People Trying To Impose Their Limiting Views Upon You

People Trying To Impose Their Limiting Views Upon You

On your journey towards greatness, you will come across many people who will try to impose their limited views upon you, these people don’t believe in themselves, they don’t take action, they lack courage, and they will try to tell you that you can not achieve what you set your mind to. These people are ignorant, they try to confine you to a limited life because they don’t believe in themselves. They are cowards, they don’t see greatness for themselves and they want to impose their opinions and false beliefs and try to convince you to become like them. Ignore these people, and if you can, stop associating and conversing with them. Don’t let the poisonous views of these negative people infiltrate your mind. These are the type of people you need to get out of your life because they will confine you to a mediocre life. These people do not see that they are negative and they have a bad affect on others. Be positive or shut your mouth, negative vibes are not appreciated by anyone.

Do not ever let the opinions of others about you become your reality, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to, believe in yourself, have confidence within yourself, expect to succeed, be optimistic, be fearless and take action. Action is what conquers fear and builds up the inner strength within yourself. Within is the key, never allow anyone to tell you that you can not achieve your goals, block those interactions out of your mind, develop selective hearing, only input the best into your mind, you have to stand guard at the doorway of your mind every single day, feed yourself the best information, converse with people who make you believe to an even greater degree, read success books that strengthen your knowledge and belief, and listen to motivational videos that make you feel powerful.

Limited views of others come from a limited life that they are living, you need to be limitless in your thinking and actions, don’t ever confine your life because of fear. Let your actions be a reflection of your hopes.

Take action and find out who you truly are, many people go their whole lives and they are still the same when they were 19, no growth, no change, no progress, no personal development, still confined in their thinking, and still acting small because they have resigned themselves to a timid mediocre life. What good is it being like this?

Cowardice is a product of the mind, you have to believe in order to achieve. See yourself achieving your goals within your mind, use your imagination to envision how you would like things to play out, see it, and act on it, and have full belief in what you plan to do. The world is full of critics who do nothing but talk nonsense, be amongst the rare ones who are dreamchasing and striving to live life on a new level. Separate yourself from the mediocre people, think differently, act differently, and you will live differently than most do. What good is it to just live to pay your bills? That’s what many people are doing.

You have within you the strength, the power, the discipline, the hunger, the ambition, the motivation, the determination, the drive, the persistence, the desire, and the greatness to succeed. What others have done so can you, if others have developed themselves to a higher standard so can you, if others are living life on their terms so can you. It does not matter what other people have to say about you, what you say about you is what matters most. Your opinion is the only one that matters. Speak to yourself like someone you love, build yourself up, encourage yourself, motivate yourself, and act like you love yourself. You are great and you can achieve greatness, believe that.

We all have the capabilities within us to achieve anything that we set our mind to. So go confidently in the direction that you truly want to go and do wants needs to be done to make it happen.

“believe in yourself, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.”





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  1. Comment:Asad thanks for this article… What if your teachers and lecturers are limiting your capability, by threatening you to engage in examination malpractice. Please what can you do?


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