beautiful soul.” George Edward Woodberry

3. “If you can’t have faith in what is held up to you for faith, you must find things to believe in yourself, for a life without faith in something is too narrow a space to live.” George Edward Woodberry

4. “Agitation is that part of our intellectual life where vitality results; there ideas are born, breed and bring forth.” George Edward Woodberry

5. “Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.” George Edward Woodberry

6. “Education has really only one basic factor: one must want it.” George Edward Woodberry

7. “I believe that ideal character in its perfection is potentially in every man who is born into the world.” George Edward Woodberry

8. “To feel that one has a place in life solves half the problem of contentment.” George Edward Woodberry

9. “The school of life embodies a compulsory education that no man escapes.” George Edward Woodberry

10. “One can re-create what was in the mind of a mathematician a thousand years ago, recapture the truth of the intellect wherever it may have once come to light; but the image of art, that infinite variable of perception and expression in the individual, – that is not easily re-created, at least, not with certainty and in its original fulness.” George Edward Woodberry

11. “I am quite sure that no friendship yields its true pleasure and nobility of nature without frequent communication, sympathy and service.” George Edward Woodberry

12. “Words are intermediary between thought and things. We express ourselves really not through words, which are only signs, but through what they signify – through things.” George Edward Woodberry

13. “Always begin anew with the day, just as nature does. It is one of the sensible things that nature does.” George Edward Woodberry

14. “The sense that someone else cares always helps because it is the sense of love.” George Edward Woodberry

15. “The world is a multiplicity, a harvest-field, a battle-ground; and thence arises through human contact ways of numbering, or mathematics, ways of tillage, or agriculture, ways of fighting, or military tactics and strategy, and these are incorporated in individuals as habits of life.” George Edward Woodberry

16. “I seldom deal in symbolisms; if there be hidden meanings in my verse, they are there without my knowledge.George Edward Woodberry

17. “Aesthetic freedom is like free speech; it is, indeed, a form of free speech.” George Edward Woodberry

18. “The sweetest roamer is a boy’s young heart.” George Edward Woodberry

19. “Seasonal changes, as it were, take place in history, when there is practically an almost universal death, a falling of the foliage of the tree of life. Such were the intervals between the ancient and mediaeval time, the mediaeval and the modern.” George Edward Woodberry

20. “We foresee no limit to scientific advancement in the future, and in scientific truth there is nothing dead; science is always a living and growing body of knowledge; but art on the contrary has many times run its course to an end, and exhausted its vital power.” George Edward Woodberry

21. “”Old times” never come back and I suppose it’s just as well. What comes back is a new morning every day in the year, and that’s better.” George Edward Woodberry

22. “Genius is that in which the soul of a race bums at its brightest, revealing and preserving its vision; works of art are great and significant in proportion to the clarity and fulness with which they incarnate this vision.” George Edward Woodberry

23. “Thrashing is not the most noticeably awful of disappointments. Not to have attempted is the genuine disappointment.” George Edward Woodberry

24. “A nation’s poets are its true owners; and by the stroke of the pen they convey the title-deeds of its real possessions to strangers and aliens.” George Edward Woodberry

25. “The critic is genius at one remove; he is not unlike an actor on the stage, and incarnates in his mind, as the actor embodies in his person, another’s work; only thus does he understand art, realize it, know it; and having arrived at this, his task is done.” George Edward Woodberry

26. “The language of literature is the language of all the world. It is necessary to divest ourselves at once of the notion of diversified vocal and grammatical speech which constitutes the various tongues of the Earth, and conceals the identity of image and logic in the minds of all men.” George Edward Woodberry

27. “Art is expression; what is expressed is often the vision of a subtle and powerful soul, and also his experience with his vision; and however vivid and skilful he may be in the means of expression, yet it is frequently found that the master-spell in his work is something felt to be indefinable and inexpressible.” George Edward Woodberry

28. “You must find the ideas that have some promise in them. It is not enough to just have ideas.” George Edward Woodberry

29. “It is not meant that the artist, in arriving at truth, must follow the way of the scientist, or, in stating it, the way of the philosopher.” George Edward Woodberry

30. “Our understanding of Shakespeare already depends largely on the vitality of Renaissance elements in our education. Each man must live in his own generation, as the saying is; but the generations are bound together by the golden links of the great tradition of civilization.” George Edward Woodberry

31. “A marvellous power of expression over language often distinguishes genius; but Shakespeare in his phrases seems independent of the bonds of language as of the bonds of metre.” George Edward Woodberry

32. “Much of a poet’s experience takes place in imagination only; the life he tells is oftenest the life that he strongly desires to live, and the power, the purity and height of his utterance may not seldom be the greater because experience here uses the voices of desire.” George Edward Woodberry

33. “The great effort of civilization has been, and still is, the attempt to introduce a principle of control into that casual swarm of impressions which makes up men’s thought and of which, especially with swayed by emotion, spontaneous action is the law.” George Edward Woodberry

34. “Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse. Murphy’s First Corollary If you tell the boss you were late for work because you had a flat tire, the next morning you will have a flat tire.” George Edward Woodberry

35. “To be faithful to your instincts and the impulses that carry you in the direction of the excellence you most desire and value. Surely that is to lead the noble life.” George Edward Woodberry

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