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Shaa Wasmund’s Stop Talking Start Doing Action Book



Shaa Wasmund's Stop Talking Start Doing Action Book

Shaa Wasmund has written an excellent book titled Stop Talking Start Doing Action Book. A motivational kick in the pants to get the most out of your life Have you got an itch? To start your own business, go to the North Pole, retrain, lose weight, get promoted, learn to play the ukulele? Or do you just have a nagging sense that there must be more to life? If there is something you really want to do, but secretly fear you’ll never do it then you need this book. Find sources of inspiration that work for you and learn how you can draw upon them as you go, draw confidence from previous experiences, and find the self-discipline you need to make swift decisions along the way. Below are a few paragraphs which will give you a brief insight into what the book is about. There is so much beneficial information in this book, it will transform your mind and your life so that you take action.

“Society cares less about conformity than it used to. This makes it easier to swim against the current. Easier to do something different, to challenge convention. If you want to give up your job and travel around the world, learn to juggle, join a commune – your neighbors might cough and shake their heads but you can cope with that or they might just tell you how they always wanted to do the same thing. You are going to live a long time. Life expectancy goes up and up. If you’re going to be around a long time you might as well do something you enjoy for as much of that time as possible.”

“In response to the feeling of emptiness and a search for meaning we are witnessing the emergence of business entities created for reasons other than solely monetary profit. The writer Daniel Pink describes the movement as one of Purpose Maximisers – people and entities driven by things other than money. It’s not that seeking profit is necessarily bad. Far from it. But this trend shows a growing appreciation of how people can be powerfully motivated and compensated by the intrinsic meaning of what they Do and not just by a financial bonus scheme.”

“Tick. One thing hasn’t changed. You won’t live forever. You might live a bit longer but that’s all the more reason to start pursuing the life you want, not just the one you’ve ended up with. Another thing technology hasn’t changed: cliches about the passage of time. The thing is, cliches and truisms stick around through the generations for a reason. And the sands of time are running out even as you turn the page. Let’s get moving. Tock.

Do you see yourself in this picture? (Ali vs Liston image) Inside the ropes, there are two guys fighting for their dreams. Both dared mighty things and both have had great stories to tell. And outside the ropes there are a thousand faces watching other people fight for their dreams. The point? You don’t want to be an anonymous face in the crowd of your own life story. That’s a life of regret. You gotta face your fears and climb inside the ropes.”

“If all this talk of confronting your fears makes you uncomfortable then congratulations: you’re in the right place. It means you are toppling forward out of your armchair and into the world of action. Deliberately aim for the Discomfort Zone. This is where you win. Outside the comfort zone. The discomfort zone is a state you’ll need to pass through to achieve any change of significance.

“The decision-making muscle is like any other, the more decisions you make, the stronger and better it gets. Sure it may seem easier to sit on the fence and ‘hope’ things will change. They might, then again, they might get worse. But if you are flexing your decision-making muscle analyzing your options, thinking creatively about the way forward then you are in the driving seat. And even if (or let’s face it, when) you occasionally make the wrong decision, you’ll achieve far more than those who don’t. Make a decision. Then act on. Viola! You have propulsion.”

“The utter horror of regret will be clear to you. You can’t change the past – once the moment is gone and the opportunity has passed by and been squandered, if at that point, you didn’t climb inside the ropes well…then you didn’t. Tough luck, you have to deal with it. On the other hand if you did surmount your fears and try to tackle your itch and things got smashed and spilled in the process then you can deal with the consequences today. Action is how you change things; fix things; do things.”

You can buy the book from here.


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