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Brian Tracy’s Wisdom On Success



Brian Tracy's Wisdom On Success

Brian Tracy shares his wisdom on success with Vic Johnson, the interview includes information on goal setting, money, motivation and life. Use this information to elevate your life by implementing it so that you can rise to a whole new level.

“Brian, you have been a student of success for over 40 years, and you’ve written that success is predictable. What do you mean by success is predictable? And if I’m someone seeking that what are some of the key things I need to be, doing, and looking out for?”

“Well, if you go into the kitchen to cook a dish and the very first thing you get is a recipe and you follow the recipe and you work with the recipe, eventually you’ll master that dish. Once you’ve mastered it and made it a few times you can make the dish over and over again and you’ll remember the recipe and you don’t have to keep going back to the recipe book.”

“Now if somebody says wow that is really delicious, you don’t say it’s a miracle, like something out of voodoo, no, you just followed a proven recipe that had been worked out by people before you. And that’s basically the secret of success.”

“If you want to be successful in starting a business then you study what people have learned. And everything that people have learned they’ve written down or shared in seminars or put onto audio programs.”

“I learned this from a very wise man named Kop Kopmeir who spent more than 50 years studying success and he had developed more than 1000 success principles that he had derived out of 6000 books. And when I met him I asked him the question you would ask, of all these thousand principles, which is the most important principle of all? And he said Brain it’s simple: Use proven success methods, learn from the experts, you’ll never live long enough to learn it all for yourself.”

“Successful people are those who learn from others who’ve gone before them, unsuccessful people try to make it all up. Like a cook going into the kitchen taking ingredients out of the cupboard, throwing them all into a bowl, wondering why it doesn’t taste good.”

“The people in the top 20% follow proven success principles, proven recipes, proven formulas, proven combinations, and they just do them over and over again until they master them, then they can do more and more of them, faster and faster, easier and easier at a higher level of quality. And all that translates into greater results.”

“Find the success recipe from the right people.”

“We are where we are and what we are because of the choices and decisions that we have made in the past.”

“So the starting point of changing our life is to make new choices and decisions which requires that we stop making old choices and decisions that are not helping us, in other words, to get into something new, you’ve got to get out of something old. To start associating with positive people you’ve got to stop associating with people who are not helping you. And in many cases, people realize they’re going to have to break off old friendships, break out of relationships, quit jobs, stop associating with negative family members who are constantly critical. You’re going to have to reorient yourself to more positive people.”

“Now the third principle that’s so important is this, there’s a law of attraction in the universe that says that you attract into your life people and circumstances in harmony with your own thinking. So if you start to read really good material, set goals, commit to your own personal development, strive to become good at what you’re doing, listen to positive audio programs, and associate with positive people. What happens is you set up a force field of energy, that is invisible but it attracts into your life people, circumstances, possibilities, opportunities, that would not have been there in the absence of your own changed thinking.”

“So all 3 conspire, stop making bad decisions, start making good decisions, start associating with people who encourage, who are in harmony with what you think, and then trust to this law of attraction to bring you the right people into your life.”

“The natural tendency when we hear or learn something great is that we want to convince everybody else of it. The very best thing is that you must teach men at the school of example for they will learn it no other. So what you need to do is be an example. Be an example for an extended period of time. Give yourself two, three months, maybe a year of being the new person.”

“In the main, people don’t change, you can change, and you’ll find it much easier to change if you’re with positive people, very hard to change with people who don’t want you to change, who want you to be the person that you were. But in the main, people don’t change, so sooner or later on in life, you’re often going to have to make some hard choices.”

“In the short term, as Gandhi said; Be the change you want to see in the world. Be the kind of person that you want to see. And if that does not bring people around the be prepared to go to the next step, be prepared to walk away.”

“If you write a goal down, it increases your chances of success by 10 times.”

“The next biggest thing in the process of goal setting. There’s a process that has made more people rich than any other single process of goal achieving, and it is to take your major goal and structure it as a question. If your goal is to make $100,000k per year, you would write: How can I earn $100,000k in the next 12 months? Now that’s an open-ended question. And then you discipline yourself to write 20 answers to the question. The 20 answers are all the different things you can think of to earn $100,000k. Whatever you can think of, write it down, but force yourself to write at least 20 answers to the question.”

“The 20 question method, called MindStorming, it forces you to dig deep deep into your mind, where you will find all your answers. And often it’s the 20th answer that is the breakthrough. Sometimes it’s the most obvious answers we overlook.”

“This is one of the biggest of all challenges, it’s procrastinating on starting on a major goal, and the way that you overcome it, one of many ways, is you break the goal down into as many small steps as you possibly can, you make a list of every single step that you’re going to have to take to achieve the goal. Henry Ford said; The biggest tasks in the world can be accomplished if broken down into enough small steps. Anc once you’ve broken it down into small enough steps just do one step. Do one thing at a time, and maybe the next day you do just one more thing.”

“What happens within the mind is there is a natural momentum, once you get into the rhythm you start to move forward and pretty soon you’re doing the next step, and the next step, and the next step, and so on.”

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