35 Inspirational Grace Kelly Quotes On Success

35 Inspirational Grace Kelly Quotes On Success

Grace Kelly was an American film actress who became Princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Rainier III in April 1956. After embarking on an acting career in 1950, when she was 20, Kelly appeared in New York City theatrical productions and more than 40 episodes of live drama productions broadcast during the early 1950s Golden Age of Television. In October 1953, she gained stardom from her performance in director John Ford’s film Mogambo starring Clark Gable and Ava Gardner, which won her a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination in 1954. Subsequently, she had leading roles in five films, including The Country Girl (1954) with Bing Crosby, for which her deglamorized performance earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. She stared in many other films before retiring at the age of 26 to marry Prince Rainier III and began her duties as Princess of Monaco. She is listed 13th among the American Film Institute’s 25 Greatest Female Stars of Classical Hollywood Cinema. May these Grace Kelly Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “A person has to keep something to herself or your life is just a layout in a magazine.” Grace Kelly

2. “Our life dictates a certain kind of wardrobe.” Grace Kelly

3. “Having a [teenage] daughter is like riding a young horse over an unknown steeplechase course. You don’t know when to pull up the reins, when to let the horse have its head – or what.” Grace Kelly

4. “I am basically a feminist. I think that women can do anything they decide to do.” Grace Kelly

5. “We should try our best to help others so that we could be remembered in a good way.” Grace Kelly

6. “The freedom of the press works in such a way that there is not much freedom from it.” Grace Kelly

7. “I avoid looking back. I prefer good memories to regrets.” Grace Kelly

8. “If there is one thing that is foreign to me it is shopping for pleasure. On the other hand, I believe that it is right to honor all those who create beautiful things and give satisfaction to those who see me wearing them.” Grace Kelly

9. “Emancipation of women has made them lose their mystery.” Grace Kelly

10. “Women’s natural role is to be a pillar of the family.” Grace Kelly

11. “I’ve been accused of being cold, snobbish, distant. Those who know me well know that I’m nothing of the sort. If anything, the opposite is true. But is it too much to ask to want to protect your private life, your inner feelings?” Grace Kelly

12. “Anger and anger cannot solve any problem.” Grace Kelly

13. “Take one step at a time.” Grace Kelly

14. “The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens.” Grace Kelly

15. “It would be very sad if children had no memories before those of school. What they need most is the love and attention of their mother.” Grace Kelly

16. “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” Grace Kelly

17. “Mr. Hitchcock taught me everything about cinema. It was thanks to him that I understood that murder scenes should be shot like love scenes and love scenes like murder scenes.” Grace Kelly

18. “Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.” Grace Kelly

19. “I love walking in the woods, on the trails, along the beaches. I love being part of nature. I love walking alone. It is therapy. One needs to be alone, to recharge one’s batteries.” Grace Kelly

20. “Why are you getting angry? Getting angry doesn’t solve anything. I don’t like yelling and fighting and I can’t quarrel, I prefer to let it drop. When people use disagreeable words, I feel crushed and remember them for a long time.” Grace Kelly

21. “I work hard in social work, public relations, and raising the Grimaldi heirs.” Grace Kelly

22. “I certainly don’t think of my life as a fairy tale. I think of myself as a modern, contemporary woman who has had to deal with all kinds of problems that many women today have to deal with.” Grace Kelly

23. “Other women looked on me as a rival. And it pained me a great deal.” Grace Kelly

24. “My real difficulty was to become a normal person again, after having been a movie actress for so long. For me, at the time I was living in New York and Hollywood, a normal person was someone who made movies.” Grace Kelly

25. “As an unmarried woman, I was thought to be a danger.” Grace Kelly

26. “We just don’t like the idea of turning the children over to nannies and minders. We like to help them ourselves – and then, of course, we know what to tell them when they ought to do something on their own.” Grace Kelly

27. “One way in which all of us can help to combat the current wave of public indecency which threatens to undermine Western civilization is to concentrate upon and increase the solidarity of the family.” Grace Kelly

28. “It doesn’t matter who earns more in a relationship.” Grace Kelly

29. “Each one of us has the right to privacy.” Grace Kelly

30. “Being an object of press’s attention can be suffocating, restraining the freedom of the individual.” Grace Kelly

31. “If I’d met the Prince two or three years earlier, perhaps I might not have married him – at least not so soon. But we came together at the right time.” Grace Kelly

32. “For to have complete satisfaction from flowers you must have time to spend with them.” Grace Kelly

33. “All people are capable of great things.” Grace Kelly

34. “You don’t get anything for nothing. Everything has to be earned, through work, persistence, and honesty.” Grace Kelly

35. “I would like to be remembered as someone who accomplished useful deeds, and who was a kind and loving person. I would like to leave the memory of a human being with a correct attitude and who did her best to help others. Grace Kelly

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