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5 Essential Lessons Adults Can Learn from Children

5 Essential Lessons Adults Can Learn from Children

All children are different and yet, they share one common characteristic – a zest for life. It is no wonder that Peter Pan refused to grow up. By growing up, we lose many of the traits a child possesses and, in the world of adults, all of us are forced to change.

Very often, we find ourselves going down memory lane to those wonderful moments when we were children. While you need to adapt to adulthood to be able to live a full life, it is never a bad idea to learn from children. Every person needs to awaken the child within them if they wish to be happy. When you turn every day as an opportunity to live, know and be happy, you will finally have done this.

How do you go back to your childhood? Here are the five most essential lessons you can learn from children.

1. Never Be Sad for Too Long

Have you noticed how children become sad when something bad happens, but quickly forget it and return back to their happy-self? When something doesn’t go the way the child wants it to go, you will be witnessing a tantrum, a pouting session, or even crying. But quickly after, it will be as if nothing has happened.

Wouldn’t it be great if we can go through life sharing this trait with children? When you fail in something and feel down, commit to behaving like a child. Dust yourself off, jump back up, and find happiness in something else. Look around you and find something that interests you – this seems to be what children do in such situations.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

Being afraid to do something is often the reason for our failures. Children look at risk differently. Instead of focusing on the risks and the failures that might arise from an action, they try things and learn something new on daily basis.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you weren’t afraid to try out new things? Take the advice of children – if the outcome looks stronger than the risks, isn’t it better to take the risk? After all, it is better to regret your doings than to regret that you haven’t even tried.

There’s no better way to learn something than by trying something new. Children learn new things every day – that is how they grow up to be adults. But, once we reach adulthood, we stop taking risks and only go for things that seem safe. This limits us from seeing and experiencing wonderful things, and prevents us from learning something new.

3. Have Fun

The greatest thing you can learn from a child is to have fun! We know that this is hard in this tough world and with the many obligations you have, but if you learn to leave behind your worries and fears for at least a moment and have fun, you’ll see the beauty children see every single day.

4. Get Your Sense of Curiosity Back

Children are curious, but that does not mean that you are not. Adults seem to lose or hide their sense of curiosity, which prevents them from using every moment for something great.

Whenever you feel curious about something, remember to behave like a child. Learn new things, take risks, visit new places, and simply take advantage of your time.

5. Say Your Mind

Adults often find themselves in situations where children are dangerously honest with other people. It can often make people uncomfortable, but honesty doesn’t equal being rude. The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn from a child that is honest. By not allowing ourselves to speak freely, we tend to keep things inside and stress over the least important details.

There are many situations where you would want to just keep your thoughts to yourself. In some cases, that’s the right thing to do. But in others, the fear of being judged or rejected is preventing you from expressing yourself. At times, the most refreshing thing you can do is express yourself sincerely like children do. Even if it is about something the other person doesn’t really want to hear.

This especially applies to feelings. Children love to express their feelings. If they like something, you will know. If they don’t, you will know it again. And since you are the person having similar feelings, why would you struggle with expressing them?

Stop feeling the need to hide your feelings to avoid conflict or not offend others. Try to say what’s on your mind wherever possible and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Children don’t really have a filter of knowing what is rude and what is just honest, but you do. For the things that make you honest, act like a child and speak your mind.

According to Paulo Coelho, ”A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.” Don’t be afraid to listen to his advice.

The child you were still exists somewhere inside of you, and all it takes is a little push to help you achieve greatness.

With the mind and experience of an adult and the freedom of a child, you can achieve everything!

Cathy Baylis is a freelance content writer for and EssayWritingLab specializing in personal growth, career development, and education. In her free time, she offers free academic help as a part of the MyAssignmentWriting team. She loves sharing her interests with readers, and she has something to say, for sure.



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How To Achieve Success?



How To Achieve Success?

How To Achieve Success?

