35 Inspirational Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Quotes On Success

35 Inspirational Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Quotes On Success

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is an Indian spiritual leader. He is frequently referred to simply as “Sri Sri” (honorific) or as Guruji or Gurudev. He is a spiritual leader and founder of the Art of Living Foundation created in 1981, which aims to relieve individual stress, societal problems, and violence. In 1997, he established a Geneva-based charity, the International Association for Human Values, an NGO that engages in relief work and rural development and aims to foster shared global values. For his service, he has received some of the highest awards of several countries including India, Peru, Colombia, and Paraguay. In January 2016, he was awarded the “Padma Vibhushan” by the Government of India. May his quotes inspire you to be happy now and live the life of your dreams.

1. “Don’t think of anything as difficult. Know that we have an even greater power within and according to that we get tasks to do.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

2. “Do everything happily. Walk, talk, sit happily; even if you complain against somebody, do it happily.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

3. “There is nothing to worry about. There will be tough times, nice times, good times and bad times. They all come in life and go. Nothing stays.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

4. Faith is the subject of the head. Devotion is the subject of the heart and meditation connect both.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

5. “If you want to make sense it has to come from silence.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

6. “Forgive yourself and forgive others; Don’t chew on other’s mistakes or your own mistakes.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

7. “Welcome each day with a genuine smile from within.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

8. “Grace has the ability to change anything at any time.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

9. “Don’t fall in love, rise in love.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

10. “Turn your demand into gratefulness. The more grateful you are, more love comes your way.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

11. “Never label yourself. Learn from the past and move on. Feelings come and go. They are never stationary. Neither blamer others nor yourself.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

12. Blessings are already there.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

13. “Faith is realizing that you always get what you need.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

14. “Life gives you both positive and negative. Focus on the good and move ahead with commitment.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

15. “Every moment you spend on this planet, remember that you are here for a unique purpose and cause, far greater than to just eat, sleep, and talk.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

16. “If it appears as though you are failing, that failure is only to get you towards higher success. This is for sure.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

17. “Just be in the simple and innocent state of I don’t know.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

18. Joy is never tomorrow; it is always now.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

19. “Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind, I tell you. In fact, others seem to be bothering you but it is not others, it is your own mind.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

20. “Don’t postpone your happiness until some perfect future date. Be happy now, tomorrow will take care of itself.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

21. “The best form of service is to uplift someone’s state of mind.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

22. “Yoga is not just doing some exercise, it is much more. It is to expand your awareness, sharpen your intellect and enhance your intuitive ability.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

23. “Just complaining without looking for a solution is irresponsibility.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

24. “Commitment is about stretching your capabilities. It can take you across all obstacles.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

25. “A leader desires nothing from you except your well-being and progress on the path.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

26. “When you wish good for others, good things come back to you. This is the law of nature.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

27. “Life will always move in the direction of the best.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

28. “Perfect balance is like a razor’s edge, it can be found only in the self.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

29. “The power of spiritual knowledge gives you centeredness, which brings out passion in work and dispassion in meditation.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

30. “If you can win over your mind, you can win over the whole world.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

31. “Make your smile cheaper and anger expensive.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

32. “If you are a taker of happiness you get misery, if you are a give of happiness you get joy and love.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

33. “Just become totally content and happy from within. Then you will get all that you want.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

34. “You have to find balance between your work and service. To make a living you work, and for satisfaction you do service.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

35. “Recognize and honor your uniqueness.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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