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40 Inspirational Neville Goddard Quotes On Success

Last Updated May 2023

40 Inspirational Neville Goddard Quotes On Success

Neville Goddard was a spiritual philosopher and mystic born to an English family in Barbados in 1905. May his quotes inspire you to imagine yourself a success and take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “To be conscious of being poor while praying for riches is to be rewarded with that which you are conscious of being, namely, poverty. Prayers to be successful must be claimed and appropriated. Assume the positive consciousness of the thing desired.” Neville Goddard

2. “Each person is born with an infinite power, against which no earthly force is of the slightest significance.” Neville Goddard

3. “The depth of your own being has ways and means that you, the conscious surface being, know not of. It knows exactly how to do it. Don’t ask how it’s going to be done. Catch the mood of the wish fulfilled. What would the feeling be like if it were true? ” Neville Goddard

4. “Simply dare to assume you are what you want to be and you will compel everyone to play their part.” Neville Goddard

5. “If you will assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact.” Neville Goddard

6. “If you judge after appearances, you will continue to be enslaved by the evidence of your senses. ” Neville Goddard

7. “Don’t condemn yourself for the state into which you have fallen. If you don’t like it, move into another.” Neville Goddard

8. “Truth depends upon the intensity of imagination, not upon facts.” Neville Goddard

9. “For life makes no mistakes and always gives man that which man first gives himself.” Neville Goddard

10. “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, and then you believe it to be true. Every dream could be realized by those self-disciplined enough to believe it.” Neville Goddard

11. “Sleep conceals the creative act while the objective world reveals it. In sleep, man impresses the subconscious with his conception of himself.” Neville Goddard

12. “Always go to the end. Dwell in the end and you will hurt no one.” Neville Goddard

13. “Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.” Neville Goddard

14. “Love is our birthright. Do not go seeking for that which you are.” Neville Goddard

15. “Capture the feeling associated with your realized wish by assuming the feeling that would be yours were you already in possession of the thing you desire, and your wish will objectify itself.” Neville Goddard

16. “I am is a feeling of permanent awareness.” Neville Goddard

17. “You will find that you are not a victim of fate but a victim of faith (your own).” Neville Goddard

18. “The world is a mirror, forever reflecting what you are doing, within yourself.” Neville Goddard

19. “Predetermine what you want to hear and listen until you hear it.” Neville Goddard

20. “Do not waste one moment in regret, for to think feelingly of the mistakes of the past is to re-infect yourself.” Neville Goddard

21. “To one’s imagination all things are possible.” Neville Goddard

22. “You rise to a higher level of consciousness by taking your attention away from your present limitations and placing it upon that which you desire to be.” Neville Goddard

23. “Become aware of what you are thinking and you will recognize a law between your mood and your surrounding circumstances.” Neville Goddard

24. “The signs always follow. They never precede.” Neville Goddard

25. “It is not what you want that you attract, you attract what you believe to be true.” Neville Goddard

26. “The law operates by faith. If you believe, no effort is necessary to see the fulfillment of your every desire.” Neville Goddard

27. “he inwardly acts it over and over again until it takes on the tones of reality.” Neville Goddard

28. “Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows.” Neville Goddard

29. “Believe your prayers are already realized.” Neville Goddard

30. “You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it.” Neville Goddard

31. “Feeling is the secret.” Neville Goddard

32. “Assume wealth knowingly.” Neville Goddard

33. “Begin with self.” Neville Goddard

34. “Dream better than the best you know.” Neville Goddard

35. “It is necessary to have an aim in life. Without an aim we drift.” Neville Goddard

36. “Man moves in a world that is nothing more or less than his consciousness objectified.” Neville Goddard

37. “Be careful of your moods and feelings, for there is an unbroken connection between your feelings and your visible world.” Neville Goddard

38. “The world is yourself pushed out.” Neville Goddard

39. “Determined imagination, thinking from the end is the beginning of all miracles.” Neville Goddard

40. “Believe that you are what you want to be.” Neville Goddard

My name is Asad Meah, I am the CEO & Founder of AwakenTheGreatnessWithin. I am a dreamchaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past five years through self-education. My mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by awakening their minds to their greatness that resides within them.

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4 years ago

Thanks, Asad. I truly believe that Neville Goddard was the best Law of Attraction teacher out there. I myself have used his imagination techniques for many years with success. I even started a website archive about him.

4 years ago

Great that I have found this website. Thank you for sharing!

4 years ago

Thank u. Its superb

2 years ago

Loved this article Asad.

I didn’t realize I was using Neville’s teaching until about 3 years ago.

When I read his book “Feeling is the Secret” I was shocked to know I had figured out some of his techniques on my own!

His work allowed me to refine those techniques to create the life I dreamed of and imagined.

2 years ago

loved the blog thanks for sharing

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