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Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass At Making Money



Jen Sincero's You Are A Badass At Making Money

Jen Sincero has written an excellent book titled You Are A Badass At Making Money. You are a badass at making money is the book you need if you’ve spent too much time watching money land in your bank account and then roll through your fingers. Jen sincero went from living in a converted garage to traveling the world in 5-star luxury in a matter of years, and knows all too well the layers of bs one can get wrapped up in around money, as well as what it takes to dig your way out. In this funny, fascinating and practical book she goes in-depth on how powerful our thoughts are and how our bank accounts are mirrors for our beliefs about money. You are a badass at making money combines laugh out loud comedy with life-changing concepts, all boiled down into manageable, bite-sized tips so that you can put them into practice and get life changing results.

“My hope for you is that you read this book over and over and do everything it says, that you listen to the hollerings of your heart instead of your doubts and fears, and that you continuously leap bravely into the unknown. I’ve seen countless clients and friends and people I meet at parties in such struggle around money, it’s like watching people starve to death when there’s an all-you-can-eat buffet just down the hall. The money you desire is here for you. The opportunities, the clients, the teachers, the brilliant moneymaking ideas, they’re all right here, right now, waiting for you to wake up, let them in, and get this party started.”

“In order to become rich, you must connect to your desire for money with the passion of a goat who wants in off the porch. And the key to doing this is by getting clear on the specifics around your Why: Why do you desire this money? What will you spend it on? How will it feel to make it, spend it, and bask in the manifestation of your ever so important Why?”

“We all have the choice to think what we want to think, and to take responsibility for the fact that our thoughts create our financial realities. Universal intelligence is like a giant ear with a glass pressed up against your mind, listening to your thoughts—otherwise known as its working orders—so it can get down to business and help you create whatever you set your mind to.”

“When you go big and take the scary leaps you need to take to change your financial sitch—hire an expensive stylist, enroll in beauty school, write your book, buy a castle and turn it into a disco—you’re up there on stage with no idea what’s on the other side of those blinding lights, free-falling through space. But here’s the great news: If you nail it, party time! If you bomb, you now know what didn’t work, so when you go out there and give it another shot, you get to do with more info. Taking a leap of faith is a win/win.”

“We too are going to die, and every second counts in our lives, but we tend to forget about this urgency and spend our precious time on Earth procrastinating, whining, focusing on and believing in thoughts that hold us back instead of getting the job done.”

“If you’re around people who are making money in great and joyful ways, you’ll not only see what’s possible for you, but you’ll be motivated to push yourself. If you’re around people who are ripping bongloads on the couch all day, you’ll feel like a hero getting your laundry done. Healthy competition is a wonderful thing. Surround yourself with people who are bringing their A game and you will want to bring your A game too.”

“When you make the no-nonsense decision to change your life and get rich, your subconscious is not only going to fling all your worst fears in your face, but it will also present you with what I call trixters are superjuicy temptations, custom made by your Little Prince to knock you off track and back into your comfort zone.”

You can buy the book from here.

Fortune favours the brave
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