35 Inspirational Hamza Yusuf Quotes On Success

35 Inspirational Hamza Yusuf Quotes On Success

Hamza Yusuf is an American neo-traditionalist Islamic scholar and co-founder of Zaytuna College. He is a proponent of classical learning in Islam and has promoted Islamic sciences and classical teaching methodologies throughout the world. He is an advisor to the Center for Islamic Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. In addition, he serves as vice-president for the Global Center for Guidance and Renewal, which was founded and is currently presided over by Abdallah bin Bayyah. He also serves as vice-president of the UAE-based Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, where Abdullah bin Bayyah also serves as president. He is one of the signatories of A Common Word Between Us and You, an open letter by Islamic scholars to Christian leaders calling for peace and understanding. Yusuf was also one of the signatories of an open letter to former-ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that refuted the principles promoted by the terrorist organization. The Guardian has referred to Yusuf as “arguably the West’s most influential Islamic scholar,” and The New Yorker magazine also called him “perhaps the most influential Islamic scholar in the Western world.”. He has been listed in the top 50 of The 500 Most Influential Muslims (also known as The Muslim 500) an annual publication compiled by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Amman, Jordan, which ranks the most influential Muslims in the world May these Hamza Yusuf Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “Muslims are peace-loving people generally. Among the young, yes, there are some militant attitudes. But a lot of it arises out of chivalry.” Hamza Yusuf

2. Intelligent people surround themselves with people who challenge them, not yes people.” Hamza Yusuf

3. “Everyone’s a believer when things are going fine. The real faith is when one becomes patient with tribulations.” Hamza Yusuf

4. “Force yourself to be humble, until it becomes second nature. Then it will be an unconscious activity.” Hamza Yusuf

5. “Why do we need to justify God’s existence? He exists. We need to justify our own existence.” Hamza Yusuf

6. “People can’t think when their minds are clouded with fear.” Hamza Yusuf

7. “The weak are dominated by their ego, the wise dominate their ego, and the intelligent are in a constant struggle against their ego.” Hamza Yusuf

8. “Religion is here to unite us. It’s not here to divide us. If it’s dividing us, it’s not God’s religion, it’s something else.” Hamza Yusuf

9. “Whatever is for the sake of Allah will go on and continue. Whatever is for other than Allah, it will end and be severed” Hamza Yusuf

10. “God is with the broken-hearted. When your heart breaks, it’s a good thing – the breaking of the heart is what opens it up to the light of Allah. The Dunya is designed to break your heart, to crush it.” Hamza Yusuf

11. “If you don’t wake up for Fajr, then don’t wake up at all.” Hamza Yusuf

12. “You will find yourself in the Quran, I guarantee you.” Hamza Yusuf

13. “Reality of things is hidden in the realm of the unseen.” Hamza Yusuf

14. “Without discipline, Religion would be impossible.” Hamza Yusuf

15. “Allah knows exactly what to give you to help you return to Him. The events in your life are purposeful, appropriate & non-random.” Hamza Yusuf

16. “Desire is an attempt to feel the void.” Hamza Yusuf

17. “If you take a child and you throw the child up there is a point where you see this, they go into this state of complete panic and then when they come back to your arms they are laughing. That is Dunya, I guarantee you, that moment, that is your life, you came from God and you are going back to God and there is just a moment when you are in a complete state of panic but just relax, you are in good hands. Just relax.” Hamza Yusuf

18. “Islam is based on naql (texts) and ‘aql (intellect). Some people just have the texts – we call them naql-heads.” Hamza Yusuf

19. “Hypocrisy is wretched because the hypocrite says with his tongue what is not in his heart. He wrongs his tongue and oppresses his heart. But if the heart is sound, the condition of the tongue follows suit. We are commanded to be upright in speech, which is a gauge of the heart’s state.” Hamza Yusuf

20. “Practice makes permanent, not perfect. If you practice the wrong thing, you make the wrong act permanent.” Hamza Yusuf

21. “People of the world will reject your reminders, because it reminds them that this world is temporary.” Hamza Yusuf

22. “Opinion is not knowledge. You’re entitled to your own opinion but you’re not entitled to your own facts.” Hamza Yusuf

23. “You cannot honour the prophet by dishonouring his teaching.” Hamza Yusuf

24. “I don’t have any control over what other people do, and they don’t represent me or my faith.” Hamza Yusuf

25. “People say to you, ‘you’ve changed’, or something like that, well, I hope, for the sake of God, that you have changed, because I don’t want to be the same person all my life. I want to be growing, I want to be expanding. I want to be changing. Because animate things change, inanimate things don&’t change. Dead things don’t change. And the heart should be alive, it should be changing, it should be moving, it should be growing, its knowledge should be expanding.” Hamza Yusuf

26. “I can’t – and won’t – impose my beliefs on others, either verbally or otherwise. I’m not going to judge people.” Hamza Yusuf

27. “Perhaps, a sin that humbles you is better than a good deed that makes you arrogant.” Hamza Yusuf

28. “My experience on this planet is that if you treat people with respect, they tend to treat you with respect.” Hamza Yusuf

29. “And that is the secret of this world. If you remove love of Dunya from your heart, the Dunya is yours for the taking. You can have the Dunya because it’s in your hand and not in your heart.” Hamza Yusuf

30. “For young people, if someone tells you: you are the future – say No! I’m the present. You have things to do right now.” Hamza Yusuf

31. “Everything that we do has a spiritual essence. There is a spiritual dimension in everything. All of life has meaning and everything that you do in life is in preparation for your great meeting. This great meeting is your meeting with your Lord, which is absolutely inevitable.” Hamza Yusuf

32. “If you are looking for happiness in this world (Dunya), you’re in the wrong place.” Hamza Yusuf

33. “Where is your heart? Is your heart with God? Is it with your own ego or your lust? Is it with your greed, your pride, envy, or your resentment? This is a time where you can go into yourself and ask: Where is my heart? Ramadan is a time to give the heart back to the One who possesses the hearts.” Hamza Yusuf

34. “We live in the age of Noah (a.s.) in the sense that a flood of distraction accosts us. It is a slow and subtle drowning. For those who notice it, they engage in the remembrance of God. The rites of worship and devotion to God’s remembrance (dhikr) are planks of the ark. When Noah (a.s.) started to build his ark, his people mocked him and considered him a fool. But he kept building. He knew what was coming. And we know too.” Hamza Yusuf

35. “Every civilization: Hindu, Buddhist, Confucianist, Christian, Jewish and Muslim, all of them understood that learning was to make a better human being, learning was not to make more money; it was to make a better human being.” Hamza Yusuf

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