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Antioxidant Rich Foods That Fight Wrinkles



Antioxidant Rich Foods That Fight Wrinkles

You’ve tried out the 30day water drinking challenge, practised different yoga poses which promise to make your skin glow but still see no difference in those pesky wrinkles! You’re fed up of all this, aren’t you?

But, have you paid heed to what’s going into your body?

Doing superficial skin routines or yoga asanas promising youthful skin will not show its complete effect unless you eat foods which are wholesome and nutritious. Adding antioxidant-rich food items brimming with essential vitamins to your daily diet will make sure wrinkles stay far away from your internally glowing skin.

1. The Beautiful Berries 

Fresh organic berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries have explosive amounts of antioxidants in them. They help your skin in protecting itself from free radicals which in turn are the basic cause behind the formation of those wrinkle lines in your face. Furthermore, Berries combat against the harmful UV rays and prevent the skin’s collagen from getting damaged.

2. Sip Green Tea! 

Green tea contains huge amounts of natural antioxidants which are called EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) catechins. It protects your skin cells from potential damage, fights free radicals and even reduces them. The rich source of polyphenols present in green tea helps your body reduce inflammation and fights against cancerous cells!

3. The Tangy Tomatoes 

Who knew that these tasty red balls had high levels of vitamin C as well as antioxidants which will keep your cheeks flushed red and fight those pesky signs of ageing! The lycopene found in tomatoes helps your skin stay protected against the harmful effects of UV rays which continuously interact with your skin when you step out of the house.

4. Almonds 

These nuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids and the very essential, vitamin E. They are excellent sources of other minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, fibre and folic acid which will keep not only your skin glowing but also helps you to get that lusciousness in your hair and nails. It has all the nutrients your skin desires to keep wrinkles and other signs of ageing at bay. So, don’t forget to incorporate nuts into your daily diet.

5. Citric Oranges 

It’s not a secret that oranges are powerful sources of citric acid, they help to dry out acne on your face. They enrich your skin with natural oils which moisturize it and add a glow and radiance to your skin. The high levels of vitamin C present in oranges help to boost the elastin and collagen levels of your body which are considered the fundamental elements to be present in the body in case you want to avoid fine lines, stretchy skin and wrinkles.

6. Beans And Legumes 

Many health critics and fanatics have started calling beans a part of the superfood family. Superfoods are basically food items that are much higher in their nutritional values and can provide the human body with necessary chemical compounds to benefit their health, even when consumed in small proportions. Beans, other than being extremely good for your cardiac health, are great sources of proteins which support the building of connective tissues of our skin.

Legumes are full of phytonutrients which instigate the growth in collagen production and hence, keep your skin tight, young and as flawless as it could be.

7. The Aqua Essential – Fish 

People often find that their skin is getting stretchy, flaky and chronically dry, which causes them to look older than they actually are. Eating fish regularly can actually make your skin look radiant, moisturized and supple. Ask why?

Because fish contains highs amount of proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, but remember to have variety in your diet as fish also contains a great amount of mercury, and eating the same type of fish repeatedly might not suit your body. Keep switching between various kinds of fishes like salmon, tilapia and bass.

The Final Takeaway

Healthy, young-looking and radiant skin is something that everyone wants to achieve. We want to have skin which glows like the moon and hides our actual age. But, without eating healthy food daily that is nutritious for your body it is quite impossible to attain such flawlessness. Therefore, switch to some healthy food choices like almonds, fish, berries, oranges and so on.

Feed your skin in and out, because as Jana Elston said – “Your skin has a memory. In ten, twenty, thirty years from now, your skin will show the results of how it was treated today. So treat it kindly and with respect.”


Dr Mitravinda is a Nutritionist at with a doctoral degree in Food Science and Nutrition. She is a teacher, researcher and an author. Her passion for the subject prompted her to start writing blogs on various nutrition-related topics such as Diet Chart For Weight Loss, How To Get Rid Of Pimple Marks, etc. Through her blogs, she wishes to help people gain a deeper understanding about the relationship between food, nutrition, lifestyle and health.

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