35 Super Affirmations That Will Transform Your Life

35 Super Affirmations That Will Transform Your Life

Affirmations are a great way for you to reprogram your mind and visualize the life of your dreams. Affirming helps strengthen the beliefs that you hold within you whether they be positive or negative, so start to use positive affirmations so that you can reprogram your mind to believe in yourself to a greater degree. Remember thoughts, feeling, and actions. Positive affirmations lead to positive feelings, which lead to positive actions, which will lead to a positive life. Repeat these super affirmations to yourself daily and you will see a positive change in your mindset, your actions, and your life.

1. I am super healthy

2. I am super wealthy

3. I am super rich

4. I am super abundant

5. I am super confident

6. I am super charismatic

7. I am super lucky

8. I am super optimistic

9. I am super giving

10. I am super loving

11. I am super caring

12. I am super compassionate

13. I am a super genius

14. I am super generous

15. I am super forgiving

16. I am super happy

17. I am super joyous

18. I am super awakened

19. I am super calm

20. I am super positive

21. I am super detached from materialism

22. I am super courageous

23. I am super focused on my own life

24. I am super smart

25. I am super attractive

26. I am super awesome

27. I am super productive

28. I am super grateful

29. I am super gifted

30. I am super blessed

31. I am super talented

32. I am super driven

33. I am super ambitious

34. I am super prosperous

35. I am super kind

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  1. Thank you! Reading these allowed me to breathe deeper, feel a calming sense of peace, and allowed my wings to stretch with proper posture. It has been sometime since i felt this way. THank you


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