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T.I Net Worth 2020



T.I Net Worth 2020

Net Worth: $50 Million
Age: 39
Height: 1.75 m
Born: September 25, 1980
Country of Origin: Georgia, U.S.
Residence: Bankhead, Atlanta
Source of Wealth: music works, films, TVs, business.
Profession: Rapper, singer, actor, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, record executive, and author
Marital Status: Married
Children: 6
Education: Douglass High School
Last Updated: 2020


T.I is a stage name chosen by Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. He is a renowned American rapper, singer, actor, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, record executive, and author. T.I signed his first major deal with the arista subsidiary LaFace in 1991. He also formed a southern hip hop group known as P$C in collaboration with his Atlanta based rapper friends named  Big Kuntry King, Mac Boney, and C-Rod.

As of 2020, T.I’s Net Worth is an estimated $50 Million.

Early Life

T.I or Tip was born as Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. and was taken care of by his grandparents. He became the son to Clifford ‘Buddy’ Harris Sr. and Violeta Morgan in Alabama on September 25, 1980. His father lived in New York and suffered from Alzheimer’s disease which later became the cause of his death. He went to Douglas High School but later dropped out of school altogether.


In 1996, T.I released and sold mixtapes joined with a local friend and rapper from nothing but the trunk of their car. Later, Kawan KP Prather, who was a record executive himself, scouted T.I and offered him to sign a contract with his record label Ghett-o-vision entertainment which T.I accepted.

After that, he joined Arista subsidiary LaFace and changed his stage name from TIP to T.I. He released his first album in October 2001 named I’m Serious. It did not receive much appreciation due to which he was dropped out of Arista Labels. He then made his own agency Grand Hustle entertainment and released many mixtapes.

Later he formed a group with some rappers known as P$C. He released many successful albums after that. In total, he has released 10 studio albums, with 7 reaching top 5 in billboard 200. In 2017, in an interview with The Breakfast Club radio show, T.I said he would release only 3 more solo albums and end his career.

Net Worth Last 5 Years

2019: Net Worth was $50 Million

2018: Net Worth was $50 Million

2017: Net Worth unknown

2016: Net Worth unknown

2015: Net Worth unknown

Cars/Home/Private Jets/ Yachts

T.I lives in a house in a gated community in Henry County. It is located in Georgia, outside Atlanta. His family also own a house in Jonesboro, a city in Clayton County, Georgia, United States. He owns a car named Dodge Charger which is unique and highly modified according to his taste.

Top Quotes 

  1. Even when I lose faith in myself there is something in me that speaks through and says I am not finished yet. – T.I

  2. Don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence. – T.I

  3. They don’t dictate where you’re headed, they remind you. – T.I

  4. Some of y’all are not where you want to be in life, yet you party every weekend. What is it that you’re celebrating? – T.I

  5. Stop lookin’ at what you ain’t got, and start being thankful for what you do got. – T.I

Key Points to Conclude

  • T. I’s real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.
  • At one point. His stage name was Tip, but he changed it to T.I in respect of another artist under his company with the same stage name.
  • His father had Alzheimer’s disease and died of it.
  • He was arrested with his wife ‘tiny’ under drug charges and sentenced 11 months in prison.
  • Seven of his albums reached Top 5 in Billboard 200 and is a three times Grammy winner.


T.I born in Alabama was raised by his grandparents. He lost his father to Alzheimer’s disease. He had to start from scratch and faced many difficulties in his life but always pushed through them. He gained great success, especially as a rapper.

As of 2020, T. I’s Net Worth is an estimated $50 Million.

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