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Katy Perry Net Worth 2020



Katy Perry Net Worth 2020

Net Worth: $330 Million
Age: 35
Height: 1.7 m
Born: October 25, 1984
Country Of Origin: United States
Residence: Los Angeles, California
Source Of Wealth: Music
Profession: Singer, songwriter, actress, television judge, businesswoman
Marital Status: In a relationship
Children: 0
Education: Dos Pueblos High School
Last Updated: 2020


Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is an American singer, songwriter, and television judge. She is known by her stage name Katy Perry. She is best known for her songs ‘I Kissed a Girl’ (2008), ‘Hot n Cold’ (2008), ‘Teenage Dream’ (2010), and ‘Part of Me’ (2012). Perry has won four Guinness World Records, five Billboard Music Awards, five American Music Awards, a Brit Award, and a Juno Award.

As of 2020, Katy Perry’s Net Worth is an estimated $330 million.

Early Life

Katy Perry was born in Santa Barbara, California. Her parents were Pentecostal pastors. She is the niece of film director Frank Perry from her mother’s side. She has a younger brother who is also a singer.

During her elementary years, she attended religious schools like Paradise Valley Christian School in Arizona and Santa Barbara Christian School in California. Perry began her music training at the age of 9 through CDs she borrowed from her friends. As a teenager, she started roller skating, skateboarding, and surfing. She also took dancing classes to learn how to swing, Lindy Hop, and Jitterbug.


Katy Perry’s career started with a gospel music album launched in 2001. Though the album was not a success, she shifted from Gospel to Popular music. She traveled to Los Angeles in 2005 and recorded a few songs. A huge breakthrough came into her career in 2007 when she signed a contract with ‘Capitol Records Company’.

Her debut album ‘I Kissed a Girl’ was a massive success. The songs went viral and topped the U.S Billboard Hot 100 list. Later, she released another album ‘MTV Unplugged’ consisting of five singles. She did a duet with Timbaland in the song ‘If We Ever Meet Again’. Perry’s other single ‘California Gurls’ again topped the U.S. 100 Billboard Hot 100 list.

She also released her autobiographical documentary which was a big hit in theaters. Following the release of her album  “Never Worn White” in March 2020, she is set to release her sixth album on August 14, 2020.

Net Worth Last 5 Years

2019: Net worth unknown

2018: Net worth unknown

2017: Net worth unknown

2016: Net worth unknown

2015: Net worth unknown

Cars/Home/Private Jets/Yachts

Katy Perry Lives in Los Angeles, California. Her mansion is 8,835 square feet including seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, a swimming pool, an outdoor patio, four garages, and a guest house. Katy Perry drives a Tesla Model S, Audi A5, and a pink smart car.

She does not own any private jet but a Yacht named SASSy.

Top Quotes 

1. “I crushed on the most popular guy in school! I saw him at a concert and I shouted out,” Is that Shane Lopes? You were the most popular guy in my class, but you never wanted to go out with me. Instead, it was Amanda Wayne. What are you thinking now?” – Katy Perry 

2. I know that I have sex appeal in my deck of cards. But I like to get people thinking. That’s what the stories in my music do.” – Katy Perry 

3. “I saw a spider I didn’t scream ’cause I can belch the alphabet-Just double-dog dare me! And I chose guitar over ballet and I take these suckers down ’cause they just get in my way. Then you look at me kinda like a little sister-You high five your goodbyes and it leaves me nothing but blisters- I don’t want to be one of the boys, one of your guys-Just give me a chance to prove to you tonight that I just wanna be one of the girls, pretty in pearls and not one of the boys.” – Katy Perry 

4. “People always ask me, ‘What is it that you regret?’ And I say, ‘nothing because I could not buy what I’ve learned.’ And I apply those things to my life I learn. And hopefully, hopefully, it helps me to be a better human in the future and make better choices.” – Katy Perry 

5. “The internet is such a strange place. You can put up one thing on there like, Katy Perry was a taekwondo master of the black belt! When really all I did was one kickboxing class. That’s how I think my short time in doing my gospel record was like.” – Katy Perry

Key Points To Conclude

  • Be who you are.
  • Struggle honestly.
  • Success is not the absence of obstacles.
  • Do not be negative.
  • Learn from your mistakes.


Katy Perry is the Pop queen with her marvelous releases ‘I Kissed a Girl’, ‘Last Friday Night’, and ‘Rise’. Perry has been voted one of the hottest women in the world. Perry has won four Guinness World Records, five Billboard Music Awards, five American Music Awards, a Brit Award, and a Juno Award.

As of 2020, Katy Perry’s net worth is an estimated $330 Million.

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