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35 Inspirational Marshall McLuhan Quotes On Success

Last Updated Nov 2023

35 Inspirational Marshall McLuhan Quotes On Success

Herbert Marshall McLuha was a Canadian philosopher, whose work is among the cornerstones of the study of media theory. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, McLuhan studied at the University of Manitoba and the University of Cambridge. He began his teaching career as a professor of English at several universities in the US and Canada before moving to the University of Toronto in 1946, where he remained for the rest of his life. McLuhan coined the expression “the medium is the message” and the term global village, and predicted the World Wide Web almost 30 years before it was invented. He was a fixture in media discourse in the late 1960s, though his influence began to wane in the early 1970s. In the years following his death, he continued to be a controversial figure in academic circles. However, with the arrival of the Internet and the World Wide Web, interest would be renewed in his work and perspective. May these Marshall McLuhan Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” Marshall McLuhan

2. “We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror.” Marshall McLuhan

3. “Invention is the mother of necessities.” Marshall McLuhan

4. “The medium is the message.” Marshall McLuhan

5. “To educate means to produce immunity against a television.” Marshall McLuhan

6. “Language does for intelligence what the wheel does for the feet and the body. It enables them to move from thing to thing with greater ease and speed and ever less involvement.” Marshall McLuhan

7. “Everybody experiences far more than he understands. Yet it is experience, rather than understanding, that influences behavior.” Marshall McLuhan

8. “I don’t necessarily agree with everything I say.” Marshall McLuhan

9. “The future of work consists of learning a living.” Marshall McLuhan

10. “Don’t ask whether it is right or wrong. Instead try to find out what is going on.” Marshall McLuhan

11. “Many a good argument is ruined by some fool who knows what he is talking about.” Marshall McLuhan

12. “Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either.” Marshall McLuhan

13. “As technology advances, it reverses the characteristics of every situation again and again. The age of automation is going to be the age of ‘do it yourself.'” Marshall McLuhan

14. “The name of a man is a numbing blow from which he never recovers.” Marshall McLuhan

15. “There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.” Marshall McLuhan

16. “Art is anything you can get away with.” Marshall McLuhan

17. “Politics offers yesterday’s answers to today’s problems.” Marshall McLuhan

18. “Obsolescence never meant the end of anything, it’s just the beginning.” Marshall McLuhan

19. “The mother tongue is propaganda.” Marshall McLuhan

20. “I’ve always been careful never to predict anything that had not already happened.” Marshall McLuhan

21. “Diaper spelt backwards is repaid, think about it.” Marshall McLuhan

22. “Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication.” Marshall McLuhan

23. “I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t believed it.” Marshall McLuhan

24. “Once you see the boundaries of your environment, they are no longer the boundaries of your environment.” Marshall McLuhan

25. “The poet, the artist, the sleuth, whoever sharpens our perception tends to antisocial; rarely ‘well adjusted,’ he cannot go along with currents and trends.” Marshall McLuhan

26. “There is absolutely no inevitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening.” Marshall McLuhan

27. “Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today’s job with yesterday’s tools and yesterday’s concepts.” Marshall McLuhan

28. “A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.” Marshall McLuhan

29. “The new electronic independence re-creates the world in the image of a global village.” Marshall McLuhan

30. “Once we have surrendered our senses and nervous systems to the private manipulation of those who would try to benefit from taking a lease on our eyes and ears and nerves, we don’t really have any rights left. Leasing our eyes and ears and nerves to commercial interests is like handing over the common speech to a private corporation, or like giving the earth’s atmosphere to a company as a monopoly.” Marshall McLuhan

31. “Man works when he is partially involved. When he is totally involved he is at play or leisure.” Marshall McLuhan

32. “All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values.” Marshall McLuhan

33. “The spoken word was the first technology by which man was able to let go of his environment in order to grasp it in a new way.” Marshall McLuhan

34. “Most of our assumptions have outlived their uselessness.” Marshall McLuhan

35. “If it works it’s obsolete.” Marshall McLuhan

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