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Evan Carmichael’s The Top 10 Rules For Success



Evan Carmichael's The Top 10 Rules For Success

Evan Carmichael has written an exceptional book titled The Top 10 Rules For Success. For decades Evan has researched the deepest wisdom from hundreds of elite entrepreneurs and celebrities. This book distills their advice into pure success. He first began The Top 10 Rules series on his YouTube channel. He wanted to wake up every morning surrounded by greatness and be inspired by the best words from top performers. Using 40 of these legends, Evan compiled four-hundred excerpts and whittled them down into The Top 10 most popular and impactful rules. They’re motivation for your heart and application for your life. This book will help you #Believe in yourself, your abilities, and your dreams.

Below are a few paragraphs which will give you a brief insight into what the book is about. It is a must read and should be added to your personal development library. There is so much beneficial information in this book, it will transform your life by teaching you the rules for success from different entrepreneurs and celebrities.

“Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, whatever your big goal is, whatever huge obstacles is in front of you, someone has figured it out before. If you try to figure it all out on your own, you’re going to lose. If you study the success clues that others have left before you, they can shortcut your path to achieving your mission. Study people in your industry who have made it as well as your heroes outside the industry.”

“Have you ever experienced anything outside of yourself? Everything that ever happened to you. Darkness and light happened within you. Pain and pleasure happened within you. Joy and misery happened within you. Have you ever experienced anything outside of yourself? No, so what I am asking you is what happens within you? Who should determine how it should happen? Somebody else? Definitely you should determine what should happen within.”

“Never, ever give up. You can change and you can move around but never ever give up. I know people that are very smart. They went to the Wharton School of Finance with me. I know other people that aren’t as smart and those people are the top people in the industry today and they just were tougher. They didn’t give up. And the smart ones had everything on their plate. They’d always come in with the A+ on the tests and the good boards and everything else. But when they ran into problems, they did not know how to solve the problems like the guys that weren’t as good. And it’s very seldom that you see something other than this happen. So never, ever give up.”

“Really liking what you do, whatever area that you get into. So I think it’s important that you really like whatever you’re doing. If you don’t like it, life is too short. If you like what you’re doing, you think about it even when you’re not working. I mean it’s something that your mind is drawn to. And if you don’t like it, you just really can’t make it work.”

“Most people don’t have a compelling vision for their own future. They don’t. They move through life setting goals, and goals have no power. I believe in setting goals, but there’s got to be something above your goals. And that’s your vision. It’s about the world being a certain way. When you truly have a vision for your future that inspires you, you’re going to jump out of bed in the morning, and feel great about going at life, versus being miserable.”

“I want you all to stay true to the most real, most sincere, most authentic parts of yourselves. I want you to ask those basic questions: Who do you want to be? What inspires you? How do you want to give back? And then I want you to take a deep breath and trust yourselves to chart your own course and make your mark on the world. I want you to listen to those thoughts. I want you to act with both your mind, but also your heart. And no matter what path you choose, I want you to make sure it’s you choosing it and not someone else.”

You can buy your copy from here.

Check out the video from Evan below.



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