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35 Inspirational Saygin Yalcin Quotes On Success

Last Updated May 2023

Saygin Yalcin Quotes

Saygin Yalcin is a German entrepreneur and academic lecturer of Turkish origin, living in Dubai. His businesses are mainly in marketing and online merchandising. One of his jobs was marketing and sales for BMW in 2004. He also worked for Capgemini and L’Oreal. He first started his entrepreneurial career by founding a business in (Germany). Later he moved to the United Arab Emirates, where he founded After selling it to, he later established becoming its CEO. He is also well known in social media. He is a visiting instructor on entrepreneurship in Canadian University of Dubai. His YouTube channel produces the show Startup Hero where selected viewers pitch their idea to Yalcin and other investors for funding. May these Saygin Yalcin Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “Live as if you knew how long you have left.” Saygin Yalcin

2. “Never stop learning.” Saygin Yalcin

3. “The darker the journey, the more beautiful the light.” Saygin Yalcin

4. “If you can believe it, you can do it.” Saygin Yalcin

5. “Luck is nothing but a form of randomness.” Saygin Yalcin

6. “If you complain about the times you live in, your times are over.” Saygin Yalcin

7. “What’s the goal worth, if the journey wasn’t passionate?” Saygin Yalcin

8. “Then only thing in life you get gifted, is itself.” Saygin Yalcin

9. “What is enough was only half way through?” Saygin Yalcin

10. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Saygin Yalcin

11. “Life is life lego. You have to build it yourself.” Saygin Yalcin

12. “I love humans. Everyone knows something you don’t. Never underestimate anyone.” Saygin Yalcin

13. “No limits to the speed of mind.” Saygin Yalcin

14. “Life is live a movie. Wait till the end.” Saygin Yalcin

15. “Don’t Dream. Do.” Saygin Yalcin

16. “Focus on the next step, not the top.” Saygin Yalcin

17. Good things in life are expensive, the best things are free.” Saygin Yalcin

18. “No sunshine without shadows.” Saygin Yalcin

19. “The present moment is where two eternities meet.” Saygin Yalcin

20. “Sometimes silence makes most noise!” Saygin Yalcin

21. “There are two basic types of entrepreneurs. The one who digs out a raw diamond, and the other one, who makes it jewelry.” Saygin Yalcin

22. “Waiting can be used for thinking. Thinking can be used for doing.” Saygin Yalcin

23. “Laugh and appreciate every day.” Saygin Yalcin

24. “Who cares about the things you have almost done?” Saygin Yalcin

25. “Stay humble. There is always one step higher.” Saygin Yalcin

26. “Energy is truth.” Saygin Yalcin

27. “Don’t feed them. Show them, how to feed themselves. That’s charity.” Saygin Yalcin

28. “Nothing big is complicated.” Saygin Yalcin

29. “If you smile, someone else will too!” Saygin Yalcin

30. “Words are currency.” Saygin Yalcin

31. “Standing still is going backwards.” Saygin Yalcin

32. “Only people who like you will truly follow your vision. The way you transmit your message is as important as its content. Don’t ask to be followed. Earn it.” Saygin Yalcin

33. “Thinking works like a slingshot.” Saygin Yalcin

34. “Remember that person who changed your life?” Saygin Yalcin

35. “The biggest win is to overcome your own mind’s doubts and excuses.” Saygin Yalcin

I hope you enjoyed these Saygin Yalcin Quotes On Success. Do let us know which one was your favorite in the comments section below.

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