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4 Ways You Can Find A Meaningful Purpose In Life!



4 Ways You Can Find A Meaningful Purpose In Life!

Your purpose in life is important. It is said that the two most important moments of your lives are the time you were born and the second when you realize why. Being aimless, directionless in life is awful as you aren’t just born to pay bills and die. There is a greater purpose to your existence. 

If you are directionless, worry not as many like you are in the same boat. People might tell you this and that but the purpose is not a career or a particular form of education. It is aligning oneself with the universe and undertaking a journey.

Remember that you have the power to transform the fate of the world. No matter how small or significant that impact is but know that you contributed while you lived and breathed on this planet. Let’s quickly jump into some of the ways you can find your purpose in life.

Step Outside Your Bubble

It is the bubble or the comfort zone we all live in when everything is under control and you know the ins and outs of everything. There is no risk or new things to try out. It is when someone calls you skinny whilst others in your group are all well-built and ofmuscular physique.

Why does it hurt to hear such a thing? It is because in your bubble everything is perfect. You don’t like anyone disrupting the idea of your perfect little world. So you take it personally, perhaps feel ashamed about yourself for the way you are i.e. skinny. Hence unshackle yourself from the chains and step out!

What Happens When You Step Out Of The Bubble?

Remember this, that when someone says or does something to you, it is a reflection of their reality, pain, confusion, or unfulfilled desires. It’s not YOU. So grow past your self-centered approach. As a result, you will realize that personal desires are temporary and so is vanity.

These things are pretty trivial in the long run. When you know that there is more to life, you stand up and welcome discomfort. Why should you shy away from facing challenging situations? Remember that fear is basically, False Evidence Appearing as Real.

Instead, we should keep challenging ourselves rather than resorting to our mundane life routine, and this happens only when you step outside your comfort zone. In other words, life will take its course once you set your goal. In this entire journey, patience will be your biggest strength.

Now That You Have Stepped Out Successfully, What Next?

You will begin to develop a grand perspective of the world. You start to feel for human suffering, learn new skills, focus on your life goalsstart valuing your relationships and thank the God for this wonderful life.

Ultimately, you start living in the present moment and take inspiration from life to pursue your goals. The morale of the story is:

Forget the past and stop worrying about the future. You are what you feel today.

Getting Out Of The Bubble

We have highlighted the benefits you will reap once you have made the ascent, but how do you achieve that in the first place. Whenever you feel angry, irritated, fearful, frustrated, anxious, hurt, and just wishing people were different; it’s the signal to snap out of the bubble.

Secondly, empathize with people. Expand both your mind and heart. Once you start seeing the bigger picture, it becomes easier to engage with the people. You will realize that what you call “problems” are petty, in comparison to what others are going through.

Last Thoughts…

Lastly, you should wish well for people in general. Find means of how you can be of help. It will instil gratitude in you for what you have, the position you have been blessed with, and that you can be of service to humanity. Repeat this practice multiple times in a day or over time and that purpose of yours will begin to manifest itself.


Catherine Daisy is a student of Human Psychology and a Blogger. She is hooked on blogging and spends most of her free time on this platform to educate the people. You can also contact her for assignment help at

Fortune favours the brave
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