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It’s Never Too Late



It's Never Too Late

Staying true to your life goals, your dreams, your true passion takes an extraordinary amount of commitment. We spend a lot of time making plans that turn into wasted opportunities. But what takes up days, months, and eventually years of our time? Fear, regret and overthinking (sound familiar?).

Ever wonder what happened to the end goal you always imagined for yourself? That big move to a warmer state, that crazy business idea. What about that dream to get back to painting and maybe selling your work online?

It didn’t disappear, per se. Rather, it got stuck in time. But timing and most of all aging should never be the ultimate excuse for following your dreams.

Someone once realized something and was smart to put it into words: today is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again. Can you afford to wait any longer?

It’s Okay To Say No, Enough! Erase The Fear, Erase Your Doubt

One of the most notorious culprits behind putting things on hold is fear. Fear literally harbours your will to live a happier, more fulfilling life. As we age, we experience loss. We also sense the loss of control over our finances, our relationships, and our overall health and well-being, which leads to becoming fearful of making any sudden changes. The key to maintaining your happiness and will to continue building on your ideal life is to make the time to face any of your fears, no matter how big or small, one day at a time. Don’t be afraid to get inspired again, and most importantly, never let yourself feel like the path to a new adventure has been sealed off for good.

What Do You Regret?

Aging brings along much more than just a gradual change in our physical appearance- it changes our outlook on life constantly. But nothing is more harmful to our will to believe in ourselves than the haunting question of, “what if?” Whether it’s a promise that was unfulfilled, or a goal that once seemed so within reach – all of these and more contribute to our unwavering sense of regret about what went wrong. The facts about the rise in anxiety and depression among adults of all ages speak for themselves. The takeaway is simple: despite what has happened, never let it hinder your will to move past it.

Stop Overthinking – And Don’t Forget To Be present!

As we lay in bed, many of us like to take the time to say a prayer before we close our eyes. Some of us that aren’t religious may not pray, but we all have something else in common– we reflect. But this reflecting can often lead to overthinking, (so, so much overthinking). Instead of overthinking a particularly sad or disappointing moment in your life, try remembering this:

Your day may not have been perfect, but don’t take the one hour you spoke with your son or daughter for granted. Don’t forget the stranger on the street who took the time to compliment your beauty. It was so out of the blue, right? Take the time to reflect on their kindness, and think of these moments as gifts. Looking back on what made you happy will ultimately help you conceive how to continue living your best life.

Visualize Your True Happiness

Just as you wake up and make your favourite cup of coffee, make mindfulness a part of your daily routine.

Despite the negative images of aging, there are so many positive examples of older adults that have surpassed their limits and are realizing their dreams. Realize your own potential to break out of your comfort zone and imagine yourself in a different situation than you are right now. By visualizing your goals, you may realize what has been holding you back all this time.

It is never too late to get to know yourself and to awaken the motivations you once had.

“AGING is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.”

David Bowie


Maggie Drag is an owner and founder of a homecare agency located in central Connecticut. With over 27 years of experience in the industry, Maggie shares her knowledge and tips about care at home. Visit to learn more about Maggie Drag.

Fortune favours the brave
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