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Discover Your Personality Type



Discover Your Personality Type

Exploring Yourself

Now in order to find out your internal drive and motivations, you must find out your main type of personality.

Our personality is made to function by a certain internal drive.

Think of an internal drive as the motherboard on a computer.

This Is What Keeps It Going

Figuring out our personality leads us to figuring out our behavior which can help you leverage your own self.

So, definitely knowing your own personality and self is the ultimate way to be productive, stay productive, and be extremely motivated.

There are 5 main types of personalities that were discovered by Aristotle (endomorph, ectomorph, & mesomorph) and updated by a man named Dr. Thurman Fleet.

Each personality has their own distinct internal drive (Basically what motivates you to do things).

You are born naturally with one personality, but you can never only have one. (Minimum of two always).

We are heavily influenced by everything around us and that makes our personality change a lot.

Think clear and hard about this but try to figure out which one or two is most like you.

Here Are The Five Personalities:

Abdominal: Feel Good and Relax – Make People Happy – Live to eat

Thoracic: Look Good (nice style, clothes, cars) – Meet New People and Friends – Life of the Party

Muscular: Being the best over competition – Results and Goals

Osseus: Well-being has to be okay – Most treasured things are safe and secure – Security is most important – the most pessimistic of the five

Cerebral: Work and Progress is most important – Mastery – Love to figure out things – Momentum seeker – Curious

These are all the five and if you could pinpoint which ones are most like you, then you can be able to use this information to leverage yourself.

Leverage yourself by always thinking about the internal drive you have above and live by it.

Think about the reward you will receive in the end that complies with your main personality drive.

How I Leverage Myself (Cerebral)

For example, my own personality is Muscular, Thoracic, Abdominal, and Cerebral.

The personality part that makes me most and what I was born with is Cerebral.

So that means whatever I do I like to be all in and try to master it.

In order to keep me productive, I need to get started on my favorite and desired work, thinking about discovering learning new skills.

So for a cerebral person, thinking about the progress you could make, gets you giddy and excited to get started on your work.

Thoracic Person Leverage

For a Thoracic person, you need to motivate yourself by thinking about the reward of getting new clothes, cars, or partying after you finished your work.

Thinking about the adventure and stories you could get from your work are also a strategy to pull you to hustle and work.

Abdominal Person Leverage

For an Abdominal person, you need to motivate yourself by thinking about the reward of relaxing in your favorite spot, eating your favorite foods, and hanging out with your favorite people only if you finished and completed your work of the day.

You must crutch yourself to finish your work first and only then you can get the reward.

Use your work and tasks as a must-do lever for you to receive the rewards (The craving will pull you to finish faster and better).

Muscular Person Leverage

For a Muscular person, you need to motivate yourself by thinking about the results you can accomplish.

Accomplishing your goals makes you happy and excited. Also being the best at what you do will pull you to work more and do it effectively.

Osseus Person Leverage

For an Osseus person, you need to motivate yourself by thinking about how everything will be ok and safe only if you work and finish it properly.

Thinking about your security and well-being will act as a pull motivation for you to do your work because internally that is what concerns you most.

Conquer or Be Conquered

To sum up, you have to find out who you are so that you can never be stuck and lost.

There is nothing wrong with trying to improve your life.

Use the five personalities information above to help you with your life.

These will help you truly understand why you do what you do.

Leverage your own personality so that you can do amazing work and produce amazing results in your life.


Mike Kaya is a professional author who works with to make an impact on people to 'Unlock their Greatest Potential'. Connect with me on Instagram page.

Fortune favours the brave
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