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Be a person who keeps their word to themselves, people say things such as I am going to change or I am going to start that business, two months down the line they are still the same, the same habits and excuses, what has changed, nothing, some people are all talk and no action, they are liars, the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves to justify our inaction. If you say something get up and do it, don’t make excuses, excuses don’t help you make progress, action does.

How can you become an individual who has integrity, you can start by keeping your word to yourself in the small aspects of your life, such as going to sleep on time, waking up on time, eating on time, exercising on time, doing your work on time, working on your business on time, reading books at the right time, spending time with your family on time. The whole point of integrity is doing what you said you will do, properly and on time whether you feel like it or not. Some people say one thing and then do another, it just shows you’re not serious about success. Don’t make excuses no one gives a damn, it’s about results, results are the only thing that matter, results only come from action.

Your actions are a reflection of who you are, so just stop the lies, if you are not doing what needs to be done then you’re just living in a dream world, some people are living in a delusional state where they think they are trying hard, but their actions show otherwise.

You want to start that business, take action, you want to get more from life, take action, millions of people just sit around making excuses about their life, do you want to be like them or do you want to be different, in order to be different you need to act different, if you act like unsuccessful people, you will live like unsuccessful people. Start to act like successful people and you will get the same results, guaranteed.

Write down your goals and daily action steps and go complete them, if you don’t become a person who keeps their word to themselves then why should anyone else take you seriously. Lack of integrity shows a lack of class, raise your standards and demand excellence from yourself.

You are the one who is in charge of your life, so get up and push yourself and make things happen.


My name is Asad Meah, I am the CEO & Founder of AwakenTheGreatnessWithin. I am a dreamchaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past five years through self-education. My mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by awakening their minds to their greatness that resides within them.

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The Power Of Kindness



The Power Of Kindness

There is immense power in kindness. Speak to others how you would like to be spoken to, treat others how you would like to be treated, and show kindness to people. How you conduct yourself reflects how you are as a person, it does not matter if others do wrong, we must always maintain a sense of class and integrity, never lower your standards just because of others, demand excellence of character from yourself.

When you are addressing people, address them with a sense of respect, people too often forget the basics when communicating with people, it does not matter who you are, kindness does not go unnoticed, be known for your kindness to all living things. If you do good unto others know that with a surety that it will be returned to you.

Kindness will solve many problems than conflict ever will, people seem to think that being rude is the solution when a simple kind word can resolve the issue at hand. Always seek ways in which you can be a kinder person. Take a look at your mannerism and see where you can improve, improve it to a standard of greatness, and develop yourself to a standard that is unfamiliar to most.

Imagine living in a world where everyone was kind, how would the world be? How would people be to one another? It can only result in more goodness. Kindness does not just encompass our communication with others, there are many areas in life that you can be kinder, such as being kinder to your family and friends, to strangers on the streets, and to the poor people who are suffering around the world.

We must be the change that we wish to see in the world, ask yourself how can you get better as a person? How can you improve people’s lives just by coming in contact with them? And how can you touch people’s lives in such a way that they remember you long after you have gone?

Perfecting the characteristic of kindness will raise your character to the league of the greats, don’t just say I want to be a kind person, be it, don’t just say I want to improve people’s lives, do it, don’t just say I will be a better person, be one.

All the greats that have lived and are living now have developed their kindness to a standard of excellence, they conduct themselves in such a way that people assume they are gifted, that is not the case, kindness is something that you can learn and master.

What relevance does kindness have to do with entrepreneurship? In your business dealings be fair, and be just, as it is not all about just winning yourself, people seem to think that if they win others must lose, no that is incorrect, there can be a win-win situation, you can win and others can win at the same time, help others succeed and you will succeed.

