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Same Game, New Look – Sports Highlights

Same Game, New Look - Sports Highlights

It’s become a tradition. Sit down, turn the TV on and watch the game. Only the lucky few are able to go see them in person. Sports have been around for centuries, and as time progressed and their popularity increased, fan bases grew exponentially. As the media began to cover sports, few stations soon gained a monopoly. These became the main places to get all your sport news.

Up until recently, the opinions shared about sports were largely those of mainstream reviewers. As the popularity of social media services such as Instagram and YouTube increases, more people are given the opportunity to make their opinions known. One person whose opinion has gained much more traction is Daniel Padron, the face behind @sportshighlights on Instagram.

I had the opportunity to meet Daniel Padron and find out how he has managed to be heard in such a dominated field. “I came up with the idea when Instagram first started allowing videos rather than just pictures. I would see countless highlights every night watching games during the Big 3 era and I believe that inspired me to start posting highlights” Padron explained.

What started off as a fun pastime has now grown into an audience of 1.7 Million, that continues to increase by the thousands daily. “I didn’t know if people would like or care about my opinion when I started, but I always wanted to be an analyst or reporter for ESPN, so I just gave it a shot” he explained.

Padron started with just his friends following him, however as people began liking, commenting, and tagging others on his posts, his page gained popularity. The engagement he received only helped his posts be seen more. Padron was not only pleasantly surprised to see that many people agreed with his opinions; he was also interested in how people disagreed. This line of direct communication from Padron to his audience separated him from analysts on TV.

Although people can still give their opinions to mainstream reporters, @sportshighlights works to make it a more immersive experience. For instance, if Daniel sees that many people are interested in a particular team or player, he is able to make an effort to post more about it.

Although the experience is slightly more tailored, all teams are reported. One of the best qualities about @sportshighlights is that it had created a medium through which fans from all over the world can exchange opinions and discuss games. With a quick read through the comments, a person is able to see the same highlight through multiple points of views. This feature alone is what draws many audience members in.

Despite the fact that the same mainstream reporters and analysts are featured on TV, @sportshighlights has given sports fans a whole new experience. With the newfound ability to comment and discuss plays with anyone, Sports Highlights has successfully brought fans together and given the same game a fresh new look.

Sean Kelly is the founder of, one of the largest sports jersey companies in the United States. He is also a motivational speaker empowering the youth to pursue entrepreneurship in America.

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How I Eat For Free Using Instagram



How I Eat For Free Using Instagram

To start eating for free, you need to have a popular Instagram account that will grab the attention of the restaurants you plan to reach out to.

Having an account that is well put together and the pictures being posted on Instagram posts being of high quality, and building visual interest is very important.

When reaching out to the restaurants, it’s important that you share how your influence and connection with your followers can benefit the restaurant and the food that they are preparing.

A restaurant in Melbourne said that after it was shared on the restaurant gained popularity and it’s income greatly increased following the Instagram post.

Reaching out to restaurants is also ideal for eating for free anywhere you want to go. After getting an invitation to eat at restaurants it is extremely important to reach out after and thank the person or people who made it possible.

This is a way to show the people you are dealing with that they know you are serious and will reach out again in the future because of it. Building a relationship after initially getting an invitation to eat at a place is ideal for making yourself known and making more connections with the people and friends that they work with.

Part of the deal you make with the restaurants is that you’ll post jaw-dropping images or videos of their foods, ones that will grab the attention of followers who can potentially visit their restaurant to get a bite to eat. This is exactly what I do – Sean Kelly of @delicious on Instagram.

I share this content which helps bring exposure of restaurants to my followers and allows me to eat for free on a consistent basis. When I eat at all these different restaurants, neighboring restaurants see the business increase and they want the same.

Not only do I benefit the business that I am helping, but I am also promoting my services – showing other businesses that I can perform in the social media world.

