35 Inspirational Gerard Adams Quotes On Success

35 Inspirational Gerard Adams Quotes On Success

Gerard Adams is an American entrepreneur. Adams was co-founder of Elite Daily a news site targeted towards millennials, which sold to the Daily Mail in 2015 for $50 million. He is also a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and the founder of Newark, New Jersey start up accelerator, Fownders. Adams is also the host of internet-television series, Leaders Create Leaders. Adams is the founder of National Inflation Association (NIA) along with Jonathan Lebed, who ran several pump and dump schemes on penny stocks. NIA runs “investor relations” for pink sheet penny stocks, and is paid to inflate the value of thinly traded companies. May these Gerard Adams Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “If you aren’t committed to your goals with conviction, then you’ll find yourself chasing things and leaving things incomplete rather than attracting and manifesting your dreams into reality.” Gerard Adams

2. If you can find a way to push through the pain, I promise there’s something greater on the other side of it.” Gerard Adams

3. “The greater you love yourself, the greater your love grows for everything and everyone around.” Gerard Adams

4. Who your friends with really does matter. I can firmly say that the amount of money you make is a reflection of who you’re spending time with.” Gerard Adams

5. “Discipline will take you to places where motivation can’t.” Gerard Adams

6. Dreams don’t mean anything until you start executing on them.” Gerard Adams

7. “When you have a clear vision for what you desire to manifest in the world, there isn’t anything or anyone that can stop you, believe that.” Gerard Adams

8. Your path is harder because your calling is higher” Gerard Adams

9. “We all have a story that can inspire change or hope in someone’s life. It’s time for you to take ownership of yours.” Gerard Adams

10. “No regrets in life, only lessons learned.” Gerard Adams

11. “You are the only person that can determine if you’ll achieve something great or not by what you do daily.⁣⁣” Gerard Adams

12. “Be the example of change, when no one is watching. This is when leaders are made.” Gerard Adams

13. “I don’t care how clichè this sounds, no one achieves success by simply visualizing and wishing for their dreams to manifest, you have to put in real hours and energy into your craft.” Gerard Adams

14. The time to execute on your goals and dreams is now. The “perfect moment” doesn’t exist, you have to go after it while you still can.⁣” Gerard Adams

15. “We all have an inner lion or lioness within us. Lion and lioness epitomize both sacred masculine and the divine feminine. Lions carry a beautiful balance of qualities that range from fierceness, poise, creativity, to courage, strength, and leadership.” Gerard Adams

16. My life isn’t a mirage. I chose this life. I earned this life. I manifested this life.⁣⁣” Gerard Adams

17. “Find someone who lights up your soul. That person who supports your wildest dreams, desires, and inspires you to become the greatest version of yourself.” Gerard Adams

18. “Where you start is just the stepping stone to the place your destined to be. If you believe in your vision and stick with it, it’s only a matter of time until you see the hard work start paying off.” Gerard Adams

19. It’s time the world stops kidding itself, to wake up, to realize that the only problem with humanity is lack of love. Love breeds tolerance and tolerance breeds peace.⁣” Gerard Adams

20. “Never forget that pressure makes diamonds.
My ability to adjust and adapt in challenging situations has been one of my secrets to success.” Gerard Adams

21. “Look, it’s easy to make excuses about why things won’t work and complain about your situation. But if you really want to be a successful entrepreneur, then you’ll need to stop making excuses and start taking massive action.” Gerard Adams

22. “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, beliefs and perspectives. You don’t have to agree with what anyone says. I respect people who make a stand for what they believe.” Gerard Adams

23. “In the journey of self-love & self-respect, you realize that the way you see the world is actually a deep reflection of how you see yourself.” Gerard Adams

24. “A man isn’t truly a man unless he takes care of his family.” Gerard Adams

25. “You can sit on the sidelines and see how this all plays out, or you can find the leader within from inside of you to be a light in the good fight to bring about a better world for our great grandkids one day.” Gerard Adams

26. “Unity, empathy, and love are all things I believe we’ll be seeing more of and hearing more of from people we never imagined we would. We are all recreating ourselves and being called to go deeper within. May we rise up and do better.” Gerard Adams

27. “Take a moment to be grateful for everything, both the good and the bad.
The bad makes you stronger and the good makes you thankful. Just remember that it’s all leading you to exactly where you’re supposed to be.” Gerard Adams

28. “As you get older, you realize how draining it is to your energy when you’re constantly trying to get approval from people who don’t have your best interests at heart.” Gerard Adams

29. “The days that break you are the days that make you.” Gerard Adams

30. “Be a leader even when no one else is doing it. Be kind even when no one else is doing it. Do what’s right even when no is around.” Gerard Adams

31. Not everyone can be a great entrepreneur, but a great entrepreneur can come from anywhere.” Gerard Adams

32. “Whatever you’re doing tomorrow make sure you show up and be the best version of yourself. Even if you’re still working that 9-5, going to school, or if you’re just figuring out your new business. Tomorrow is a new opportunity to learn, grow and inspire the lives of others.” Gerard Adams

33. “We all have that little voice in our heads that tries to convince us that we’re not good enough or smart enough to achieve the dreams we have. There are moments now in my business when the self-doubt voice tries to tell me that something won’t work or that I’m too much of a dreamer.” Gerard Adams

34. “Your excuses are holding you back from your next level of growth and evolution. Write down all the excuses you can think of and find solutions to every single one of them.” Gerard Adams

35. “Anytime you bring up goals around your ambitious friends, they‘ll tell you things like, “hell yeah go for it” or “I got your back no matter what.” When you have unambitious friends, they’ll tell you things like, “life is good just the way it is” or “that sounds impossible” or “you’re crazy.” Pay attention to these key words and phrases next time you have this conversation.” Gerard Adams

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