Keith Cameron Smith’s The Top 10 Habits Of Millionaires

Keith Cameron Smith's The Top 10 Habits Of Millionaires

Keith Cameron Smith has written an exceptional book titled The Top 10 Habits Of Millionaires. In this book, Keith Cameron Smith makes clear in this life-changing book, being a millionaire is first and foremost a state of mind. In The Top Ten Habits of Millionaires, Smith elaborates ten key principles that animate the millionaire mindset – habits that can be learned and mastered by anyone who wants to improve their financial position. Below are a few paragraphs which will give you a brief insight into what the book is about. There is so much beneficial information in this book, it will transform your life by teaching you the rules for success so that you may become a millionaire.

“Rich people and very rich people have developed the discipline of delayed gratification. Millionaires do today what others don’t, so they can have tomorrow what others won’t. The very poor, poor, and middle class will never be free. More and more freedom is the goal of the rich and very rich. They love to be in control of their lives. The very poor, poor, and middle class have put control of their lives into the hands of others, which, ironically, are the hands of the rich and very rich. Millionaires value freedom over comfort and because they do, they get both.”

“Would you like to increase your peace of mind? If so, then start thinking long-term in your mental life. Spend your mental energy on the subjects you enjoy. Dedicate your life to the fields of interests that inspire you. Find a way to make money in the areas you enjoy thinking about. This is a secret of many millionaires: they do what they love to do to make money. This makes them rich mentally and financially. Think long-term in every area of your life, not just financially.”

“Millionaires are not whiners. I can’t recall a single time when I heard one of my multimillionaire mentors complain about anything. The words you use reveal your heart and mind. Is your heart full of disrespect for the people in your life? Is your mind full of negative thoughts? Listen to the words you speak and you will know. People who complain are literally cursing themselves. If you want to stop cursing yourself and start blessing yourself, then stop complaining and start being thankful. Gratitude is one of the greatest powers in the universe. Focusing on what you are thankful for brings more of it into your life.”

“Millionaires choose to be rich. The middle class wishes it were rich. There’s a big difference between a choice and a wish. A choice is backed by a belief that you can do it. A wish is backed by a doubt that you can. Doubt is a code word for fear. The middle class is afraid it can’t or won’t become rich. What’s inside of you, a belief you can do it or a fear that you can’t? Change shows you what you’re made of. It reveals what’s inside of you.”

“Let’s compare dollars to fish. Would a fisherman catch more fish if he had two lines in the water? Of course. There is greater possibility that he would. What if he had five lines in the water? It’s easy to see that the more lines he has in the water, the more fish he has the possibility of catching. Money is like that. The more sources of income you can develop, the more likely it is you will become a millionaire. For every millionaire who has achieved their wealth doing only one thing, there are a dozen others who became financially free by combining several forms of income.”

“Millionaires are not afraid to take risks. That’s not to say they don’t have fears to deal with. Both millionaires and the middle class have fears. The way you handle fear, however, determines the results you will get in life. Millionaires overcome fear and the middle class submits to it. Millionaires overcome fear with knowledge. Fear is darkness and knowledge is light. Light causes darkness to disappear, knowledge causes fear to disappear.”

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