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35 Inspirational Victoria Justice Quotes On Success

35 Inspirational Victoria Justice Quotes On Success

Victoria Dawn Justice is an American actress, singer, and philanthropist. She rose to fame on Nickelodeon in the 2000s, starring as Lola Martinez on Zoey 101 (2005–2008) and later as Tori Vega on Victorious (2010–2013). Justice has also appeared in the films The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (2010), Fun Size (2012), The First Time (2012) and Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List (2015).[1] In 2015, she starred in the lead role as Lindy Sampson on the MTV television series Eye Candy. In music, Justice has recorded several songs for the soundtracks of her acting projects, including Victorious and the Nickelodeon musical Spectacular!. May these Victoria Justice Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “When you know what you’re passionate about and what you want to do, just go for it and own it.” Victoria Justice

2. “Power to me is having the ability to make a change in a positive way.” Victoria Justice

3. “At a young age, I had to give up a lot of things, like being able to hang out with my friends.” Victoria Justice

4. “As far back as I can remember though, I always loved performing.” Victoria Justice

5. “Never let anyone take away your dream.” Victoria Justice

6. “My number one thing was that if I ever did get successful enough to make it, I wanted to be able to give back to my family.” Victoria Justice

7. Educate yourself: Read up on current events and books.” Victoria Justice

8. “My day-to-day look is inspired by comfort, color and just how I’m feeling that day.” Victoria Justice

9. “I love fashion and there is no easier way to express yourself than through the clothes you wear.” Victoria Justice

10. “If you love something, you have to stay really focused and can’t let outside things distract you.” Victoria Justice

11. “In a lot of ways, I wasn’t a normal teenager.” Victoria Justice

12. “If you’re going through friendship issues, I would say, first of all take a step back. How important is the friendship to you? Sometimes, if someone’s not being a good friend to you and isn’t treating you the way you should be treated, then you kind of have to move on sometimes.” Victoria Justice

13. “If you’re smart and you care about life, you’ll take driving seriously.” Victoria Justice

14. “Going to a concert is so overwhelming and the energy is amazing.” Victoria Justice

15. “You have to be really careful with what you put out on social media and who you’re talking to online.” Victoria Justice

16. “I don’t take myself too seriously.” Victoria Justice

17. “You know when you have a good relationship with someone when you are just perfectly happy to be quiet and just hang out and do nothing.” Victoria Justice

18. “I like being active and riding a bike around my neighbourhood and exercising when I can.” Victoria Justice

19. “I would love to work with Cameron Crowe; he’s definitely one of my favorite directors.” Victoria Justice

20. “I could work 24 hours and I wouldn’t complain once because I’m happiest when I’m working.” Victoria Justice

21. “When I go to a concert, I can’t help but feel happy and everything else just goes away. I hope everyone feels that way at my concerts.” Victoria Justice

22. “I think talent makes me really attracted to someone more than anything.” Victoria Justice

23. “What really matters is what’s on the inside.” Victoria Justice

24. “Everyone wants me to be perfect, but I am so far from perfect!” Victoria Justice

25. “Just because something is on trend, it might not work for you.” Victoria Justice

26. “Someone once told me that something they really liked about me was that they thought that I was really down to earth and not high-maintenance. I think that was cool. It’s important to stay grounded.” Victoria Justice

27. “It’s nice to just embrace the natural beauty within you.” Victoria Justice

28. “I want to work with producers who are unique and have a different sound.” Victoria Justice

29. “I’m all about the supplements. I take fish oil every single day, as well as vitamin D, magnesium, B complex, vitamin C.” Victoria Justice

30. “I was almost 8 years old when I was watching a kid on a TV commercial, and I told my mom that I wanted to do the same thing. She said that I would need to get an agent and that she would research it.” Victoria Justice

31. “I think we’re all just doing our own thing and finding our own paths and I think we just work really hard. I don’t personally know some of the Disney girls as well as I know some of the Nickelodeon girls, but I have run into them and talked to them and they’re all really cool and I respect them and what they do and I’m just trying to do my own thing.” Victoria Justice

32. “Being a teen can be tough. Just try to surround yourself with really good friends that really have your back, and also be a really good friend to those who really care about you. If you’re not sure about certain things, talk to your friends that you trust and your family.” Victoria Justice

33. “I admire people like Kristen Wiig, who is hilarious but also does a lot of really cool films. I would love to have a career like hers.” Victoria Justice

34. “I can’t worry about what people are going to think of me and if they’re going to like me more than other people. You just have to be present and live in the moment and if it works out, then awesome and I wish everyone who is trying to do the same thing, genuinely the best of luck.” Victoria Justice

35. “Focus on something that you have a passion for and hone that skill; it will make you feel confident about your ability.” Victoria Justice

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