A large part of becoming a successful influencer is being able to prove yourself. If you promise a business that you’ll bring in ‘X’ amount of business from your account, you should live up to it or go over that amount.

Being able to show other client’s proof that you will live up to your business quota or bring in more, in the end that will bring in even more clients for them and gain more people for you to work with.

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Entrepreneur Life



Wake up and take charge of your life, it’s time to become the leader you can be, it’s time to lead yourself to success. The life of your dreams is there for you, so wake up and be hungry to succeed, you must let go of who you are, so that that you can become who you want to be.

Choose to be great, it is not our words that make us great, but our actions, let your actions reflect dedication, determination and ambition.

Start to act like the person you want to be, it’s time to become an entrepreneur, entrepreneurs are different, they don’t live like everyone else. Start to engage in activities that move you closer to your goals every single day, and stop engaging in meaningless activities. The days that pass shall never return, so make the days count and start building your foundation towards a better future, the effort you put in now will come to fruition eventually.

If you want to start living like an entrepreneur you need to start acting like one, if you act like the masses who are leading themselves to failure, then you will fail, that is a guarantee, look at how everyone else squanders their days away, successful people do what the unsuccessful people don’t want to do. You must raise the bar this year, make this a year to remember, the year when you finally decided to live life on your terms. Make no excuses no one cares, it is either you’re dedicated to becoming successful or you’re not.

It’s time to take your life to a new level, the level of greatness, I urge you to start today to make progress towards the life that you want to live, don’t be trapped into living like everyone else. Break free from the norm, stop acting like everyone else, observe what the unsuccessful people do and do the opposite.

Unsuccessful people leave their future in the hands of others, not you, you want to be the one who is in charge, you can set the rules and you can design the life that you want. Many people give up on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur when things get tough, but that is when the most growth will take place for you, don’t ever give up.

Feel the sense of greatness within you, rise up and stand tall with confidence that you can live the life of your dreams. The entrepreneur life is there for you, so get up and take this opportunity and live life to the limits.


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So You Say You Want To Be An Entrepreneur



Why are you not an entrepreneur already, what is holding you back, what is stopping you from doing what needs to be done. The answer is nothing, no one but yourself is holding you back, you’re not serious about this because if you was you would be putting in the time and effort every single day no matter what. What does it truly take to go from employee to entrepreneur, there is no magic formula, it is action, daily consistent action every single day will turn your dreams into reality.

So I say to you, don’t just sit around reading and watching other successful people, you need to have the vision, have your goals and take action today, use what you have to get you started, it does not have to be perfect, just start to build something, you do not need to know everything about entrepreneurship to start, the best way to learn about business is to be in business, how do you expect to learn about something if you’re not in the game.

We determine who we are by what we do, so rise up and be the person you want to be, cut out the TV, video games, wasting time with your friends engaging in nonsense, look at how you spend your days, are you being productive with your time, how do you expect to become successful if you act like everyone else, what is so different about you, what are you doing that is moving you in the direction of your goals and dreams.

Enough is enough, now is the time to change the way you live, you can do this, you must have a laser like focus on achieving success and go all in every single day. Once you demand a higher standard from yourself your life starts to change for the better. Don’t make up lies that you’re trying to become an entrepreneur and you don’t do anything with your time, money and resources.

Become an entrepreneur from within, develop yourself, success is not what you get, but who you become, your character is what makes you a true entrepreneur, your daily habits, your routines, your mannerism, your humbleness, your discipline, your focus, your work ethic, your drive to be the best, your hunger to succeed and your determination to live life on your terms. You can lose all your wealth, but the character of a true entrepreneur remains and that will never be taken away from you.

A new day brings a new opportunity, so get up and take action, if you don’t take daily consistent action, just know that you are not serious about success, no one cares about your excuses, just stop talking and get to work. It’s your dream so do what needs to be done, don’t rely on others to help you, know that success is dependent on you. You have greatness within you, so believe in yourself and know that you can achieve anything.

People of success are not like the people of failure.



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