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How Asking Questions Can Improve Your Life



How Asking Questions Can Improve Your Life

How do we become more interesting people who others want to be around? How do we learn more about the world and the people that live in it? How do we get answers? The reply is simple: we ask questions. Asking questions can have an effect on every aspect of our lives. Here is how the mere act of asking questions can change the course of your life.

You Can Learn About The Mystery Of Life

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own lives sometimes. However, we can only learn about the wonders of the world if we ask questions, and ask those that know more than us. A fatal mistake we can make when we become adults is that we feel as though we already know everything, and stop asking questions. Imagine still seeing the world through a child’s eye; stay curious!

Questions Can Determine Our Quality Of Life

The quality of the life we lead depends on the questions we ask. Not only finally asking your boss for that pay rise which will have a positive effect on your life, but also questioning your own thinking and ideas. If we question what we believe, what we stand for, and who we are, we are constantly striving to improve ourselves and make ourselves happier.

Question More And Get Better Answers

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. As we grow older, we feel less able to ask more questions to get what we think we deserve, and we settle for less. When we stop asking questions we stop learning, and so we draw on the experience we already have, to solve situations that arise. By asking questions, we learn more and have more solutions at the ready. This is why asking questions as an entrepreneur is the most invaluable tool: ask questions, get better answers, and you are able to take better action.

It Will Make You Wiser And More Open

We can learn so much from the world around us, and from those in it. Asking questions forces your brain to make new patterns, and challenges the old ways of thinking that you have become accustomed to. By asking questions of people, and questioning the world around us, you can become less biased, with a more flexible brain, making you a more well-rounded individual.

Questions Will Make You More Interesting

Everyone wants to be more interesting. For some, being more interesting means also being more interested. Ask open-ended questions to people, and genuinely listen to their answers. You will be surprised how much this can inspire you, and help you realize things about yourself, and make you more interesting to those around you.

Ask Yourself Questions That You Don’t Want To Answer

Humans are hard-wired to run away from pain. We avoid difficult situations, and we try and avoid asking hard questions of ourselves, because of how much we know it will hurt. However, if we confront these questions head-on, and unequivocally ask tough questions ourselves, and ask them of others, we can create the catalyst for the biggest change in our lives. Happiness and change often come from the most difficult periods of our lives, and this can only come about if we are willing to confront them.

Questions Can Make You Happy

Ultimately, asking questions in every facet of life can make you happy. It will help you learn more about the world, help you to gain confidence as your embarrassment of asking how to do something slips away, it will help you face up to the challenges in your life that you don’t want to confront, and help you change things for the better. Asking questions of ourselves and others will enable you to become a more interesting person, as you become more interested in others and learn more about the world around you.

A lot of people find that a big change in their lives began when they asked, or were asked a question. Questioning life will change the way your brain works, and the way in which you see the world, so it is integral that we stay curious, about the world, about others, and about ourselves.


Freddie Tubbs is a lifestyle and psychology writer at and Boomessays. He regularly takes part in online blogging and communications events, and contributes posts to the Vault and Essayroo blogs.

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