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Jason Capital’s Higher Status: The New Science Of Success And Achievement



Jason Capital's Higher Status: The New Science of Success and Achievement

Jason Capital has written an excellent book titled Higher Status: The New Science of Success and Achievement. The key to winning the game of life isn’t money, a prestigious degree, or even keeping up with the Kardashians. The latest science reveals that the key is High Status—the secret sauce that has enabled the world’s most successful people to achieve the life of their dreams in no time at all. When he was twenty-three, Jason Capital woke up one morning with only twenty-three dollars to his name, feeling stuck and overwhelmed. He realized that he wasn’t going to win the game of life based on what he learned at school and from his parents. But Capital turned it around in less than a year by applying High Status techniques. He’s now the World’s #1 Success Trainer, and with the guidance he provides in this invaluable volume, you too can harness this cutting-edge technology, take control of your own destiny, and become a person of power, influence, and remarkable achievement. In Higher Status, Jason Capital reveals the twelve Honest Signals that make you High Status and how you can apply them in your own life. Whether your ultimate goal is to make millions, find love, or set yourself free, Higher Status is your essential step-by-step guide to becoming the most successful person in the room.

“Remember this next sentence—circle it, highlight it, it down, save it in your phone. The world will accept the judgment you place on yourself. It’s worth repeating: the world will accept the judgment you place on yourself. That my friends, is the greatest truth of all time. Whatever message you convey with your tonality, eye contact, body language, style, charisma, state, mood, and energy, among other signals, will be received by everyone you meet. They are gathering a judgment of yourself from you. If you see yourself as an unworthy, low-status, low self-esteem person, that will permeate all of your sub-communications and prevent you from living a life that energizes you, that you truly love. If you place a low-status judgment on yourself, you will continue to drift through life without a true purpose to fuel you.”

“High-status eye contact is strong and powerful, but also relaxed. Someone with high-status eye contact looks where they want to look. They’re not looking where other people want them to look. They’re not sheep. It’s like being an audience member at a late-night talk show, but not automatically laughing when the producer flashes the “laugh” sign. If you’re in the middle of a conversation with a friend, and you’re giving them your attention, you won’t just abandon it when there’s some commotion off to the side. As a high-status person, your attention must go where you want it to go.”

“We can all learn from JFK. The story at the end of your life is going to be one hell of a book if you simply give yourself the gift of fighting through and overcoming major challenges. Think about it: no one wants to read a book about someone’s life where they got up every day, went to the same job, came home, and went to bed. That’s boring. It’s the crazy, unexpected challenges and your ability to control your state while you fight through them that will make the story of your life that much more interesting.”

“I once heard a story about a father and his young daughter, whom he had brought to a birthday party for one of her friends from school. The daughter was mesmerized by the sparkling birthday candles on the cake, the colorful balloons, and the lively singing of “Happy Birthday.” She turned to her father and asked, “Daddy, were there such beautiful days when you were alive?” When children are young, they often see their parents as robots programmed to do the same things every day, instead of living people capable of enjoying the moment. ”

“There are two common questions I typically get asked about high-status carefreeness. The first one is, “Is carefreeness just not caring?” The truth is, sometimes. Remember, it’s easier to your act your way into a new way of thinking than it is to think your way into a new way of acting. Keeping that in mind, you’re going to be practicing all these techniques until they become natural. Model yourself after someone you perceive as carefree. Eventually, you’ll start receiving similar responses from others, and it will give you a different feeling than you’ve been used to. There will certain situations in your life where you simply don’t care, and that’s great—that means you’re becoming carefree.”

“When humans are simply exposed to something more than a few times, they tend to start responding more positively to it. “Familiarity breeds contempt” is an old saying, but it’s only proven true after hundreds and hundreds of repeated exposures. If the exposure isn’t overwhelming, studies show that makes us like something more. A study was done that showed people normal pictures of themselves, as well as reverse images of themselves. Almost unanimously, people preferred the reverse image. Why is that? We’ve all seen ourselves in the mirror our entire lives, so that’s the image of ourselves we’ve seen most often. It’s the mere-exposure effect.”

“My final challenge to you as we wrap up here is to keep kaizen-ing. Continue to become higher and higher status every day. Keep self-correcting, and never judge yourself at any point along the way. Enjoy finding ways that you can get better, finding ways that you can grow, finding new ways to love, finding ways to achieve things you never thought you could. Set goals so grand that you can’t achieve them in this lifetime, so you remain passionate, excited. and constantly evolving throughout the course of your life.”

You can buy the book from here.

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