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35 Pikachu Quotes On Success

35 Pikachu Quotes On Success

Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation. They are yellow rodent-like creatures with powerful electrical abilities. May these Pikachu Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “My problem is that I push people away and I hate them for leaving.” Pikachu

2. “You feel it. When you really believe in something despite everyone telling you you’re wrong.” Pikachu

3. “There’s magic, it brought us together. And that magic is called hope.” Pikachu

4. “I can’t help it, I hurt the people who need me. That’s who I am.” Pikachu

5. “I’m aware that you won’t be able to understand my words but still I’m warning you to put the stapler down or else I will hurt you by electric shock.” Pikachu

6. “Amazing! You perceived what I actually meant!” Pikachu

7. “He feigned that he is dead. Or some other person pretended his death. Or harry feigned someone else’s death.” Pikachu

8. “Looking for the appropriate detective. I am your best chance to find out your pops.” Pikachu

9. “Wait I am bewildered. Besides my voice, are you hearing other sounds?” Pikachu

10. “Apologize for not hearing you. Can you speak loudly? For the first time, I am gratified and disguised at the same time. A lampshade, is that what exactly I am?” Pikachu

11. “I truly wanted to discuss terror and war and say both sides were totally inefficient. You can’t criticize the other side when you include it.” Pikachu

12. “You’re adorable! They can’t understand me, kid.” Pikachu

13. “I’m in serious trouble. I need you to listen.” Pikachu

14. “Tim, you are a hallucination.” Pikachu

15. “Smile, you never know who’s watching.” Pikachu

16. “Catch me if you can.” Pikachu

17. “I’m sorry if I can be too much naughty at times. I never wanna see you sad.” Pikachu

18. “You know, mixed up with the wrong crowd, that kind of thing. Happens to the best of us. The debts pile up, the walls close in. Right becomes wrong, wrong becomes wrong.” Pikachu

19. “Can’t help anyone. As I have amnesia. I can’t remember a darn thing.” Pikachu

20. “You can hear me, right?” Pikachu

21. “We’re gonna do this. You and me.” Pikachu

22. “It’s magic that brought us together. And that magic is called hope.” Pikachu

23. “I may not have memories, but I have true gut feelings.” Pikachu

24. “I’m sorry, can you speak up? I can’t hear you. I’ve never been so flattered and creeped out at the same time.” Pikachu

25. “This is no time for your stupid headache. No, wait, wait. This is the perfect time to get a headache.” Pikachu

26. “Maybe this doctor could weigh in on the long term psychological effects of being strapped into a baby seat, next to a bomb.” Pikachu

27. “They try to talk to me all the time. All they hear is ‘pika pika, sign of joy.” Pikachu

28. “In my head, I have seen differently.” Pikachu

29. “When people are watching, I forgot to use my powers.” Pikachu

30. “I can shove it. Now I’m switching my role from good to bad cop.” Pikachu

31. “My hard work get me clues.” Pikachu

32. “How can you not believe in climate change? It’s nature.” Pikachu

33. “I can feel my jellys. It’s that thing. You know, you feel it. When you really believe in something despite everyone telling you you’re wrong.” Pikachu

34. “Look, I’m a great detective, but I can’t solve my own mystery if I have no memory.” Pikachu

35. “Whoa, did you just understand me? Oh my God!” Pikachu

I hope you enjoyed these Pikachu Quotes on Success. Do let us know which one was your favorite in the comments section below.

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