35 Inspirational Israel Adesanya Quotes On Success

35 Inspirational Israel Adesanya Quotes On Success

Israel Adesanya (Aka Stylebender) is a Nigerian-New Zealander professional mixed martial artist, kickboxer, and boxer. As a mixed martial artist, he is currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he is the UFC Middleweight Champion. In kickboxing, he is the former Glory middleweight contender winner and King in the Ring two-time cruiserweight and heavyweight champion, which is the most titles in King in the Ring history. As of October 7, 2019, he is #8 in the UFC pound-for-pound rankings. May these Israel Adesanya Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “Respect my game!” Israel Adesanya

2. “Ugly is the new cute.” Israel Adesanya

3. “If they knew I played with imaginary paddle shifts they’d have said I was crazy.” Israel Adesanya

4. “I love passion in people. Passionate enough to be at UFC243 on enemy territory. It cost a lot to be a super fan sometimes. Hotel for the week, food, transport, variables, etc. I know people who didn’t have the means but found a way to make it over for the fight. That’s passion!” Israel Adesanya

5. “Somethings money can’t buy. Like actual friends, integrity or real skills.” Israel Adesanya

6. “They can talk for you, they can’t fight for you.” Israel Adesanya

7. “I was able to touch him whenever I wanted. You need fights like that in your back pocket, but like I’ve always said, destiny is an understatement. The next fight, I will make it memorable.” Israel Adesanya

8. “Some people get it. We appreciate this more than you know. Unsung heroes.” Israel Adesanya

9. “If you want to beat me, you should have done it yesterday because every single day I’m getting better.” Israel Adesanya

10. “Not all heroes wear capes.” Israel Adesanya

11. “When I’m having fun, I’m the best in the world.” Israel Adesanya

12. “My hands don’t discriminate.” Israel Adesanya

13. “Mixed Martial Art is subjective to each individual. For example how the same iconic image can be expressed on these streets in two countries by two artists. The time and effort it takes, this will never not be appreciated.” Israel Adesanya

14. “If you go to the gym and don’t post about it, did you even train. Don’t get it twisted, I get that work in.” Israel Adesanya

15. “If you don’t take care of your health, then you’ll become ill.” Israel Adesanya

16. “Three belts, two weight classes, one king.” Israel Adesanya

17.Gratitude is my attitude. Used to sit by the water cooler during lunch at my old job and daydream of doing things like this. I wanna say some inspirational like an Instastar, but straight up just look at my life, look at my story!! Enough said.” Israel Adesanya

18. “Why is it called a ‘U’ turn and not an ‘N’ turn.” Israel Adesanya

19. “I’m the thriller gorilla.” Israel Adesanya

20. “Put it all in the line. Speak your truth. Talk your stuff and back it up, every damn time!!” Israel Adesanya

21. King me.” Israel Adesanya

22. “Ògún” God of Iron! They’ve taken a lot of gold from Africa. It’s time we took gold back to Africa.” Israel Adesanya

23. “When in Africa do as Africans do, we dance.” Israel Adesanya

24. “No PR team needed. I don’t do it for the likes. I do it for the love.” Israel Adesanya

25. “I been saying though. I’m responsible for what I say, I’m not responsible for how you interpret it.” Israel Adesanya

26. “I draw a lot of inspiration from cartoon characters because they’re more real than most people.” Israel Adesanya

27. “I never followed any sports, not even boxing. WWE attitude era was bout as close as I came to being a sports fan.” Israel Adesanya

28. “If the UFC is in town, go! You just never know.” Israel Adesanya

29. “I just speak facts, no shade. But if the shoe fits, lace ’em up.” Israel Adesanya

30. “I don’t start things. I finish it.” Israel Adesanya

31. “Most people don’t know nothing about boxing or MMA.” Israel Adesanya

32. “I’m not weak mentally to need the aid of PED’s.” Israel Adesanya

33. “Shoutout to the powerful men in my life that have made me, shaped me and helped me along this journey of life. I love y’all.” Israel Adesanya

34. “It came down to the wire, we both put in on for the culture of fighting. You know me and I know you now, this is the fights movies are made of, that 5th round was some legendary stuff. It was only possible because I had a man as tough as Kelvin Gastelum to dance with. So thank you KG.” Israel Adesanya

35. “It ain’t about how you start, it’s about how you finish.” Israel Adesanya

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