Success can be defined in many ways; it can be happiness for one person and wealth for another. It can be peace for one and respect for another. Everyone can define success in their own way, but in general, it is a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. 

Throughout life, we have a hunger to achieve greatness. The more we achieve the better life becomes. There are plenty of opportunities in this world. If you have a dream to succeed and achieve something special in this life, you need to put in the work, because without action, nothing is possible. The majority of people only dream to succeed, while a small minority work hard to achieve their dreams. To attain success, you need to sacrifice many things, this is how the successful people in this world achieved their greatness.

We need to understand how to achieve success. To do this, we need to break down what success means. The best way to do this is by understanding and analyzing successful people. Successful people in this world emulated and followed the footsteps of other successful people. For example, there is a pattern with successful people. Many successful people wake up early. They spend their time wisely throughout the day, reading and gaining knowledge. This is key to success, while keeping a good balance in life is also vital in achieving success. 

Quotes On Success

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” Steve Jobs

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” Bruce Lee

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” Jim Rohn

5 Great Pointers On Achieving Success 

Follow Your Passion

Success does not come overnight, it takes a lot of hard work and passion to reach the desired goal and dream. It requires strong dedication, hard work, constant improvement, and sometimes luck. If you are not doing what you love, then you are bound to give up and fail. Only those who have a great passion for something they love, will continue, and strive hard to move on and achieve greatness. It should be something you are willing to sacrifice and dedicate your life to. Every day, every week, and every hour of the day should be dedicated to achieving your goals and dreams. 

Find The Correct Balance

Life is all about finding the right balance. When you find the right balance, only then will you see success around you and within you. Balance your time, spend time with your family and friends. Allocate time to achieving your goals and targets. Look after your health, exercise, and eat well. Life is all about finding a balance. Do not sacrifice one thing for another. It is important to find the right balance in life.  

Establish A Routine

Routines are vital when you are trying to succeed. We are taught from a young age the importance of keeping a good routine in life because without a routine you will be a mess and it will become harder for you to do well in achieving your goals and targets. For example, people who have a job, working for a company, these companies have strict routines in place. The reason for this is so that the company performs well and becomes more successful. Even in our daily lives, without routine we will be all over the place. It is proven that a person who has no routine in life, is a person who is very lazy, a time waster and someone who has no goals and ambition in life. Therefore, we should strive to have good routines in our life, as this will lead us to have a better life. 

Learn From Your Mistakes

Successful people have failed many times. It is inevitable unless you are an extremely lucky person, where everything works out for you. But, when starting off, the first few steps are the hardest. Many people who have achieved great things have failed on many occasions. There are many obstacles in front of you that blocks you from reaching the next stage of success. For example, there are many entrepreneurs who have failed in many businesses, until that one business that has made them successful. Without failures and mistakes, we as humans will never learn, therefore make as many mistakes as you can, as these mistakes will lead you to gain more experience and knowledge in achieving your goals and dreams. 

Find Support And Resources

Find yourself a mentor, you need someone who can point you in the right direction to achieve greatness. With the correct help and support, you can achieve even better than you would do by yourself. If a mentor is not available, try reaching out to others in your field. Find people who have already achieved what you plan to achieve, and try and get as much information from them as possible so that you can reach that level of success one day. Networking is important to become successful and bigger in what you are trying to accomplish. Reaching out to people will allow you to grow further. It will allow you to find out information that you did not even know you needed. Therefore, speaking out and finding the right support and resources will push you to the next level. 


To summarize, to achieve success, you must be wise and bold. A person who does not try and is lazy in life will go nowhere. You cannot just dream and expect everything to fall perfectly in front of you. You must work hard to get results. We should analyze those who have achieved greatness, by following in their footsteps. Only then can we crawl, walk, and then achieve our own success. Remember, success does not come overnight, it begins with baby steps, and when you are established, you will see the greatest successes. 

