As you rise up in the journey of success don’t lose track of who you are and where you came from, many seem to forget who they were when they had no wealth, power or position. It is a sign of true success to excel in humbleness, as we rise our character must rise up with us. Never look down upon people, we must always try to help those who are not where they truly can be, a true leader is one who goes down the path of success and leads others onto the path.

Some people move up in life and then start speaking, acting and walking around as if they are the creme de la creme, they seem to be under the impression that they are better then everyone else, that is just pure arrogance to think that you are better then others, arrogance is not a characteristic of truly successful individuals. Watch your words, your mannerism and your actions. All these aspects reflect who you are, and who you want to be.

Model the behaviour of the true greats, see how they interact, speak and conduct themselves with everyone. Sir Richard Branson is a fine example of someone who is truly humble, he is a down to earth individual who has not let his wealth and power get to his head.

We are born with no knowledge, we must acquire it, we must learn how to be humble. Be the best that you can be in terms of your character, and strive to be up there with the greats, look at others and take the good characteristics and implement it into your life, keep adding more distinctive qualities, it will only elevate your character.

We have a choice how to be as people, choose to be great. Be a person who inspires others to raise their character to a new level, be someone who impacts people in such a way that when they speak about you they only have words of goodness.



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