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35 Inspirational Quotes On Innovation

35 Inspirational Quotes On Innovation

Innovation is defined as the introduction of something new; a new idea or method. May these quotes inspire you to be an innovator so that you may live your dreams.

1. “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.” Steve Jobs

2. “For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, and debate.” Margaret Heffernan

3. “There’s a way to do it better – find it.” Thomas Edison

4. “Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box.” Deepak Chopra

5. “Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” Dr Albert, Szent- Györgyi,

6. “The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.” Bob Iger

7. “Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.” Elon Musk

8. “Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” Li Keqiang

9. “People innovate, not companies.” Seth Godin

10. “Innovation is change that unlocks value.” Jamie Notter

11. “Innovation: Imagine the future and fill in the gaps.” Bran Halligan

12. “Disruptive innovation creates jobs.” Clayton Christensen

13. “Innovation no longer remains a choice but has become an imperative.” Narendra Modi

14. “Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.” Tom Freston

15. “Great innovation only happens when people aren’t afraid to do things differently.” Georg Cantor 

16. “Innovation comes out of great human ingenuity and very personal passions.” Megan Smith

17. “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” Brene Brown

18. “Few ideas work on the first try, iteration is key to innovation.” Sebastian Thrun

19. “Individual curiosity, often working without practical ends in mind, has always been a driving force for innovation.” Frederick Seitz

20. “Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” William Pollard

21. “Build a culture of passionate innovation to keep your organisation young, fun and exciting.” Michael Kouly

22. “I think frugality drives innovation just like other constraints do. One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out.” Jeff Bezos

23. “There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach.” John S. Herrington

24. “Innovation is the ability to convert ideas into invoices.” Lewis M. Duncan

25. “Innovation comes about through combining disparate ideas and disciplines in ways that seem weird at first. Get comfortable with weird if you want real innovation to emerge.” Ben Weinlick

26. “Encourage innovation. Change is our lifeblood, stagnation our death knell.” David Ogilvy

27. “Innovation is not about saying yes to everything. It’s all about saying no to all but the most crucial features.” Steve Jobs

28. “Sometimes innovation is simple. Technology from one field is applied to another. Example: GPS Maps For Vaccination.” Bill Gates

29. “Innovation is the outcome of a habit, not a random act.” Sukant Ratnakar

30. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

31. “Innovation succeed by breaking the rules.” Anonymous

32. “When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for people telling you that you are nuts.” Larry Ellison

33. “Innovation is any change big or small that makes a difference.” Thoma Smith

34. “Innovation is the only way to win.” Steve Jobs

35. “Dreamers are mocked as impractical. The truth is they are the most practical, as their innovations lead to progress and a better way of life for all of us.” Robin Sharma 

My name is Asad Meah, I am the CEO & Founder of AwakenTheGreatnessWithin. I am a dreamchaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past five years through self-education. My mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by awakening their minds to their greatness that resides within them.

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