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How Your Vibration Transforms Your Reality



How Your Vibration Transforms Your Reality

Angelo Rodriquez discusses the Law Of Attraction. Below I will highlight twenty-six key points from this video so that you may better understand the Law Of Attraction and transform your reality.

1. “Whatever you put out into the universe is what you get back. If you put out good intentions and think positive thoughts then you attract positive circumstances into your life. But if you put out bad intentions and think negative thoughts you then you attract negative circumstances.”

2. “It has been scientifically proven that everything is made of energy.”

3. “Energy just vibrating at different frequencies.”

4. “Everything is connected into this one infinite field of energy that we call the universe, so if everything is energy so that means everything is governed by the same laws of energy.

5. “Like frequencies attract like frequencies.”

6. “If you want to listen to 98.5 radio station you tune into 98.5.”

7. “There are certain people that you just seem to gravitate towards, you feel comfortable around them and there are certain people that just seem to repel you, you feel uncomfortable around them.”

8. “When you vibe with someone you guys gravitate towards each other because you have similar energies, you guys resonate on the same wavelength, you probably notice that you have a lot in common.”

9. “When you vibe with someone its very likely that you’re going to have a lot in common with that person.”

10. “When you’re vibing with someone you’ll probably notice that you feel energized around them, that’s because you guys are connecting, so there is energy transferring back and forth from each other, so you guys are feeding off each other’s energy.”

11. “When you connect with someone communication is easy.”

12. “On the other hand, If you don’t vibe with someone there will be a feeling of disconnect, communication will be a lot more difficult. You may even feel uncomfortable around that person. And just want to get away from that person. That’s because your energies are repelling each other. You guys just don’t vibe.”

13. “Places also have their own vibe depending on the surroundings and energy of the people who are occupying that space.”

14. “Your energy pulls you to certain places because it is a vibrational match.”

15. “Whatever vibration you are emitting will determine what you attract, but not only what you attract but also what you are attracted to, remember attraction works both ways.”

16. “So your vibration will not only determine the people and things that you attract into your life but it will also determine the direction that you are attracted to, it will determine which path you get pulled towards.”

17. “The universe will only deliver to you what you are on a vibrational match with, so as your vibration changes then the experience that the universe delivers to you will also change.”

18. “People who have good luck are usually in a positive state of mind, they think positive thoughts, they feel good, they are always giving out positive vibes so they are always attracting positive things into their life.”

19. “If you can control your vibration then you can influence the reality that you experience.”

20. “The way that we can tell if we are on a high frequency or a low frequency is through our feelings.”

21. “How we feel is determined by our emotions.”

22. Our emotions are influenced by our thoughts and beliefs.”

23. “When we think positive thoughts are brain releases feel-good chemicals like dopamines, serotonin, and endorphins. But when we think negative thoughts our body releases chemicals that make us feel bad like cortisol and adrenaline.”

24. “It’s very important to be conscious of the thoughts that you think and the beliefs that you choose to accept because they will determine how you feel and that will affect your vibration.”

25. “It’s your mind that creates your reality.”

26. “If you control your thoughts you can influence your reality.”








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