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How I Eat For Free Using Instagram



How I Eat For Free Using Instagram

To start eating for free, you need to have a popular Instagram account that will grab the attention of the restaurants you plan to reach out to.

Having an account that is well put together and the pictures being posted on Instagram posts being of high quality, and building visual interest is very important.

When reaching out to the restaurants, it’s important that you share how your influence and connection with your followers can benefit the restaurant and the food that they are preparing.

A restaurant in Melbourne said that after it was shared on the restaurant gained popularity and it’s income greatly increased following the Instagram post.

Reaching out to restaurants is also ideal for eating for free anywhere you want to go. After getting an invitation to eat at restaurants it is extremely important to reach out after and thank the person or people who made it possible.

This is a way to show the people you are dealing with that they know you are serious and will reach out again in the future because of it. Building a relationship after initially getting an invitation to eat at a place is ideal for making yourself known and making more connections with the people and friends that they work with.

Part of the deal you make with the restaurants is that you’ll post jaw-dropping images or videos of their foods, ones that will grab the attention of followers who can potentially visit their restaurant to get a bite to eat. This is exactly what I do – Sean Kelly of @delicious on Instagram.

I share this content which helps bring exposure of restaurants to my followers and allows me to eat for free on a consistent basis. When I eat at all these different restaurants, neighboring restaurants see the business increase and they want the same.

Not only do I benefit the business that I am helping, but I am also promoting my services – showing other businesses that I can perform in the social media world.

A large part of becoming a successful influencer is being able to prove yourself. If you promise a business that you’ll bring in ‘X’ amount of business from your account, you should live up to it or go over that amount.

Being able to show other client’s proof that you will live up to your business quota or bring in more, in the end that will bring in even more clients for them and gain more people for you to work with.

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Same Game, New Look – Sports Highlights



Same Game, New Look - Sports Highlights

It’s become a tradition. Sit down, turn the TV on and watch the game. Only the lucky few are able to go see them in person. Sports have been around for centuries, and as time progressed and their popularity increased, fan bases grew exponentially. As the media began to cover sports, few stations soon gained a monopoly. These became the main places to get all your sport news.

Up until recently, the opinions shared about sports were largely those of mainstream reviewers. As the popularity of social media services such as Instagram and YouTube increases, more people are given the opportunity to make their opinions known. One person whose opinion has gained much more traction is Daniel Padron, the face behind @sportshighlights on Instagram.

I had the opportunity to meet Daniel Padron and find out how he has managed to be heard in such a dominated field. “I came up with the idea when Instagram first started allowing videos rather than just pictures. I would see countless highlights every night watching games during the Big 3 era and I believe that inspired me to start posting highlights” Padron explained.

What started off as a fun pastime has now grown into an audience of 1.7 Million, that continues to increase by the thousands daily. “I didn’t know if people would like or care about my opinion when I started, but I always wanted to be an analyst or reporter for ESPN, so I just gave it a shot” he explained.

Padron started with just his friends following him, however as people began liking, commenting, and tagging others on his posts, his page gained popularity. The engagement he received only helped his posts be seen more. Padron was not only pleasantly surprised to see that many people agreed with his opinions; he was also interested in how people disagreed. This line of direct communication from Padron to his audience separated him from analysts on TV.

Although people can still give their opinions to mainstream reporters, @sportshighlights works to make it a more immersive experience. For instance, if Daniel sees that many people are interested in a particular team or player, he is able to make an effort to post more about it.

Although the experience is slightly more tailored, all teams are reported. One of the best qualities about @sportshighlights is that it had created a medium through which fans from all over the world can exchange opinions and discuss games. With a quick read through the comments, a person is able to see the same highlight through multiple points of views. This feature alone is what draws many audience members in.

Despite the fact that the same mainstream reporters and analysts are featured on TV, @sportshighlights has given sports fans a whole new experience. With the newfound ability to comment and discuss plays with anyone, Sports Highlights has successfully brought fans together and given the same game a fresh new look.

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