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35 Inspirational Queen Latifah Quotes On Success

Last Updated Sept 2023

35 Inspirational Queen Latifah Quotes On Success

Queen Latifah is an American rapper, songwriter, singer, actress, and producer. May her quotes inspire you to follow your own path and live the life of your dreams.

1. “Be bold. Be brave enough to be your true self.” Queen Latifah

2. “There is no profession more essential than that of an educator.” Queen Latifah

3. “I don’t want to be a supermodel; I want to be a role model.” Queen Latifah

4. “A confident woman is sexy in my opinion.” Queen Latifah

5. “You can’t let fear paralyze you. The worse that can happen is you fail but guess what: you get up and try again. Feel the pain, get over it, get up, dust yourself off and keep it moving.” Queen Latifah

6. “Every woman is a queen, and we all have different things to offer.” Queen Latifah

7. “I was taught from a young age that many people would treat me as a second-class citizen because I was African-American and because I was a female.” Queen Latifah

8. “Pursue your passions by diving in headfirst.” Queen Latifah

9. “There are a lot of people who helped make me who I am today.” Queen Latifah

10. “You have to stand for what you believe in and sometimes you have to stand alone.” Queen Latifah

11. “We’re capable of so much more than we allow ourselves to believe.” Queen Latifah

12. “I enjoy going to work and having a good time. It’s tough when you got to work with people who just are in a bad mood all the damn time.” Queen Latifah

13. I am me. I don’t have a choice.” Queen Latifah

14. “From the time I really accepted myself, everything got brighter. People were attracted to me for me.” Queen Latifah

15. “I had to grow to love my body. I did not have a good self-image at first. Finally, it occurred to me, I’m either going to love me or hate me, and I chose to love myself. Then everything kind of sprung from there. ” Queen Latifah

16. “I made decisions that I regret, and I took them as learning experiences. I’m human, not perfect, like anybody else.” Queen Latifah

17. “Life’s not about sitting at home in front of the TV waiting for your life to begin. Get out there and take some chances.” Queen Latifah

18. “Business is fun. Controlling your own destiny is fun.” Queen Latifah

19. “Anyone who knows me knows that I’m way more of a joker than I am a serious person.” Queen Latifah

20. “Sometimes you do have to bank on yourself. You do have to believe in your ideas enough to really get out there and fight for it despite what people think of some young kids from the hood.” Queen Latifah

21. “I decided early on that I was going to put on my crown and rule my world by acting right and treating myself like a queen.” Queen Latifah

22. “I enjoy just being me.” Queen Latifah

23. “I learned you really do have to make sure you enjoy life.” Queen Latifah

24. “It’s not always easy to do the right thing. But doing the right thing makes you strong, it builds character.” Queen Latifah

25. “When you invest in people and you watch the joy that you can bring to someone it makes what we do rewarding.” Queen Latifah

26. “Look at people for an example, but then make sure to do things your way.” Queen Latifah

27. “Surround yourself with positive people.” Queen Latifah

28. “If you try to follow everyone else’s mold, you’ll probably fail at some point because God created us uniquely for a reason” Queen Latifah

29. “It’s very important to give back as a youth.” Queen Latifah

30. “I love a challenge. Trying things that scare the hell out of me and pushing past that fear, doing it anyway – that gives me a thrill.” Queen Latifah

31. “Life is so much bigger, grander, higher, and wider than we allow ourselves to think.” Queen Latifah

32. “Always follow your own path.” Queen Latifah

33. Instinct leads me to another flow.” Queen Latifah

34. “Dreams become a reality when we put our minds to it.” Queen Latifah

35. “The reality is, I like imperfection. You take away from the world when you’re not yourself. Whatever is unique and special about you was designed by God. And when you try to be someone else, we don’t get you. Who knows what you would have contributed to the world had you just been yourself, if you had just celebrated who you are and just walked boldly?” Queen Latifah

My name is Asad Meah, I am the CEO & Founder of AwakenTheGreatnessWithin. I am a dreamchaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past five years through self-education. My mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by awakening their minds to their greatness that resides within them.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. April Mangum

    March 7, 2021 at 12:41 am

    Thank You Queen Latifah, great admirer of All Your Self, All Your Work,, Love Your Work, I am 69 year old white woman USA, Love Your Work, You Have Wonderful Grace & Sincerety, Admire You Deeply April Suzanne Mangum, Knoxville Tn

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