Imprisonment Of The Mind

Imprisonment Of The Mind

The mind is the jailor for many who confine their life to their current reality because of the self-imposed limitations that they hold within themselves, the key is to banish those limitations so that you can elevate your life to a whole new level. Your outer reality is influenced by the internal beliefs that you have about yourself, once those limiting beliefs are eliminated from your life you will become more motivated to take action on what you truly want to achieve.

Many limit their lives because of what they think is possible for them to achieve, but you must start to become aware of the fact that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to if you back it up with consistent action.

Most people live their entire lives in prison, not physically but mentally, a mental prison of their own making, the mental prison that you have accepted to be confined in, you hold the keys within you to escape, a prison break must take place, let the one you want to be break you free from the cell of conformity that wants you to remain who you are, project your mind forward and see the self-made successful entrepreneur that you want to become, that individual, that vision, that dream is what can free you. Do not get comfortable with the mind of the mediocre folk.

Development of your mind is required. The subconscious mind controls 95% of our lives, 5% is run by the conscious mind, most people live life on autopilot mode, once the habits have been ingrained into the mind they are just repeated day in and day out unconsciously. But you have a choice to go from auto-pilot to decision maker. The decision is yours to remain asleep and unaware or you can wake up and come to the realization that you have the power to live life in whatever way you want to live it.

A major factor that determines if you grow mentally and get rid of the mental imprisonment is by taking action, action is what dissolves your fears, action is what illuminates the path to a greater life, action is what makes you stronger internally, and action is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. A few factors that keep you imprisoned mentally are as follow, laziness, excuses, worrying, negativity, destructive self-talk, complaining, and not investing in yourself.

Play some new films within your mind, see some new images, see a new you, imagine the life that you want to live daily, allocate time for dreaming, not while you’re asleep but when you’re awake, spend ten minutes, sit in quiet place, close your eyes and envision the life you truly want to live, see everything, feel it, touch it, embrace it and let it fill you up with love, gratitude and feelings of being blessed for what is already yours.

Believe me when I say this, there are no limits to what you can achieve, once you awaken you will understand that the limits you imposed upon yourself previously in whatever aspect of your life are all false. Believe in yourself to a higher degree, let faith be your fuel backed up by blood, sweat, and tears in the pursuit of a greater life. Champions are forged in the daily grind, force yourself to do what needs to be done through self-discipline, and break free to a life of freedom.


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  1. Hey Asad, your article is an eye-opener for many who are confined and living in the self-made prison of negativity and destruction. I hope after reading this, they take a step forward and towards self-improvement.

    Just loved your article and I must say, you have great writing skills.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.


  2. What an amazing article. Each and every word touched my heart. You have really inspired me and many others with your optimistic thoughts.


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