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40 Inspirational Sadhguru Quotes On Success

40 Inspirational Sadhguru Quotes On Success

Sadhguru is an Indian yogi, mystic, and writer. He founded the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization which offers Yoga programs around the world. He is also involved in social outreach, education, and environmental initiatives. His books have appeared in The New York Times Best Seller list in multiple categories like ‘Health’, ‘Religion, Spirituality, and Faith’, and ‘Advice, How-To & Miscellaneous’. He believes that there is an inner technology through the way of yoga, with which people can find well-being and enjoyment inside themselves. Sadhguru was conferred the Padma Vibhushan civilian award by the Government of India in 2017 in recognition of his contribution to the field of spiritualism. May his quotes inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “If you resist change, you resist life.” Sadhguru

2. “The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life.” Sadhguru

3. “The fear is simply because you are not living with life, you are living in your mind.” Sadhguru

4. “Too many people are hungry not because there is dearth of food. It is because there is dearth of love and care in human hearts.” Sadhguru

5. “The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it.” Sadhguru

6. “To be human means you can mold situations you are living in the way you want them.” Sadhguru

7. “When pain, misery, or anger happen, it is time to look within you, not around you.” Sadhguru

8. “If you want to become life sensitive, a simple process that you do is this: make whatever you think and whatever you feel less important. Try and see for one day. Suddenly you will feel the breeze, the rain, the flowers and the people, everything in a completely different way. Suddenly the life in you becomes much more active and alive for your experience.” Sadhguru

9. “People have fallen in love with words and lost the world. It’s time to regain it.” Sadhguru

10. “The quality of your life depends on how well you manage your body, your mind, your emotion, your situations, your home, your communities, nations, your life in general and the world.” Sadhguru

11. “Love is your quality. Love is not what you do. Love is what you are.” Sadhguru

12. “Mind is not in any one place. Every cell in this body has its own intelligence. The brain is sitting in your head, but mind is all over the place.” Sadhguru

13. “Nothing has ever been out of place in this existence. Things have been out of place in human societies.” Sadhguru

14. “Every moment there are a million miracles happening around you: a flower blossoming, a bird tweeting, a bee humming, a raindrop falling, a snowflake wafting along the clear evening air. There’s magic everywhere. If you learn how to live it, life is nothing short of a daily miracle.” Sadhguru

15. “Learning to listen is the essence of intelligent living.” Sadhguru

16. “There is so much adventure that only a youth can experience. Youth is not the time to languish in pleasure – youth is the time for exploration and adventure.” Sadhguru

17. “The more you try to be special, the more you get hurt. Just be, just melt and become part of the wind around you, the earth around you, become a part of everything. You’re here only for a while. At least when you’re in a place like this, where nobody is going to trample on you, let your defenses down.” Sadhguru

18. “People who have failed in their lives, they are suffering their failure. People who have succeeded in their life, they are suffering their success.” Sadhguru

19. “Confidence and stupidity are a very dangerous combination, but they generally go together.” Sadhguru

20. “If you think you are big, you become small. If you know you are nothing, you become unlimited. That’s the beauty of being a human being.” Sadhguru

21. “It is our compulsive reaction to the situations in which we are placed that causes stress.” Sadhguru

22. “When you have that, you dream of this and when you have this, you dream of that. Maybe you call it romantic, but it’s just plain stupidity. It destroys life.” Sadhguru

23. “To rise above the modifications of your mind, when you cease your mind, when you cease to be a part of your mind, that is yoga.” Sadhguru

24. “If your body goes in search of a relationship, we call this sexuality. If your mind goes in search of relationships, we call this companionship. If your emotion goes in search of relationships, we call this love. If your energies go in search of relationship, we call this yoga.” Sadhguru

25. “Unless you do the right things, the right things will not happen to you.” Sadhguru

26. “The whole effort of the spiritual process is to break the boundaries you have drawn for yourself and experience the immensity that you are. The aim is to unshackle yourself from the limited identity you have forged, as a result of your own ignorance, and live the way the Creator made you—utterly blissful and infinitely responsible.” Sadhguru

27. “If you tell yourself you don’t want to think a certain thought, that is precisely the first thing your mind will produce! That is the nature of the human mind.” Sadhguru

28. “Right now, you don’t have the necessary faculties to know anything which is beyond the physical. If you recognize this, if you understand this, if you accept this absolutely, only then the other dimension opens up.” Sadhguru

29. “There is only life, life, and life alone, moving from one dimension to another, another dimension to another.” Sadhguru

30. “Money is definitely needed, but how much money do we really need? If we would change our idea of a successful life to a joyful life, we would find our need for money would dramatically decrease.” Sadhguru

31. “Unless you begin to see the hollowness of where you are right now, you will not begin to seek something else strongly.” Sadhguru

32. “The only thing that stands between you and your well-being is a simple fact: you have allowed your thoughts and emotions to take instruction from the outside rather than the inside.” Sadhguru

33. “Our lives become beautiful not because of what we do, our lives become beautiful simply because we have included everybody around us as a part of our dream of well-being.” Sadhguru

34. “A human is not a being; he is a becoming. He is an ongoing process – a possibility. For this possibility to be made use of there is a whole system of understanding the mechanics of how this life functions and what we can do with it, which we refer to as yoga.” Sadhguru

35. “If you are alone and getting bored then you are obviously in bad company.” Sadhguru

36. “In the vastness of the cosmos, everything is going perfect, but one nasty little thought in your mind can make it a bad day. That is lack of perspective.” Sadhguru

37. “Frustration, discouragement, and depression mean that you are working against yourself.” Sadhguru

38. “No work is stressful. It is your inability to manage your body, mind, and emotions that make it stressful.” Sadhguru

39. “The mind is a powerful instrument. Every thought, every emotion that you create changes the very chemistry of your body.” Sadhguru

40. “Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen.” Sadhguru 

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