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35 Inspirational John de Ruiter Quotes On Success

Last Updated Sept 2023

35 Inspirational John de Ruiter Quotes On Success

John de Ruiter is a Canadian author who conducts meetings and seminars at his College of Integrated Philosophy located in Edmonton, Alberta and abroad. While still a boy, John de Ruiter was taught shoe repair by his father, who had come from a long line of shoemakers from De Bilt in the Netherlands. He claims to have experienced a spontaneous state of awakening at the age of 17. It lasted a year, and then left him equally abruptly. Following this experience, he spent years in the investigation of mystical and philosophical traditions in an attempt to regain that which he had lost. De Ruiter’s teaching style has been compared to oral-based teaching of Tibetan Buddhism where detachment and release are also key principles. May his quotes inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “There’s a depth of meaning all on its own in awareness being gentled. From within the subtlety of being gentled, the level of perception changes. Instead of perceiving the obviousness of experience, you’re able as awareness to perceive most subtle meaning.” John de Ruiter

2. “Your real strength within isn’t the strength that you experience in yourself. Your real strength within is in what you are as a being, deeper than what your self is. Your real strength is within your weakest weakness.” John de Ruiter

3. “It isn’t the kind of profession that you have that makes you flourish; it’s what you are coming from, within, that makes you flourish. Then everything that you step into turns into your garden.” John de Ruiter

4. “When you are relaxed and you hear what you know is the truth, regardless of your experience, you love. You love the truth. You love hearing, knowing, responding to the truth, because all of that is really you.” John de Ruiter

5. “Everything needs to touch your heart. Everything that touches your heart brings out the deep in you.” John de Ruiter

6. “If deep in your heart you warmly no longer need freedom, it begins.” John de Ruiter

7. “Openness and softness of heart is your home.” John de Ruiter

8. “When you, awareness, are mastered by the deepest that you know the truth of, then you are no longer awareness. You are oneness aware mastering yourself and your life.” John de Ruiter

9. “If you are all open in your heart, you are clean. If you are all open in yourself, you are naive.” John de Ruiter

10. “Love doesn’t suffer. Love, loves.” John de Ruiter

11. “Love is the result of you being what you really are.” John de Ruiter

12. “Love is what words are for.” John de Ruiter

13. “The let-go of the last little bit is the biggest because, in that, there is no return.” John de Ruiter

14. “Kindness is worth so much more than achievement.” John de Ruiter

15. “Your being is real and it gets to have everything. It gets to have your preferences, your person, and all of your plans.” John de Ruiter

16. “You don’t need wisdom to be in your heart; being in your heart is what gives you wisdom.” John de Ruiter

17. “When a city is inundated with water, the water will move in all of the streets. Every pathway that has been made will be used. It doesn’t matter the reason of its making.” John de Ruiter

18. “Sweet openness is your first love.” John de Ruiter

19. “Home is within the little house of your heart.” John de Ruiter

20. “Your deeper sense isn’t a springboard; it’s a landing place. If you draw conclusions too quickly or too slowly, you’ll establish yourself where it doesn’t belong. The fine line between the two is in your own deeper sense. It is in your actual knowing within that deeper sense.” John de Ruiter

21. “Love has neither aversion to pain nor attraction to bliss. Love is just fully itself, in both.” John de Ruiter

22. “As you love, you see by your light.” John de Ruiter

23. “Your sexuality is the engine of your humanness. Freed of yourself, it is an engine of movement. It isn’t there to move your experience, but to move your being into your experience, bringing your being into the physicality of yourself.” John de Ruiter

24. “Love will thrive in any environment.” John de Ruiter

25. “As soon as you give your heart to something new you will immediately be able to think in a way that is new.” John de Ruiter

26. “You exist so that truth can express itself through love.” John de Ruiter

27. “When your heart opens you see. When your heart softens you love.” John de Ruiter

28. “Get to know the dance of the unbroken, golden thread in your heart. It is your way.” John de Ruiter

29. “A lovely heart produces a lovely mind and that produces a lovely life.” John de Ruiter

30. “For you to have real love, you need to be able to move past yourself.” John de Ruiter

31. “With your reorientation as awareness, difficulty calls upon your resources-not first the resources that you are familiar with, but the resources of your own being.” John de Ruiter

32. “Be intimate with simplicity. It opens the heart and clears the mind.” John de Ruiter

33. “The more clean you are in awakening to your own being, the more you’ll be able to move your own being toward others. Your evolution as awareness is in the purity of that it’s in the cleanness.” John de Ruiter

34. “Your life has little purpose if you are separate from your own knowledge within.” John de Ruiter

35. “What you know in your heart always shows you the way.” John de Ruiter

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