Richard Branson’s Secrets To Success

Richard Branson's Secrets To Success

Richard Branson shares his secrets to success. This is an excellent interview with many tips on how you too can elevate your life to a new level.

“Most of the best entrepreneurial ideas come out of frustration. If you’re frustrated about something the best way of sorting it out is to get out and do it, and you’ve got yourself a business.”

“I want to go to the moon, I want to go to space. So I thought lets embark on trying to build our own spaceship.”

“Those people who push themselves beyond their limits get much more out of life and those people who say yes rather than watching other people do it. And it’s worth the risk.”

“In business, four words are very important; protecting the downside. When you’re embarking on a personal adventure, those four words are even more important, protecting the downside is effectively protecting your life.”

“It would be irresponsible if you embark on a grand adventure not to have thought through what-if.”

“If you’re trying to do something for the first time, it is very likely that tings are going to go wrong, otherwise it would have been done before. But it’s critical that you do everything you can to survive.”

“Sometimes your better instincts, you’ve got to listen to them.”

“If you keep questioning something and you feel the risks are unacceptably high, then you’ve got to pull the plug.”

“To tackle my day, I’ve always felt that you’ve got to be fit, if you’re fit you can achieve anything, that wonderful feeling of endorphin’s screaming through your body, what better way of starting your day.”

“My own personal way of getting fit is I wake up really early every day, and I play tennis with somebody who’s a lot younger and a lot fitter than me, which helps me sweat a lot and have fun at the same time, and if the wind is up I will go for a kite-surf, after that I go have a nice healthy breakfast, and then I’m ready for the day.”

“I’m lucky I always work from home, I work on this beautiful island, so I can find fun ways to stay fit.”

“Everything is a balance, work hard and play hard.”

“Looking for the best in other people is a good quality to have, never thinking ill of other people by looking for the best, praising people, there’s always something special you can find in other people. Life is short and the world is much smaller than one realizes and you’re going to come across people time and time again in the most surprising places.”

“As a leader it is even more critical to be out there motivating, praising, and inspiring people.”

“If you do fall out with somebody in life and even if you think it’s their fault, just give them a ring, go out to lunch with them, whoever it may be, befriend them and put the bad moment behind you, it is definitely the right thing to do, and I find that people who take that attitude are that much happier for it.”

“If you’re attempting something that has never been done before then you’re going to have to accept that it’s difficult.”

“My mother wouldn’t let us watch television, we had to be out there doing things, she would put us on a bike and tell us to ride 100 miles somewhere, life was that more fun, that definitely helped make me who I am.”


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