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35 Inspirational John Leguizamo Quotes On Success

35 Inspirational John Leguizamo Quotes On Success

John Leguizamo is an American actor, voice artist, stand-up comedian, film producer, playwright, and screenwriter. He came to prominence with a co-starring role in the action comedy Super Mario Bros as Luigi and a supporting role in the crime drama Carlito’s Way. Other notable roles include Sid the Sloth in the animated Ice Age films and the narrator of the sitcom The Brothers García. As of 2009, he has appeared in over 75 films, produced over 10 films, starred on Broadway in several productions (winning several awards), made over 12 television appearances, and has produced or starred in many other television shows. May his quotes inspire you to work hard so that you may live your dreams.

1. “I love independent films, it’s the only place as an actor you’re totally allowed to breath.” John Leguizamo

2. “My parents were incredibly strict, almost military style.” John Leguizamo

3. “I like drama. I love being in a drama where I get to be the funny guy. That’s what I really love the most.” John Leguizamo

4. “When you feel the world is against you or you give up hope, you look at your heroes and say, they were able to do it. They had hard times and a lot of opposition but they got through it. Then you feel, I can do it too.” John Leguizamo

5. “It takes time to understand yourself, to go inside yourself and to question. That’s self-expression.” John Leguizamo

6. “Great character is being able to create a character.” John Leguizamo

7. “Great character is being able to be yourself.” John Leguizamo

8. “I was working at KFC when my math teacher said, you’re failing in school, you’re messing up, why don’t you try this? I said, alright, let me try it, and I started going to acting classes and I loved it. I thought, I may not make it but I love doing it.” John Leguizamo

9. “I’m just more comfortable with people who are like me than the people who are not.” John Leguizamo

10. “I see the new Latin artist as a pioneer, opening up doors for others to follow.” John Leguizamo

11. “Self-expression to me is something that you worked on, that you have mastered a skill to say something in the most artful way that you can. It’s not just blurting stuff out.” John Leguizamo

12. “I run the gamut of being incredibly shy and withdrawn to being a crazy-eccentric exhibitionist. And I have always been like that.” John Leguizamo

13. “I love cartoons. So when they came to me to make Ice Age and this sequel, I was so happy.” John Leguizamo

14. “Teachers are everything.” John Leguizamo

15. “The thing I gravitated to was being the class clown. It was very competitive.” John Leguizamo

16. “I want electricity whenever I’m performing.” John Leguizamo

17. “I like drama. I love being ina drama where I get to be the funny guy. That’s what I really love the most.” John Leguizamo

18. “You grow up Latin in this country and you’re a third class citizen from the word go, and so you have to deal with everything around you from that point of view and trying to feel entitled.” John Leguizamo

19. “It’s all about respect.” John Leguizamo

20. “I was always writing.” John Leguizamo

21. “People must have thought I was going to be working in restaurants and driving cabs for the rest of my life.” John Leguizamo

22. “There are difficulties of being a Latin kid, a Latin man in the US.” John Leguizamo

23. “I don’t think it’s my responsibility but I definitely try to create my own projects that are Latin-based with a Latin crew and Latin cast.” John Leguizamo

24. “When you have a great opponent, you just know your game is going to jack up and it’s just going to raise the bar.” John Leguizamo

25. “Rehearsals make a huge difference.” John Leguizamo

26. “I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Then I became crazily obsessed with acting. I suddenly had a work ethic and then everything changed completely for the better because I knew what I wanted to do with my life.” John Leguizamo

27. “It was very exciting to find that my energy could be directed into something more useful and positive.” John Leguizamo

28. “Acting is kind of a calling for me so I’m just happy to be there and do great work.” John Leguizamo

29. “I think as you mature as an actor things open up to you in a lot of ways, especially if you do work on yourself.” John Leguizamo

30. “I love life man, and I embrace every minute of it so I bring that on the set. I love people and I want to have a good time.”

31. “I have a lot of heroes.” John Leguizamo

32. “That’s the happiest I am when I’m doing great work.” John Leguizamo

33. “I don’t think people give enough of a tribute to their mentors.” John Leguizamo

34. “With kids, the days are long but the years are short.” John Leguizamo

35. “I like helping people achieve their dreams just like people helped me.” John Leguizamo

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