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35 Inspirational Hasan Al Basri Quotes On Islam and Success

35 Inspirational Hasan Al Basri Quotes On Islam and Success

Hasan Al Basri was an early Muslim preacher, ascetic, theologian, exegete, scholar, judge, and mystic. Born in Medina in 642, Hasan belonged to the second generation of Muslims, all of whom would subsequently be referred to as the tābiʿūn in Sunni Islamic piety. In fact, Hasan rose to become one of “the most celebrated” of the tābiʿūn, enjoying an “acclaimed scholarly career and an even more remarkable posthumous legacy in Islamic scholarship. May these Hasan Al Basri Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “The life of this world is made up of three days: yesterday has gone with all that was done; tomorrow, you may never reach; but today is for you so do what you should do today.” Hasan Al Basri

2. “To learn a single topic of knowledge and teach it to a Muslim is more beloved to me than having the whole world and giving it in the cause of Allah.” Hasan Al Basri

3. “There is no backbiting in the case of a person of innovation or a person who openly commits sins.” Hasan Al Basri

4. “Stay away from the busying aspects of life, and surely, life has abundant busying aspects.” Hasan Al Basri

5. “How strange it is that person whose departure from this world to the next has been announced, and whose predecessors have already departed, still plays around!” Hasan Al Basri

6. “This life is good for the believer. He works little (i.e. he is moderate in performing acts of worship), and takes enough provisions with him to Paradise.” Hasan Al Basri

7. “The believer does the best deeds yet is most fearful [that his deeds will not be accepted]. If he were to spend a mountain of wealth [in charity], he would not feel sure [of the reward] until he sees it. The more righteous and pious he becomes, the more he fears. But the hypocrite (munafiq) says, There are so many people, I will be forgiven, no problem.’ So he does wrong and evil deeds, yet holds foolish wishes about Allah.” Hasan Al Basri

8. “This life is bad for the disbeliever and the hypocrite, for he wastes his nights in it and the only provisions he collects from it, is being directed to the Fire.” Hasan Al Basri

9. “By Allah! Anyone among mankind who earns abundance in his life but does not feel afraid that he is being tried and tested, then his deeds will decrease and his opinion will become obsolete.” Hasan Al Basri

10. “May Allah have mercy on the man who works for the likes of this day; for today you are able to do what these brothers of yours, the residents of these graves, cannot do. So make full use of your health and free time before the day of distress and accounts comes upon you.” Hasan Al Basri

11. “Do not sit with an adherent of bid’ah for he will cause a disease in your heart.” Hasan Al Basri

12. “The best attribute a believer can have is forgiveness.” Hasan Al Basri

13. “He among mankind who will receive the least reckoning on the Day of Judgment, is he who reckons his own self in the life of the world for Allah’s sake.” Hasan Al Basri

14. “He who contemplate his intentions and actions; if whatever he has intended is for Allah’s sake, he persists in it, otherwise he refrains from doing it. Verily, reckoning on the Day of Judgment becomes heavy for those who were hasty in this life and did not hold themselves accountable.” Hasan Al Basri

15. “The intelligent person’s tongue is behind his heart: when he wants to speak, he first thinks. If [his words] will be in his favour, he says them, and if they will be against him, he does not speak. And the ignorant person’s heart is behind his tongue: when he merely thinks of saying something, he says it, whether it is for or against him.” Hasan Al Basri

16. “Whenever Allah withholds this life’s splendour from a Muslim slave, who thinks that he is allowed to excessively indulge in its delights, then know that he is being deprived because his good deeds have decreased and his opinion became obsolete.” Hasan Al Basri

17. “Sell this life for the next and you win both of them. Sell the next life for this and you lose both of them.” Hasan Al Basri

18. “Do not become proud merely because you worship often, for consider what happened to Iblees (Satan) after he spent a great deal of time worshipping.” Hasan Al Basri

19. “He whose wealth increases, his sins increase, and he whose speech multiplies, his lies multiply. He whose conduct becomes harsher, torments his own self.” Hasan Al Basri

20. “People say that the one who has been on Hajj is the one who is forgiven.” He said, “And the sign of this is that he leaves the evils he used to do.” Hasan Al Basri

21. “Do not deceive yourself into being too proud because you are in a good or righteous environment, for there is no place that is better than Paradise, and our father, Adam (as), experienced there what is known to all.” Hasan Al Basri

22. Death has exposed the reality of this life and did not leave chance for the wise person to delight in it.” Hasan Al Basri

23. “Do not think yourself great because you have met with righteous people, for there is no man more righteous than the Prophet (SAW), yet the disbelievers and hypocrites did not benefit by simply knowing him.” Hasan Al Basri

24. “houldn’t one of us feel too shy to ask his Lord to forgive his sin, then do it again, then ask for forgiveness, then do it again?” He said: “The Shaytaan wishes that you would have this attitude, so do not tire of asking for forgiveness.” Hasan Al Basri

25. “It has reached me that when Allah the Mighty and Majestic blesses a people and gives them some good he asks them to be grateful. If they are grateful, He is all- able to give them more. But if they are ungrateful, He is all-able to turn His blessings into a punishment.” Hasan Al Basri

26. “Allah the Exalted has ordained the acts of obedience, and helps one perform them, and has forbidden the acts of disobedience, and helps one avoid them. Work as much as you feel able to endure the blazing Fire, and know that you have no excuse if you end up in it.” Hasan Al Basri

27. “The good of this world is knowledge and worship, and the good of the hereafter is Paradise.” Hasan Al Basri

28. “Amazing is he who laughs, even though the Fire is in front of him, and feels elation, while death is awaiting him!” Hasan Al Basri

29. “May Allah grant mercy to some people who used this life as if it was a loan; they gave it back to He who has entrusted it to them and went away with a light weight of burden.” Hasan Al Basri

30. “By Allah, never was a person given an abundance of worldly wealth and then not feared this might be a plot against him [for his wrongdoing] except a person lacking intelligence and sound opinion. And never has Allah held back worldly wealth from a person and that person has not thought that a good choice has been made for him except a person who [also] lacks intelligence and sound opinion.” Hasan Al Basri

31. “In this life, the believer is just like a prisoner who strives hard to free his neck; he never feels safe until he meets Allah, the Exalted and Most Honored.” Hasan Al Basri

32. “When a man sought knowledge, it would not be long before it could be seen in his humbleness, his sight, upon his tongue and his hands, in his prayer, in his speech and in his disinterest (zuhd) in worldly allurements. And a man would acquire a portion of knowledge and put it into practice, and it would be better for him than the world and all it contains – if he owned it he would give it in exchange for the hereafter.” Hasan Al Basri

33. “Every man who indulges in an aspect of life that fills his time, then the door he opened will open ten more doors of busying aspects for him.” Hasan Al Basri

34. “You wish you could live as long as Noah (PBUH) lived, even though Allah’s order (death) strikes at someone’s door every night!” Hasan Al Basri

35. “O youth! Seek the hereafter, for we often see people pursuing the hereafter and finding it as well as the Dunya (worldly wellbeing), but we have never seen anyone pursue the Dunya and gain the hereafter as well as the Dunya.” Hasan Al Basri

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