Spread kindness to all that you meet, if you have nothing good to say to someone be silent, words can empower or crush an individual, let us be in this world to make other people’s lives better with our innate talents that have been given to us. We are born kind, caring, and compassionate, but the world conditions the masses into becoming selfish and self-absorbed into living a small meaningless life, there is more to life than just the acquisition of wealth and success for oneself. How about we live a life where we are helping people to improve their condition and the suffering that is going on in the world as a result of a lack of self-education on how to live a truly successful life. The term HOPE, help one person every day, if that was to be employed by the majority of the people in the world we can create a force of kindness that will impact millions of people’s lives.

Greatness is not necessarily fame and fortune, it lies in service to others, to help people believe and achieve and provide them with the tools wherein they can become successful themselves, that is what true greatness is in my opinion. Helping others see their greatness that lies within them and helping them reach their full potential. So be a person who is a true reflection of kindness. Help people, do good and always be kind because the best things in life are free.

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Successful people focus their mind on success, they have a laser-like focus on what they want to accomplish, they see the end goal clear in their mind, concentrate on what you want to do and do what needs to be done every single day, no matter what.

Focus on your goals, don’t get distracted by meaningless activities, eliminate the time wasting things from your life such as watching too much TV, engaging in nonsense daily, being concerned with other people’s lives on social media too much, the masses spend hours upon hours on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but they have no time for success, cut out the nonsense from your life and people if necessary, if the people around you are taking you off the path to greatness then maybe it’s time to cut them out also.

The mind has a tendency to just drift off at times, clear out the clutter and focus on success. Take a good look at your life, how many hours do you invest in yourself, how many hours do you spend working on your dreams, in the past year how many hours did you invest in success. It’s time to start investing more time in success then you do in failure. We all have the same amount of hours, but the people of success use their time wisely.

If you are serious about success here are some steps to take to see changes in your life. Instead of watching TV all day long work on yourself, your goals and your dreams. Instead of reading negative news start reading books on personal development and entrepreneurship. Instead of listening to music start listening to motivational videos. Instead of wasting time engaging in nonsense invest that time in more productive activities that will lead you towards a better life.

Do you want success or do you want failure, what do you choose, do not say success and then you don’t do nothing, who are you kidding, you are not fooling anyone, your actions show how serious you really are, people say they want success but they are just tinkering with the idea of doing more, becoming more and achieving more. No dedication, no goals, no plans, no ambition, no passion, no discipline, no consistency, no hunger and no courage.

If you are truly serious about change then you will start engaging in activities that yield more towards your life, time is a valuable asset which you must invest wisely in order to get a greater return, don’t squander your time away like the masses do, separate yourself from the rest of the population and focus on success.

Now is the time to act, success don’t wait for no one, it’s up to you to get up and push yourself to be the best that you can be.



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As you rise up in the journey of success don’t lose track of who you are and where you came from, many seem to forget who they were when they had no wealth, power or position. It is a sign of true success to excel in humbleness, as we rise our character must rise up with us. Never look down upon people, we must always try to help those who are not where they truly can be, a true leader is one who goes down the path of success and leads others onto the path.

Some people move up in life and then start speaking, acting and walking around as if they are the creme de la creme, they seem to be under the impression that they are better then everyone else, that is just pure arrogance to think that you are better then others, arrogance is not a characteristic of truly successful individuals. Watch your words, your mannerism and your actions. All these aspects reflect who you are, and who you want to be.

Model the behaviour of the true greats, see how they interact, speak and conduct themselves with everyone. Sir Richard Branson is a fine example of someone who is truly humble, he is a down to earth individual who has not let his wealth and power get to his head.

We are born with no knowledge, we must acquire it, we must learn how to be humble. Be the best that you can be in terms of your character, and strive to be up there with the greats, look at others and take the good characteristics and implement it into your life, keep adding more distinctive qualities, it will only elevate your character.

We have a choice how to be as people, choose to be great. Be a person who inspires others to raise their character to a new level, be someone who impacts people in such a way that when they speak about you they only have words of goodness.



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