J Cole Net Worth 2020

J Cole Net Worth 2020

Net Worth: $35 Million
Age: 35 
Height: 1.88 m
Born: 28th January, 1985
Country of Origin: Frankfurt, Germany
Residence:  Raleigh, North California
Source of Wealth: Professional Rapper/Singer
Profession: Singing, Music
Marital Status: Single
Children: No children
Education: St John’s University Queens Campus
Last Updated: 2020


 J Cole is a young and famous singer of America. He is best known for rapping while solo rapping is his main genre. He was born in Germany and shifted to the USA later. Cole also writes songs himself and produces them as well. He was initially known for his rap which was then followed by his casual singing talent.

As of 2020, J Cole’s Net Worth is an estimated $35 million.

Early Life

Jermaine Lamarr Cole was born in an American martial base near Frankfurt, West Germany. He belongs to a broken family where his father abandoned the family when Cole was only 8 months old. His mother was a White race woman while he looks like his father. His father is an African-American Veteran. During his high school days, Cole showed a keen interest in basketball and melodies. He soon realized that singing is his passion and he adopted it as his profession.


Being inspired by the famous American Rapping stars like Nas, Eminem, Tupac, and Canibus, Cole started working on improving his sense of combining words for the rap songs. He practiced the art of storytelling confined within the lyrics of rap. Since his childhood, he had ideas and rough sketches of songs and rhythms. His mother brought him the Roland TR-808 drum machine to help him in learning more about composing and producing tones. He released some of his mix tapes which included The Warm Up.

Besides being a rapper and singer, he also emerged as an impactful producer for certain very thoughtful songs. His career as a singer and a rapper brought him to the heights of success in a tender age.

Net Worth Last 5 Years

J Cole is seeing a steady growth in his net worth over the span of years.

2019: Net Worth was $30 million

2018: Net Worth was $36 million

2017: Net Worth was $19 million

2016: Net Worth was $14 million

2015: Net Worth was $11 million

Cars/Home/Private Jets/Yacht

He is not much interested in luxurious cars, however, he has owned a Lamborghini and a Range Rover over these years. Similarly, he does not own any private jet or yacht, leading a simpler life.

Top Quotes 

  1. “Follow your heart, don’t follow what you’ve been told you’re supposed to do”. J Cole

  2. “Never give up until you’ve given out all your very best, it’s better to fail trying , than wondering what could have happened if you tried”. J Cole

  3. “The same ones you love will bring you pain”. J Cole

  4. ‘It’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success”. J Cole

  5. “if you ain’t aim too high, then you aim too low”. J Cole

Key Points to Conclude

  • Although Cole loves his mother more, yet he relates himself to his father because of his veteran looks.
  • He realized in his early years that singing is going to be his life-time profession.
  • Cole started his career as a rapper and later released his mixtape albums.
  • He has also produced famous songs featuring the top celebrities.
  • He is now considered amongst the most celebrated American rappers.


J Cole’s rapping talent and singing skills are well-known around the globe. Through his continuous struggle, he has earned his name in the list of most celebrated singers. He has won many awards including the Grammy Award for the Best Rap song 2020, BET Hip hop Award for best Mix tape 2011, YouTube Music Award 2015, Billboard Music Award for Best Impact Track 2013.

As of 2020, J Cole’s Net Worth is an estimated $35 million.

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